Thursday, December 10, 2009

A very sad day

Our pal, Tally, a pure bred American Shorthair passed away today. He was 15 years old. We are both very upset. He was fine this morning, nothing unusual. About 11:30 he apparently had a blood clot go to his brain. I rushed him to the vet where he passed at Noon today.

We will miss you Bubba.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Calorie Restriction with Winter foods

Wow, I am having trouble with winter foods. (again). Seems I don't do so well without all the local fresh produce and I just can't force myself to buy imported. I have put on a winter coat of about 5 pounds. (again).
I am back to munching on those yummy sweet dried fruits again. Damn, why are they so tempting. I am trying to stay off them and do great for several days then my boss pulls out those fabulous huge dates and raisens he keeps inches away. I give in every single time. He is Persian and knows where to get the best dried fruit I have ever tasted. I told him he is a bad influence on me. Didn't do any good.
Everything else is going great.
I have a shopping and dinner date all planed with the beautiful granddaughters. We are going to San Francisco for the day shopping at the huge Nordstrom mall on Market. We plan a ride on the Cable Car to Tadich Grill on California then up to Nob Hill for dessert at the Top of the Mark. They are all looking forward to it. It will be a long and fun day.
I can sit and relax coming home on Bart, they have a 3 hour drive back to Mendocino county.  Poor things.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Calorie Restriction with Cron O Meter

I managed to use the Cron O Meter again today. I even did a bit better with the fruit. Maybe no so good with carbs.

I am a seasonal eater, I can't imagine going into winter without winter squash. I love it baked then topped with a bit of butter and salt. I can't stand it sweetened or made to taste like a dessert.
I buy the small ones and eat the whole thing. That is what I did today with an Acorn squash. I expect I will be doing this for a few more weeks until I get my fill of them.

I don't eat much through out the day. Normally just the flax and oj in the morning. I start getting hungry around 3 so I have an apple. I cook dinner around 5 when I don't work 7 when I do. I don't like eating anything after 7 so this is a bit hard on me. On work days I don't eat anything after 8 that is for sure. This is a good habit to get into. Once I got used to it I am not hungry or even want anything to eat after 7.

You sure can see by looking at the Cron O meter why I and everybody else should be taking vitamin D. Unless you live in a sunny place and can be outdoors to get it. I don't. So I take 5000 iu. a day. Good for depression and combating the flu.

I also take a B complex because I usually don't get 100% of that either. I guess I need to look into some Vitamin E or look for something I like that will give it to me. I haven't done that yet.
Calories today were around 1100. Not bad but not great either. To lose weight I need to be closer to 900. I need to do that just a few days a week.  Tomorrow, yea I can do it then.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Calorie Restriction

I have decided to get back to using the CronOmeter everyday. It is very easy to do but I quess I got lazy with using it. I sorta know why, I still am eating way to many carbs and don't need a reminder of just how bad I am.
I have had no weight loss since I got back from vacation. I did great while gone but really blew it as soon as I got home. I did gain a few pounds, they are gone now. Whew, now I can get my act together and lose the final 8.

Here is what I mean by blowing it with carbs, just look at how much fruit I had today. Not near enough protein either. I made a Greek dish with stew meat, green beans and tomato sauce. It was just OK. What I did love was the 6 Bell Peppers I roasted. I forgot them in the oven so they were like candy when I finally took them out. Almost like that dried fruit candy. I put them in a bag to let them cool then took off what peel I could, added some balsamic vinegar to them and ate all of them. Wow, what a treat.
Now I need more. I doubt I ate a total of 6 peppers, but I could have. I know I wasn't hungry for dinner but ate a bit of it anyway. Then charged into the blueberries. I gotta get a grip and eat better. I think I left off a few food items. Olive oil for one. So the calories are a bit low. Calorie wise I did OK, food wise crappy.
Oh well, good thing I took my vitamins today.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Calorie Restriction while on Vacation

I was in Colorado for 6 days. It was the best trip in a very long time. I visited with family and enjoyed every second of it.
We ate all our meals out and I did very good with staying on CR and my food plan. I didn't lose because I was eating more than I do at home. I often don't eat breakfast nor lunch at home, if I do it is a fruit. We ate 3 meals a day in Colorado. I did order protein and didn't touch the carbs. I did drink wine and beer. Something I don't do at home either.
It was on the darn airplane ride home that I messed up big time. I bought a big bag of pea-nut M&M's and gobbled them all down. I wanted more. The Greek got them for me. I gained 3 damn pounds.
Now I am craving sweets, what an idiot I am. The worst darn thing I could have done.
I also bought 2 melons, 2 huge bags of huge grapes, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and apples.
Of course I am pigging out on all those tasty treats.
Weird how I am sabatoging myself after losing 100 pounds and making such a deal about it. I will get myself back in line. I have to, I feel bloated, fat and miserable. Something I haven't felt in a long time. Amazing how eating bad can do that and fast.
I wanted some candy again tonight  but made sure the Greek didn't head out to buy it, he was on his way when I finally said NO.
I sure wish I lived in Colorado.  Oh well, I don't,  California will have to do. Darn.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lost another pound

I have been stressed out about work lately. Seems I can't handle working for someone else to well. I owned my own business for 25 years, that might explain my stress.
I think I am doing OK with it while I am actually working, it is when I get home and start worrying about losing the darn job that it gets to me. The end result is that I find I am eating while I am not the least bit hungry and wanting stuff I would never even consider eating, like P-nuts of all things.
I wanted the salty taste and knew Potato chips were out of the question. I had about 800 calories of the nasty things.
Since I refuse to have my food addiction foods in the house there isn't any of them too binge on so I grab fruit. Lots of it. One day it was an apple, 2 nectarines,  4 cups of blue berries, and one cup of raspberries. Wowza. I normally have just 2.5 servings of those high carb goodies a day. I could have had more that day but stopped with the last huge bowl of frozen blueberries and raspberries. My stomach was hurting.
I am still all stressed out but since I realized what was causing the over eating I got better control of it. Well almost.
I actually have a 2 pound loss. Yea for sure. I now have 5 or  7 pounds left. It is amazing how those 2 pounds have made me feel. I mean in the body shape not in the stress deal. My body seems actually a bit skinny, I have never felt that before. I love it.
I sure don't want to go down any clothes sizes right now. I have so darn many new clothes to wear and I love all of them.  I want to wear them and have them look good not all baggy. The size 2 jeans are a tad loose but they feel comfy, I doubt I will go any smaller in size.
I will be in Colorado all next week. Really looking forward to it. It will be a big test for me on how disciplined I can be with Calorie Restriction while eating out everyday and visiting relatives. I think I will be fine. I have no problems with it here but of course I don't eat out on back to back days here either.
Oh crap, will I ever be stressed out about the dang job while I am gone. I feel the knot in the stomach already. I gotta get over this. The lab owner needs me as much as I need him. At least that is what I want it to be.  Take a deep breath Marjie.  ok

Friday, August 28, 2009

From a 2x to a 2 in 2 years 100 pounds lost

I finally put together my victory video for youTube. I did it. I am 100 pounds thinner and tons happier.
Since I do calorie restriction once I am at the so called normal weight I need to lose 10% for optimal health. Calorie restriction is part of my life so I know I can do it. I will continue eating the same foods and same calories everyday just like I have been doing for 2 years. Life continues.
I lost 10 pounds this year so I expect to be at optimal weight in another 8 months. That is perfect. Slow and very steady.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Calorie Restriction, wine and more wine

Yep, I drank to darn much wine at the Moondance. Had a nice case of the vintners flu the next day. I had a great visit with my daughter over the week end. She is such fun to be with.
I didn't count my calories but I did make sure I ate foods that were on my plan. No grains, milk products, sugars and starches. That was the easy part.
The wine is all carbs and calories, so of course I messed up there. But, hey it was fun and I won't be doing that for a long time. I do love wine.
So how did I do with the weight? I was thrilled to find that I came home weighing what I did when I left. 131. No loss, no gain. Way to go. A pat on my back from me.
So we can drink the wine, in this case several glasses, eat right and not gain weight.
Only 4 pounds to my 100 pound loss celebration, no wine will be involved.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Calorie Restriction with loss

I used Tony's calculator to check my body fat. It says my body fat is 23. Guess that isn't bad if it is right. I can still feel and see fat right under my skin in what used to be the fattest parts of me. Arms and tummy.
Thanks Tony for the link. I have been all over your web site. I sure agree with what I read there.
Wish others would read and learn.

This morning I was 132.4. But, it is the weekend and I am going to Hopland to a solar energy bash. Lots of food, wine, music and fun. Long after there will be no sol. If I can just maintain my 132 I will be thrilled.
My goal is still to lose this final 5 pounds before I go to Colorado in September. I am certain I can do it.
Thanks every one for the great comments, they mean a lot and keep me going.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Calorie Restriction weight loss

I one one pretty happy gal right now. I was 133 this morning. I finally am down one more pound, 6 left for my 100 pound loss goal. I say goal because I wanted to lose 100 pounds 2 years ago. Since then I have learned that for optimal health I should be 10% less. I am in no hurry to lose the final 10% but will sure give it a try.
My new goal for new is to lose body fat. I seem to be carrying around too much of it. I also need to get something that will measure it. I can feel the fat under my skin in my arms and stomach and I seem to have some back fat. The arms look disgusting, like cottage cheese. I would rather have saggy skin. Yuk to both of them.

I have been on some shopping spree. This has got to end. But trying on clothes has become sorta fun. I was at Nordstrom's Sat. and spent hours hunting for the perfect black slacks. Seems I have developed a weird shape or I was in the wrong department. I was in the Ms. section. I tried on several size 4 slacks and none of them fit. Way to big in the tummy, remember they don't go to the waist anymore. Slightly loose in the hips too. So I tried on a Hugo Boss size 2, the saleslady told me they run small and that was before I tried them on. They fit but a tad too snug in the ass. I finally got another designer pair that did fit better, not perfect, just better. They are now being altered.
Yesterday and today I hit the crappy stores in my area. I found a few things that fit and liked enough to buy. I had to get a Jr.s skinny jeans so they fit in the tummy and legs. I bought 2 size 2 skinny jeans. I am going to make a video and name it
From a 2X to a 2 in two years.
That should be fun to make.
Yea for Calorie Restriction.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Calorie Restriction to live longer

I have been reading several articles about CR and longevity. The recurring theme throughout these articles is that CR is best started young, in the 20's, and practiced throughout life. The theory is that it will increase your life. All is good, I don't disagree with this, the problem I have it that these same articles say that is will NOT increase your life if you start CR in your 60's or later.
Now stop and think about this, somebody that is overweight, unhealthy, bad eating habits, wrong food choices, eats far to many calories, decides to practice CR. Immediately that person is going to be healthier and live longer, plus that person will not need as much health care as somebody that continues eating and abusing their body with junk foods.
This is just plain common sense. There is no proof that CR will increase life for the 20 something but I can say for certain it will make you a much healthier person at any age, even 60 and above.
Calorie Restriction is easy to do, the food tastes wonderful, it is very satisfying and it will make you very healthy, even younger looking. Such a deal!!
CR with lo carb is a better way to go. CR with no processed foods is even better. CR is just plain wonderful. It is me, it is who I am.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Calorie Restriction and carbs

I am back from the camping trip. It was great having the entire family together again. The weather was a bit scary Friday, seeing the fog rolling across the hills and knowing how cold that is. We could see it for miles before we got into it. Friday was very cold. Sat. and Sun. was perfect.
That's California for you.
I didn't eat much on the trip but I was wanting to. I did eat crap Sat. Things I would never even consider at home. Sunflower seeds and baked tortillas. Yuk. Crap and I know it. I had 4 glasses of wine, and one beer. Carbs I didn't need. But for the most part I did OK. I feel pretty round so I am scared to step on the scale tomorrow but I will.
I know I can get it off pretty fast. The good thing is I sure don't miss all the crap that others eat. I brought blueberries, cheeries and raspberries. They went very fast. Seems I am not the only one that likes fruit. I did enjoy the tri-tip and a great hamburger pattie. Oh, forgot the two very small Hersey bars. I am so bad.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Calorie Restriction and camping

I am not a camper type. Never have been. But, all my kids are and they have planned a weekend together on the Russian River in Sonoma Co. I sure am not going to be left out so I am going. I should be getting ready right now. Not.
My concerns about this camping deal is food of course. I was 134 this morning and want to come back very close to that. I am going to have to take my favorite stuff and try to stay away from theirs. I know the only thing I will want is wine. I intend to take some merlot and enjoy myself.
The Russian River has such great weather and cool evenings. I am looking forward to that part. Not so much the sun and sitting on the beach. My skin can't handle it. So I am wearing long sleeve light weight tops and gloves. Ha, what a site.
I hope we can rent a canoe and go up River. I will sit in the middle and be paddled. I hope.
Lo Carb
I am trying to reduce my carbs. I found out that I should have about 84g of carb a day, I am well over that. So a plan is to have my flax with cottage cheese instead of orange juice. Since it is a protein it might keep me fuller longer too. I am going to have to stop eating an apple for a snack so I can still have my 2 cups of blueberries as a TV snack. 84g. of carbs is about 2 cups or 2 fruits. I will do this until I lose my last 6 pounds. Then I will go back to eating 3 or 4 fruits a day. They are so darn good and I am not going to restrict my favorite foods.
Now that I know how few carbs I should have been eating I am amazed at having lost the weight I did. I hope the final few pounds come off fast. It has been since Jan 09 without a loss and I am finally anxious to get them gone.
I wasn't able to exercise this week. The first time this has happened since I started in Jan. 09.
My work was very busy and disorganized. It really got in the way. I will start back Monday as if this week didn't happen. I hated doing that but I won't stop exercising, ever. I don't enjoy it all that much but I do like the way it is making my body look and feel so I will continue it. We all should, that is after we learn to eat right and lose weight so we are comfortable at the gym.

I will be back Monday, hopefully not sunburned and several pounds heavier.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Losing weight with Calorie Restriction

I am such a happy camper. I am 135 pounds. I did it. I am happier with 135 than I was at any other weight I have been in this long journey. Weird huh, it has to be because that is the weight I maintained for so many years.
I have just 7 more pounds to go to have lost 100 pounds. I am going to make it. My determination is very strong right now. More than it has ever been plus I am feeling better than I have for a darn long time. I know I was putting away to darn many calories all this year. Not enough to gain but not enough to be true Calorie Restriction. I am back using the cronOmeter too. Amazing how well that great piece of software keeps me on plan. Love it.
I have given myself one week to lose one pound. I figured out how many calories I need in 7 days subtracted 3500 from that figure then divided that by 7. Wala. My calories for each day is 1000, as if I didn't already know that. Yes, I did. I have known it for some time. I don't mention how low it is often because I am not prepared to hear anybody tell me it is to low. Remember the amount of calories we need decreases with age. I am not in my 20's anymore, not even 3o's, 40's, or 50's. I am almost 70 years old. It is very difficult to lose weight and even harder when we get older. I am glad I made a life altering decision to give Calorie Restriction a try. A 100 pound loss, I can't belive I am almost there. Wow.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Calorie Restriction is going great

I am doing so darn good with my new eating plan. I have black tea with stevia in the morning along with 2 tablespoons of flax seed that I grind and put in 1/2 cup Orange Juice. I take my supplements at this time too. Most of them anyway. I do take the Acai Berry Extract and Fucoxathin when I think I may need it. Really helps curb the appetite. I am getting so I don't take them everyday. Like today. It is 2:30 and I am not hungry one bit. I did have a banana at 10:30. I planned on an apple at 1:00 but forgot it. I might skip it today and have dinner around 4:00 instead. I can do with less carbs for today. They sure hinder my weight loss. Even the good carbs.
Cooking Out
I did a marathon BBQ yesterday. I grilled shish ka bob, brochettes, steaks, 24 hamburgers, a dozen yakatori, loads of chicken breasts, and about 20 pork chops. This is because I refuse to buy anything premade or packaged. I cook like this every few weeks then freeze it. I think we have enough protein for about a month. It was far more than I have done in the past. I usually do enough for 2 weeks.
What we do with the frozen meat is simple. Usually we eat it over a huge bed of raw spinach. Tonight I will cook some green beans and have the lamb shish ka bob. Can't wait.
It sure is a time saver and we get to eat what we like. What we don't like is all the additives in the processed food and not knowing where the meats came from and how they were treated makes my stomach queasy. I am pretty much the same way with eating out. That is one reason we seldom do. I am pretty picky about where we do eat out.
Weight Loss
I have lost 3 pounds this month. That is all I have lost this year. That is great news really. That means I have been able to maintain my new weight. I was 139 Jan. 1. I went up to 141 a few days, not many so that is good. Being 136 is great. I did want to be 135 today, that is what I weighed most of my life. 135 is what is still on my drivers license. I just couldn't bring myself to put 227.
I have just 9 pounds to go to make it 100 pound loss. I am hoping to do that by Sept. my 2 year anniversary with Calorie Restriction.
Reduced calories
I have reduced my calories to 1100 right now. It is easy and for my age it is in the OK range. I need only 1500 to maintain my weight, with CR we reduce the calories by 10 to 40% so I am still in the proper healthy range. I am losing about a pound every week or so. I am still exercising every other day. I have been doing that without missing one day for 7 months. It is easy to do and gets me out of the house. Only problem is, it gets me close to shopping.
I am loving shopping again. Bad, bad me.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Calorie Restriction is healthy

Calorie Restriction lifestyle does not eliminate any food or food groups from its eating style. To practice CR all that is needed is a way to track your food choices and nutrients. You find how many calories your body needs to maintain its healthy weight and eat 20 to 30% less. It couldn't be easier. You eat all the foods you love just less of it.
I love this way of eating it makes perfect sense to me. I was never successful following rigid diet plans. Ones that say eat this for a week or two then this and add this back in later. No good. To hard to do. I can't even remember what to do next. I hate having to check a book to see where I am.
Man Made Food
When I started Cr I also was very aware of how dangerous modern man made food is for us. Just look at people, are they healthy, lean and full of life? Hell no. Most of them are fat, and the ones that aren't and still eating unhealthy food may be sick and they don't know it.
Eating modern man made food is a killer. Period. It is not for me.
People taunt me with pizza, pies, cookies and crap everyday. They say I need the eat grains they are so good for us. If they are so good for us why are they all processed. Why do they take 6 hours or more to digest? Why do we have to drink copious amounts of water just to digest them? Why are they making us FAT?
I made the decision to not eat them and I am happy and healthy because of it. That does not mean I don't have an oatmeal raisin cookie once in a while. I do, half of one anyway. I share it. I don't eat a whole box, I won't eat a pizza unless I make it and I won't use cow's milk cheese either. I have my healthy pizza about 3 times a year.
So I guess I do eat crap in moderation.
Wanted for murder
What disturbs me is how people can eat cereal for breakfast, health bar(misnamed) for a snack, a sandwich for lunch, a cookie for a snack, then pasta for dinner. Even if they eat a small portion they are not eating processed food in moderation. Their stomach is always processing the processed food. It never gets a break. Never.
If this is you educate yourself. Don't be reading how healthy grains are for you, they are not, read what damage they are doing to you. Wise up consumers.
Moderation is such a cool buzz word it is used right along with getting healthy. You cannot get healthy and continue to eat crap. Period. You will eventually begin eating more and more of the crap because that is exactly what that food is made to do. You are not eating it because it is healthy, you are eating it because your mind is telling you it tastes good. Ha, no it does not. Fresh food does taste good and it is healthy.
Period. There is no argument. Nobody can defend crap food in anyway. It isn't even filling and satisfying. I just makes us fat, depressed, miserable and hopelessly addicted.
Toss it out!!
Practice a healthy lifestyle, one that will make your life long and healthy. A diet that will keep you out of the doctors office and off modern medicine.
Get you blood work done once a year to see how great you are doing.
Don't defend bad habits. That is exactly what a person that tries to eat crap in moderation is doing. It is a path to failure.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Calorie Restriction and vacation plans

I have decided to go to Colorado to visit family again. The last time I was there is the month I started Calorie Restriction. September 2007. Ninety pounds ago and several sizes. I think I was a 2X then. I bought a size 4 yesterday.
There is also a class picnic I want to go to. Funny how I am actually looking forward to doing this type of thing again. I sure didn't for the past 15 years.
I am not concerned one bit about going off plan during these two events. Eating out with Calorie Restriction is so simple. I have a steak, salad and veggies or a hamburger and don't eat the bun. I prefer home cooked fish and chicken but I can never get a steak with that great smokey taste at home. I actually look forward to eating out and eating healthy.
Yesterday I went to a Dermatologist to find out if I am a good subject for a injectable face lift. Seems I am. I go in next week for the procedure. Wow, what progress I am making for myself. Wish I had the cash for more than the fillers. I have to be happy with what I can afford and hope for a windfall so I can do more. Yea right.
I am doing alright with tracking my calories with the cronOmeter. Sorta off and on but always with nutrition and calories in mind. I do fair without the cronOmeter. I don't gain when I don't use it so that is a good thing. Of course I still don't eat the foods that would make me gain. That is not an option for me. I don't even think about them except to feel sorry for people that do eat them.
My summer is starting off great hope yours is too.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Calorie Restriction my healthy life

Self Acceptance
I have been hearing lots of talk about self acceptance. This is coming from fat people, they prefer fat instead of overweight.
If staying fat were healthy I would still be fat. I was fine with my body, of course society wasn't and my health wasn't, I was. I loved my old life, I drank myself silly all the time, ate quarts of ice cream at a sitting, a big bag of P-Nut M&M's almost everyday. I ate what I wanted and when I wanted to never thinking about what I was putting in my mouth. I ate things I hated just because it was there. Cakes, pies, donuts nothing was off limits. I did this for several years, maybe 20.
Weight Gain
I didn't gain weight fast. I started at 130 and stopped at 227, it took me 20 years to get there. I was still gaining weight when I decided to stop killing myself.
All the time I ate very healthy meals, very similar to the meals I am still eating.
I loved my life, I did do things different then. I seldom went out, didn't shop for clothes, didn't even do the grocery shopping, the Greek did it all. I made him buy all the crappy food.
He went shopping everyday and sometimes late at night for more wine or ice cream or a run to the fast food joint.
Health Issues
I started having some pretty obvious health problems. Panic attacks and heart palpation's, shortness of breath and always tired. I decided to get healthy. That was September 2007 and I have not stopped. I am so fortunate that I was not sicker than I was. I had blood work done to check out how I am doing. The Dr. said some of the results are better than his and he is at least 25 years younger. Calorie Restriction has saved my life and I am in complete self acceptance for my new body, health, and lifestyle.
CR saved my life
One day I just decided to stop all the bad eating. I remembered seeing a program about CR on TV and knew it would be perfect for me. I did some research and also knew I had to give up the foods that were making me crave unhealthy foods. I am a complete carb addict, still am.
I no longer eat anything processed, no grains even whole grains, which are processed by the way. I gave up rice and potatoes, all sugars, starchy foods and my best friend Wine.
I have not have any cravings for any of them. I have had about 2 bottles of wine in the past 2 years. If I want a cookie we go to Barnes and Noble for a cookie and we share it. I no longer eat pasta and never will. Potatoes, maybe someday I will have them again. I am in no hurry but peas, corn and beans, I can do without them for a very long time. Maybe forever. I bought a bottle of Merlot today. I am in no hurry for it either and it will be only one glass instead of 2 bottles.
What I have learned is that I am so addicted to carbs they can be in any form. I can over do it with dried fruit mostly raisins and dates. I can overeat even fresh fruit, a whole watermelon or cantaloupe is normal for me but I haven't gained any weight. I don't like doing this because I am eating around 1500 calories a day instead of the 1000 to 1200 that I should be but I am still healthy because the food is.
New Me
Being healthy is also so much darn fun. I have learned I like to shop and actually try on clothes in the stores now. I am now doing all the grocery shopping and loving it. I am even thinking of other things I want to do again.
I completely accepted myself fat but I absolutely love myself thin.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Calorie Restriction back to basics is working

It has taken me longer than I expected but, I am losing weight again. All fingers and toes crossed that it continues for at least 10 pounds. Making it an even 100 pounds lost since starting Calorie Restriction September 2007. This morning I was 138.6. I know it is no big loss but I got past 139 for the first time in over 20 years. I had not lost weight since January 2009.
I have been taking a new supplement to try to curb my appetite and it seems to be working. One is Acai Berry extract. I don't know if it is just me wanting to eat less so bad I will it to work but I am actually not as hungry as I had been. From my past experience I will need to take something to curb my hunger for a few weeks then I will be OK.
The other two new supplements are Tonalin XC-CLA. I don't know if it is working yet. I will keep taking it for a few months to see. I have taken it for only 3 days.
I also bought Fucoxathin. I am very happy with all the new supplements I have added.
I will continue to take them and update on any changes in my mind and body.
Calorie Restriction meals
My Calorie Restriction is working great. I want to keep them around 1050 for as long as I can. For my age and height I can't eat too many calories in a day anyway. 1500 is all I need to maintain. I know it is higher now because I work out but I don't know exactly how many calories I burn there. The machines say 400 each time but I really doubt that. I expect it is closer to 100 so I won't rely on working out to keep my calories low.
My protein intake has gone up since I added cottage cheese and eggs back in. No more green juice for a while. It has far to many calories in it for now. Once I get myself stabilized at 127 I will add them back occasionally. I know I do better with flesh protein over vegetable, who knows what I will do.
My foods are my favorites and what I would eat even if I weren't counting calories, I would eat more of them though.
  • Breakfast 2 eggs cooked in olive oil spray
  • Lunch 1/2 cup cottage cheese
  • Snack apple or banana
  • Dinner ground beef patty or ground turkey, or other lean protein.
  • A huge raw spinach salad, about 5 cups or more, with olive oil,lemon and honey dressing.
  • Snack 2 cups frozen blueberries.
This comes to around 1050 calories each day. Of course there are days I change the snacks. There is far to much fruit that I love to eat a boring apple and banana all the time.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Back to Calorie Restriction basics

Well, my basics that is.
I started my diet plan September 2007 knowing I wanted to do Calorie Restriction and also eliminate foods that I felt I overate and what led me to eat even more. At the time I didn't know just how bad these foods are for us. I educated myself as I went along. Glad I did.

I read all I could about Calorie Restriction and nutrition so I tracked my food with the cronOmeter and started taking supplements if I didn't get 100% every day. I lost weight pretty fast for about 9 months. Then it stopped. I didn't change anything with the plan stuck to it. Five months later I lost another 20 pounds. This leads me to January 2009. I reached 139 pounds, a 90 pound total loss. I still need to lose about 20 more pounds but the scale has not moved since January.

Since I had been reading blogs, vlogs and books on eating healthy foods I decided to try and change mine. I did lots of different things, even fooled myself into believing that if I ate raw I could eat things that I didn't eat normally but liked. This would be dried fruit. I started buying it, lots of it. This led me to really blow Calorie Restriction. I was still eating the healthy dinners.
I stopped eating eggs thinking of the Paleo diet, no cottage cheese, that Paleo deal again. Still the weight did not budge.
My weight fluctuated between 144 to 139. I never had a 139 day back to back. I joined a gym, I work out 3 days a week and have gained inches, did not lose weight. I bought a juicer and started drinking green juice. That didn't last long. I do like the juice and may drink it again but it just isn't something that I can stick with. Calorie Restriction is. I really do love it. It is so easy to do but, it is also easy to have the calories creep up without realizing it. I do believe that is exactly what happened to me. Hell, I know it is. Now the hard part, I have to go back to basics, my basics, where I was September 07. That is where I am right now. I have added eggs back in my diet. I now have 2 eggs for breakfast and that 1/2 cup cottage cheese for lunch. I have 2 fruits for snacks during the day. Then I have that healthy meal for dinner with a huge raw veggie either a salad or spinach. I am NOT hungry but I am struggling to not eat to much fruit after dinner, another bad habit I got into.
The weight is also changing and I am feeling leaner again. I was 139 for 2 days in a row. I may be speaking up to soon with this but I don't think I am. I feel confident the scale will be 138 tomorrow.
I will not be buying and new books on other plans. My lifestyle suits me as it is. While it may be named Calorie Restriction is sure doesn't restrict in food choices. The food is plentiful and wonderful. I am the one that refuses to ever eat grains and I am healthier for it.

I am a big time tea drinker and have discovered how to take my tea to work. I ice it and take two big jugs of it with me. Aaah peace.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My day with Calorie Restriction

Food today has to be at or under 1200 calories. I know it is going to be hard to get myself to get past hunger pangs but I have to get myself used to less calories all over again. I have been putting this off far to long.

I will not eat almonds today. I will eat a cooked protein for breakfast.

Failed, I had a banana instead. They are just to easy and filling. Plus they are fast exit food and I like that.

I did have one boiled egg for lunch then 4 kiwis a bit later. They needed to be eaten, poor things were going bad. :-) Right.

I lost 90 pounds eating 2 eggs for breakfast and 1/2 cup cottage cheese for lunch, fruit for snacks and the usual cooked meal for dinner. I kept the calories at 1000 to 1200 for over a year then the calories started slowly creeping back up and I haven't gotten them under control since.
I now feel like I am ready, almost the same feeling I had when I decided to lose weight in the first place.
I read a great article about using the scale. It said to weigh yourself first thing in the morning then through out the day as we drink and eat. Well, I did that today, funny, I was also doing that when I first started CR. When I first started CR there was a difference of about 5 pounds from morning to night. Then it dropped to 2 pounds. Today I did like the article said and weighed before and after dinner. My dinner added only .6 pounds. Wow, fantastic. I had a huge raw spinach salad with a big serving of salmon. I never drink with food, bad for digestion, so that was a very accurate weight for my dinner. Interesting.
This morning I weighed 141.2 after dinner 142. Cool.
I always lose over 2 pounds from the night weigh in to the morning weigh in.
I won't be able to weigh myself through out the day tomorrow, gotta work. So the test will continue next week.
Food for today:
1 banana
4 kiwis
1 boiled egg
4 or more cups raw spinach
olive oil
6 oz Salmon
2 cups blueberries

Tomorrow I work so I bet I eat more fruit. I work at my bosses house, nothing there for food so I take some water and an apple.
I sure hope the scale moves off this 139 plateau soon. It has been since January.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Calorie Restriction , clean out the pantry.

Calorie Restriction diets are as simple as a weight loss diet can get. It is based on reducing your daily caloric intake and helps in reducing stress on the immune and digestive systems and gain optimal health.
CR is counting the calories you take in and eating less.
You will be eating fruits, vegetables, and low calorie proteins.
There are no restrictions on the type of food you can eat as long as you pay attention to the amount of calories and nutrients.

Before starting CR, ask yourself a few questions.
Do you eat while on the go or do you eat at home?
What do you eat most of the time?
Will the new foods in your weight loss diet plan be suitable for this type of lifestyle?
Start a journal and write the questions and answers in it. If you don't eat at home think of how to take or buy CR foods.
If you're eating fast food most of the time that will have to change. This food is poison to your body, you need to think of it as just that poison.

Will you be able to eat a different type of food from others around you?
When eating in groups, how do they eat?
Will it be compatible with CR?
You can always take your own food to gatherings or look for foods that are CR. It is easy to spot.

Are you willing to change your home environment to suit CR?
This might be hardest to do. If there are children at home. They do need a different diet than an adult, once you realize you can't eat the same as they do you will be better off. You cannot reduce calories for a healthy child.
A wife or husband is another story, those calories most likely need to be reduced and food choices improved.

Do your current leisure activities fit into CR?
Do you eat a lot of junk food in your spare time?
Can you give up junk food?
Yes, give it up. It is poison remember.

Do you eat out a lot?
If you do, do the restaurants you go to serve food that fits CR?
Really go over that menu. Look for fish, no rice, no potatoes, fish with veggies, soup and salad.
A steak usually comes way to big. Get an 8 oz steak, eat half of it. No baked potato with toppings, veggies only. Get the bread off the table. Have a huge salad with olive oil and vinegar dressing.

Is your kitchen ready to make a lifestyle change?
Do you have enough time to prepare your food?
Cooking CR is simple, fast and clean. No big clean up afterward.
Lets start right now.
We are going to get our cupboard, cabinet, pantry what ever you call it. It is going on CR right now.
Get ready to lose weight and get healthy.
What you will need to do this task;
A garbage bag, a big one. Get a yard clean up bag if you have to.
Step one:
Open that cupboard, take a deep breath.
Look for cereals, boxes or bags of cereal. Yes, cereal, it is processed and full of sugar, unless your corn grows in flakes and your oats in little o's with sugar sprinkles, it is processed. Think of what you're putting in yours kids tummies if they are eating this processed gunk. Yes, toss them.
Canned soups;
If you can't pronounce the ingredients you shouldn't be eating it. The smell alone should stop you from opening a can of soup.
Look for organic soups if you have to have canned soup. But, never buy creamed soups of any kind for any reason.
Add these poison soups to the garbage bag.

Tomato sauce,
Yes, that's right tomato sauce. Read the label. It has HFCS in it betcha. It also says it is made from tomato paste. That's right and now you know how to make tomato sauce that is good for you. One can of tomato paste with 2 cups liquid of your choice, water, stock or broth, you have tomato sauce with no corn syrup in it.

Catsup, if it has HFCS in it. There are a few. Get one.
Toss the nasty one out.

Yes, pasta it doesn't matter if it says it is whole grain or not. I don't know any wheat that grows into a penne or a bow-tie. Yes, it is all processed.
This food is calorie dense and full of carbs. Do you want to get healthy and stay that way? Toss this poison in the garbage bag.
If you are grinding your own grains, then keep doing it. That is healthy, make your own whole grain pasta.
If you see polenta in there toss it too along with white enriched rice.
Brown rice is OK but it is high in carbs and low in protein. Keep it if the family has to have a starch. But eventually you will most likely not be eating brown rice.
Get rid of all sugars, brown sugar is white sugar with molasses added. There are some sweeteners that are healthy. Look for pure cane sugar and stevia. Turbinado is less refined but it is refined and in the bad list.
The best brown sugar is pure cane with molasses, full of nutrition and a wonderful flavor. Eat this in moderation.

Read all the labels in any cans that are left. If they have HFCS toss them.
It is time to fill the fridge with healthy greens, lean meats, and fruit.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Eating less, is it working for me?

I have been having great difficulty with Calorie Restriction lately. My calorie count has steadily climbed up to around 1500 plus for sometime now. I became aware of it after I started using the cronOmeter again. That and the dead give away of not losing any weight for months and feeling bloated after dinner. What more clues are there?

At first I blamed a small gain on exercising. I have since lost it, so I felt I was justified in thinking it was muscle gain. I do know my thighs have grown a full inch. They are now 19". Not a good thing in my opinion. Now I have to work to get that darn inch back off.

I then blamed my new way of eating on the more calories and justified it with what I had read about eating raw. That it is so healthy you don't have to be concerned about counting calories. This is sooo dumb of me. I am supposed to be doing Calorie Restriction, of course raw calories count, crap.

The raw diet also says to eat dried fruit, no wonder I love that way of eating. They are my binge foods and I know it. But I can have them so I started buying dates, raisins, plums, figs all dried and packed with calories. I still crave them like crazy. I want to find a food that will satisfy me so I don't crave the darn shrivled up things.

I really, really want to get back to CR like I was for over a year. I had never felt better in so many ways. My body felt lean, my energy and moods were high and I loved every single day. I am feeling very tired and non social again. Very moody. I hate it. Worst part I am always hungry even after I have eaten my CR dinner. Yes, I still make sure I weigh my main meals. Then I grab fruit or nuts until I am full. My calories were done for the day with the last meal. I am not supposed to be eating fruit for a snack after dinner. Bad food combination and boy can I feel it.

I am very unhappy with myself and have been for sometime. I want to get back that CR feeling again. This is going to be just as hard as it was almost 2 years ago. It will be just like starting over on a diet again.

I haven't gained any weight but haven't lost either. I am pretty darn happy about that. I know I haven't messed up my metabolism at least. I can lose weight on 1200 calories a day. Maybe I fixed my metabolism by eating more and exercising. If so that is a very good thing. Lets hope so.

I don't want to be posting anymore bad news about me and overeating. I have to get a plan in place. Am I going to stick with eating raw. I do love the green juice. It is loaded with goodness. I could go back to eating eggs and cottage cheese. I had such good luck losing weight when I was eating them. I really do like eating raw and I get plenty of protein from it. It just isn't that full feeling like from cottage cheese.

I need to make my own plan and stop reading books that say I can eat stuff I know I shouldn't .
That is exactly what I did to lose 90 pounds. I want to lose 20 more and stay with CR forever. I have to get back in control. Wow, do I love that feeling. I hate what I am doing to myself right now. I know it isn't all that bad. I still eat very healthy and keep the calories in check, just not CR.
Soon, very soon I will be there.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Calorie Restriction and Green Juice

I have been eating fruit only for breakfast for a few weeks now. I find I don't get hungry until around 2PM so that is when I have my juice for the day. Today I was out of Romaine Lettuce so I used up the last of my carrots. The juice today was 13 organic carrots, a finger of Ginger, and a whole bulb of Fennel. I finished it off with some cinnamon. Wow, is this juice every wonderful. Only one problem, it is loaded with calories. Over 400 calories. It pumped up my calories way to much for the day. It does fill me up, in fact maybe to much. Guess I should juice less of it.

I am new to juicing and find I don't like cleaning the darn juicer even though it is easy. So I tend to make to much juice to justify me making it.
I will stick with the Romaine, lemon, apple, and kale juice. It is far less calories than carrots.
I went way over my calories today. I made stuffed bell peppers and ate 1.5 peppers with green beans. It is 6 hours since dinner and I am still stuffed. My calories for today were around 1600. I sure wanted to keep them at 1200. Gone wrong again.

The scale was good to me again. I have been varying my calories intentionally to see if I could repair my metabolism so I could break a plateau. I need to lose the remaining 20 pounds. I think it has worked. I was 139 today, again. I have been as high as 142.
Of course I expect a gain after eating 1600 calories today. What an idiot I am.
Food for today
  • 1 Banana
  • 20 oz carrot juice
  • 2 cups blueberries
  • 1.5 bell peppers
  • 4oz ground beef
  • 2 cups green beans
  • 2 oz almonds
  • 1 tbs. flax oil
  • 4 cups green salad
  • honey
  • lemon juice
  • Calories around 1600
That is a lot of food. Tomorrow just has to be a better day.
I have my workout in the morning then grocery shopping. Hopefully I won't be starved when I get home to make my Green Juice. I need a 1200 calorie day so bad. Tomorrow will be it.

Plan it, make a plan and stick with it.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Calorie Restriction and Eating Raw

I have been eating about 80% raw for several weeks now. I have found that I tend to not use the cronOmeter as I should with my juices. This has got to stop. Those fabulous juices, while loaded with great nutrition and enzymes, are still loaded with calories, about 250 calories. So, I need to get back to using the CoM everyday like I used to. Man, I love that cronOmeter.
Today I made my Green Juice with a head of romaine, one organic lemon, 2 organic apples, and a bunch of kale. It is so green and full of yummy goodness. I drink it on an empty stomach, it fills me up for about an hour. I then have a piece of fruit that takes me until lunch time. So for breakfast I have about 350 calories of greatness.
My concerns are protein. If I don't eat a pure protein like egg whites or cottage cheese am I doing CR right? My protein has gone down since I started eating raw during the day. I still have a cooked protein for dinner. I just don't know if this is enough. I was getting about 65g. of protein a day, now it less. I haven't tracked enough to get the full picture but I know it is less. I do get protein from all the veg, just not as much.
I also messed up pretty bad in the overeating. I have come to be addicted to dried fruit and I can really put it away. Wow, are the calories high in those tiny shriveled up pieces of goodness. I have come to realize I have been making videos about this stupid addiction for too long.
I have got to stop doing this to myself. I still eat what I deem to be healthy, no grains, no milk, no sugar, no starches, and I count my calories for all meals, then I grab those darn morsels of dried fruit. I become a sticky mess and must look like a pig devouring every last one. So, I have to leave the darn things at the store until I can control myself around them. My favorite are the organic ones, they are huge raisins. I love them not only for their taste but because there is less of them in the container. Only 7 servings of 120 calories each, so much better than a huge bag of the darn things. I am so bad.
Of course, because of the dried fruit binges, I have not lost any weight. I am going to track my calories with the CoM regularly and still eat raw during the day. My days are so simple eating like this. I have the green juice for breakfast followed by a banana or an apple. Lunch is another piece of fruit then about an hour later I have a huge green salad. Maybe 4 to 6 cups of it, maybe more. The salad has flax oil dressing which I love. When dinner comes around I am not hungry.
I cook a protein for dinner, chicken, fish or red meat. Usually a 5 oz portion with a lightly steamed veg. That is it.
The way I want to eat raw is with food combining. What that is supposed to do is get the food through my system fast and not leave behind waste or too much waste. So therefore I am to not eat meat with a grain, no sandwichs. I don't eat bread, this is just an example.
No cheese on bread either, so no pizza. I might have to break this rule for my goat cheese pizza.
I am so conflicted. Eating raw is more complicated than just doing CR. But, if I can learn it and do it right I am expecting great results. So, to me it is worth it.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Calorie Restriction diet evolves

I glanced through this blog and noticed that back in January I was drinking a green smoothie made with Cottage Cheese. Well since January I have changed my entire way of eating CR. I no longer eat Cottage Cheese, which was the only milk product I did eat. I now eat fruit and veggies during the day making sure they are properly combined for fast exit from the stomach.

So far I am enjoying the fruit and the green juice drinks. My only concern so far is that I still have not lost any weight and actually think I am eating more calories. This is not good. The whole purpose of CR is to have optimal health eating less.
I will continue experimenting with the fruit and raw veg for another month and if I don't drop a few pounds and inches I will go back to the original way of eating CR.
Of course I will still drink the green juice in the AM.
I do believe in eating food in proper combination so I will need to figure out how to eat eggs and or Cottage Cheese. Timing it just right will be harder than eating fruit until 3PM each day.
I know I have not been getting as much protein as before. I know this because I have been thinking about food again. Something I hadn't done in 19 months. I have also been eating far to much dried fruit. I even bought some Lara bars, I wouldn't have even thought of buying them a few months ago.
You see, dried fruit is part of eating raw and I am totally addicted to them and know I shouldn't be eating them. It is crazy how I found a way of eating that fits perfectly into my stupid food addiction.

Weird, after typing this I can see just what I need to do. I am going back to my original way of doing CR, eating more protein and less fruit. The only thing I will keep doing is drinking the green juice on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.
I am so glad I typed this out, it made me see what I have been doing wrong. What an idiot I am. I have been reading a book about raw food and I believed every word of it. I am convinced it is not entirely working for me. It sure is easy to do, that is what enticed me.
So for tomorrow I will be having fruit for breakfast and some Cottage Cheese for lunch. Hopefully I will stop these uncontrollable cravings for dried fruit and get me back to losing weight. I still have 20 pounds to lose to have optimal health.

Today I am having brunch with my family. Of course I will have a few glasses of wine and a salad. It is very easy to order proper food at the restaurant we are going to. That is why I picked it. I might even have a sandwich. Bread, see how I am thinking here. I haven't wanted bread for 19 months. I sure hope I get myself back thinking better in a few days. I sure don't want these size 6 jeans to not fit. Rats, what have I done to myself.
Of course thinking about bread and other poison foods is not eating them, I hate even thinking about them, it seems obsessive to me.
I like that superior feeling that I had. I was confident and actually felt giddy happy. I will be there again.
To much dried fruit and fruit in general must be my downfall.
Oh this is going to be hard on me. Another change!! Oh well that is what life is, it would be boring without change.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Calorie Restriction with 70% Raw Food

I have been really enjoying eat raw during the day along with Calorie Restriction. It has made food choices so easy. I love how easy it is to grab a piece of fruit for breakfast. Talk about fast food.
My juicer came yesterday. I made my first green juice and loved it. I was very surprised how tasty romaine, kale, an apple, and a lemon can taste juiced. I drank 2 full heads of romaine. Amazing.
I found it filling too.
The way I am eating raw is from the Raw Food Detox Diet book. I eat fruit and drink the green juice on a empty stomach. I am never hungry. I love it. I am going to be buying lots more organic green veggies now.
My weight has been stable at 139 for about a week now. I am still wanting to lose another 15 to 20 pounds but with CR and eating raw I know the weight will come off in time. There is no need to eat less for now. My size 6 jeans are loser than they were a week ago. So I know something is changing.
It is really great to be working again. I got a phone call 2 weeks ago to help a fellow tech out in his lab. I wasn't planning on working again and almost said no. I am happy I didn't, I am enjoying myself. It is weird working for somebody else after being my own boss for over 26 years.
I just don't want working to interfere with my eating plan. So far I am doing OK. Packing a lunch sure is simple. 2 pieces of fruit. As soon as I get home I fix the only cooked food I have for the day. Today is was Salmon with Broccoli. Very tasty.
So, my life is changing again in a very good way.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Calorie restriction and exercise

I am new to exercise, it was my goal to lose most of my weight then exercise. I wanted to get used to how many calories I should be eating and also to be more comfortable in my skin before I ventured out into the gym world.
Track calories burned
I have been 14 times now so I am very much a novice and have no clue what to expect. I do know it is a lot easier than I expected.
I finally learned how to track how many calories I am burning during the workout. Monday I did 312 in 30 minutes, I thought that was pretty good and started multiplying and figuring out how long it would take to burn one pound. Well, Wednesday came and I got it up to 452, so new math figures jumped in my head.
I am now going to try and get it to 500 even tomorrow and keep it there.
Of course I am very concerned that this burning 500 calories(1500 in one week) will make me want to eat more. One of the reasons I didn't want to exercise to lose weight in the first place.
Just thinking about it, hey I worked off 500 today I can splurge tonight, keeps entering my mind. Plus my body really needs the calories I am giving it. I don't give it extra calories to work out and I don't want to.
Man this exercise stuff defeats my calorie restriction.
I am exercising to gain strength and improve muscle tone. I am not worried about metabolism, slow or fast doesn't worry me.
I did notice that I ate over my calorie count for two days now. Is this a new eating pattern starting to emerge now I am working out? Crap there is always something sabotaging me.
I am busy putting together a series of vlogs about my food choices and why.
I don't eat grains, milk, or many starches. The why has taken me into more research. I am very glad I did it. I knew they were bad for me but didn't know just how bad.
Watch for the series. Hopefully I will have them done in a week.
Learning stuff
Learning new editing software, lighting set up and writing a dumb script sure takes time.
The software is Final Cut Express. I am still not completely comfortable with it. I have two books and neither of them take me far enough. They say they are for beginner to intermediate. Where the heck is advanced?
The lighting is new too. I bought a soft box. Darn thing is huge but hopefully it will help solve my lighting problems. I need a few other lights for fill and that should be ready to go.
A script, well that is hard to do. I want it to look and sound better than what I have been doing. I write a script and camera shot locations then turn the camera on and forget what I was supposed to say, get pissed and wing it. Then all the editing to take out my dumb parts and ah's and deep breaths and cuss words.
Life is fun!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Calorie Restriction and looking fit

I was leaving the gym Wednesday when a lady stopped me to say "Your sure look fit". Well, I was very shocked, me fit, I know I feel fit but look fit. I have been in the gym 7 times. It sure isn't the gym that made me look fit. It has to be food choices and counting calories, it can not be anything but. Whatever, it sure made my day. From fatty to fit without exercising. Yea!
I am now exercising to tone and for strength, still not to lose weight.
Tomorrow I get weighed and measured at the gym. Lets see if they do a better job of it this time. The young pretty helper there measured my waist and tummy at 32. Way off. Tummy to small waist to big. She did manage to get the rest of me right. (my waist is actually almost 27, tummy more like 35). I have a very, very flat ugly ass and that is why I have 38 hips.

I bought some plain full milk yogurt this week. Thinking is might be a nice change from cottage cheese, wrong, boy was I wrong. In comparing the two I found that cottage cheese has more protein, a lot more, and less sugar. Plus it just tastes better. I can make it savory or sweet.
If I want something sweet I add some Stevia, pineapple, and a bit of vanilla. Wow, what a treat.
This is 1000 times better than yogurt.
For the yogurt I get only 1/4 cup, cottage cheese 1/2 cup. So, no more yogurt. I sure wish more people would realize what they are getting in yogurt with fruit already in it. What a waste of calories and way to much sugar. Good advertisement is all I can think of why it is so popular, sure can't be because it is good for us. I don't use other milk products either. Me and impulse buying. I have to stop doing that. I bought that darn yogurt because I was seeing so many people saying how much they love it and how it fills them for breakfast. I sure can't see it as a good breakfast, to darn much sugar in it.

I had a fabulous protein day and the lowest in carbs in a long time. Giving up my blackberries or giving up 4 cups of them, has really helped me. I have lost a pound already and hope to be out of the 140's tomorrow. I was 140 even this morning. 139 sounds so much better.

My calorie restriction is still going strong, I couldn't be happier with it and the life it has given me.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Green smootie calorie restriction style

I made my first Green Smoothie today. I was inspired by all the youTubers and their great looking smoothies. I never had one before.
I used Red Chard, Spinach, Cottage Cheese, small Banana, frozen Pineapple, frozen Blueberries, Stevia, and a bit of water.
It filled me up so much I am not snacking on fruit tonight. I made it after I got back from grocery shopping around 2:30. I say this because I am still not hungry, I did have my Halibut and Broccoli for dinner. By now I would have had about 4 cups of frozen berries.
I am hoping this is exactly what I need to get me through the nights without hunger.
The cottage cheese was perfect in it. Made it like Ice Cream. It also made me think of Cheesecake. I am now wondering if I can make my green smoothie taste like cheesecake. Bet I could. I would leave out the banana and add vanilla, it would need raspberries too. I have plenty of them.
I am now dreaming of my Calorie Restriction Green Cheesecake smoothie. Can't wait for tomorrow to experiment.
We are going to be in San Francisco most of the day tomorrow. Guess I better be taking my cameras. Hope it is a nice day. It has been foggy and rainy here. Winters in the city can be really nice. Better than summers.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Calorie Restriction and weight loss

Since I started Calorie Restriction 17 months ago I have lost 86 pounds. I am a complete convert to calorie counting and knowing what nutrients are in the food I eat. I know I could do better with the dark leafy greens so tomorrow I am going to try making a green shake for breakfast.
My idea is to add some cottage cheese with the fruit along with kale and spinach. The reason for the cottage cheese is for protein. I do like it with fruit so why not put try it in a smoothy. I might make it more milk shake like. I will try it tomorrow afternoon.
I ran it through the cronOmeter, it came up pretty good on nutrition.

  • 1/2 cup non fat cottage cheese
  • kale
  • spinach
  • 1/2 cup blueberries
  • small banana (for the potassium)
  • Stevia to sweeten it up

161 Calories
  • 11 g. protein
  • 29g carbs
  • 16% of my daily requirement of Omega-3
  • Through the roof with Vitamin A, K and C

I would like to find something to put in it to up the B vitamins. I will be looking into that.

Calorie Restriction Day
I had an excellent Calorie Restriction day today. I have decided to try and eat a bit less calories in fruit. I have been eating too late at night snacking on berries around midnight. A huge bowl of mixed berries can add 250 calories to my day. I hope to stop this night time snacking. Right now I feel confident that I can do it, but it is early.
Tomorrow is my exercise day then grocery shopping. I have decided to stop buying our fish from Trader Joe's. The salmon has not be very good lately and the pieces seem odd shapes, like seconds. I bought Sockeye at a different store last week and it was fantastic. Trader Joe's will be getting less and less of my grocery monies. I stopped buying their chicken and produce ages ago. The only things I buy there for sure right now is the frozen berries, coffee, coffee filters, tortillas and a few frozen veggies, cottage cheese and eggs.
Weight Loss
I have been 141 for a week now. I am hoping to see a change in a few days. Guess eating all that fruit late at night is the cause. I am going to make it without eating tonight, its 12pm already. Seems I made it one night. Strange thing, I measured my waist again today, I am not obsessed with this, I thought it looked smaller so I grabbed the measuring tape. Hey, I was right. I have a 28 inch waist now. Wonder what it will be in a few months.
I have lost 17 inches in the waist alone. Wow, super WOW. There are before and current pictures of me on You Tube.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Learning Calorie Restriction

It did take me a few months to get used to counting calories and nutrients. I found help online by reading blogs written by fellow Cr people. Reading what foods they were eating and how much really gave me a good start.
Two of the best blogs is Mary's cron diaries and April's cr blog.
I still had to find foods that I liked and knew what I could eat and not feel deprived. I can honestly say I have found a comfortable place. I enjoy the foods I eat and I look forward to the meals and cooking them.

I was very hungry at first and still had food cravings for loads of carbs. All that finally passed. I don't eat any wheat products, rice, potatoes, milk products except non-fat cottage cheese and a bit of goat cheese.
I eat lots of green veggies, fresh and frozen and usually organic. I buy hormone free beef, chicken, pork and wild caught fish. I have fish twice a week. My protein serving is always 4 to 5 oz. and always weighed.

My fruit, right now, is berries, blackberries, raspberries, and blue berries. About 3 cups of this mixture a day. I find apples today, while crisp and juicy, are over sweet, way too big and flat tasting. Tasteless except for the sweet. I won't have commercial apples ever again. I am seriously thinking about planting my own apple tree if I can find an heirloom variety.

How I got started
I checked my calorie needs very carefully and know how many I need to maintain my thin self. I then reduced this by 20%. The weight is coming off fairly slow by other dieters stats, but for me it is perfect. I am happy with a 4 to 5 pound loss a month.
After I lose the weight, 19 more pounds, I will adjust my calories again. I will eat what my body needs - 10%. To find out how much you should weigh for optimal health.
For 5 ft give yourself 100 pounds
add 5 pounds for every inch above 5 ft.
I am 5ft 6in so my weight should be 130, for optimal health - 13 pounds. So I would like to be 117 pounds or very close to it.

Eliminate refined carbohydrates
Modifying the diet to eliminate refined carbohydrates and focusing on high quality protein and good fats will gradually train the body to burn more fat and less sugar. This has worked for me and continues to work. I am amazed how good it is working for me. I am 141 pounds and so much thinner than I ever was when eating milk and grains along with loads of cheese. I am convinced they are what made me feel puffy all the time. I wonder if I have an allergy to them.

I now stop eating when the food I had weighed is gone. I am never stuffed and always satisfied. What a fantastic feeling. I remember getting that overstuffed feeling almost everyday. So full it actually hurt. I love having this new feeling of being in control of what I eat and when. Now if I binge it is always with fruit and I do it fairly often. I still manage to keep it within my calorie range. Amazing how enhanced my life is with Calorie Restriction in it.

I am currently 141 pounds, wear a size 7 and joined a gym this week. I picked a gym that suits my style. I am not exercising to lose weight but to gain muscle. I wanted to lose most of my weight by controlling my food intake not by exercising. It was food that made me fat and I knew I wanted to learn how to eat. I am now comfortable enough to exercise and enjoy it. Did I say how much I love Calorie Restriction, did I need to?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Calorie counting, calorie burning

We are supposed to be on a very strict budget around here. I have no job and don't see me getting one any time soon. I owned by own business for several years, I would have a hard time working for somebody. Anyway, we are trying to live off less.
One of the things I did was turn the heater down to 71 and leave it on that setting all the time. It does get sorta cold in here but we have blankets to cuddle in and this computer room is always warm.
What I have noticed is that we actually got used to the cool house and we are feeling better. I hate to be hot anyway.
Did you know you actually burn calories keeping yourself warm? I love to sleep in a cold room and feel the cool sheets when I stretch out. I love laying in the warm bed in the AM instead of getting up. So, while we aren't doing so good with the budget we are spending less on the propane to keep us warm.
I am finally down another pound, I am now 143. I have adjusted my final weight, I didn't start this weight loss with one in mind, I just knew I had to lose 100 pounds, so that is why it was 127.
Now, I want to be what the CR folk recommend. Here it is:
100 pounds for 5 ft.
add 5 pounds for each inch after the 5 ft.
Subtract 10% from this figure.
My math:
5 ft. 6 in. = 130 pounds
minus 13 for the 10%
So there it is 117. My new and improved goal for this year is 117 to 125. Anywhere in that range is good for me.
I have never been that thin. Even when I graduated from Hi school I was a chunky 122. I was 3 inches shorter and flabby. My diet was horrible then too and continued to be. I did gain some inches in height around 19 years old. 3 in fact. I am almost 5ft 7 now and weighed 135 for several years. Then wham, bang, did I ever get fat and stayed that way for years.
For me, being 143 is a dream and I am living it.
I love feeling my new body, it is amazing that I can actually feel bones now. I can still feel the fat in my arms and in strange places that is accumulates. That is certainly not my ass. It is a bony as can be. Hurts cause it so dang fat free.
The bottoms of my feet have less fat too. Both of them have a small sore if I walk to much. I need to get some gels. I am getting some thick skin growing on the two tiny spots. Weird. But, so much better than fat for a cushion.
My skin is super soft, and of course ugly. That was one of my concerns about losing 100 pounds. What an idiot I was. My skin will always be covered up, I could never cover up 100 pounds. No hiding that mass.
I am so freaking happy.