Friday, August 28, 2009

From a 2x to a 2 in 2 years 100 pounds lost

I finally put together my victory video for youTube. I did it. I am 100 pounds thinner and tons happier.
Since I do calorie restriction once I am at the so called normal weight I need to lose 10% for optimal health. Calorie restriction is part of my life so I know I can do it. I will continue eating the same foods and same calories everyday just like I have been doing for 2 years. Life continues.
I lost 10 pounds this year so I expect to be at optimal weight in another 8 months. That is perfect. Slow and very steady.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Calorie Restriction, wine and more wine

Yep, I drank to darn much wine at the Moondance. Had a nice case of the vintners flu the next day. I had a great visit with my daughter over the week end. She is such fun to be with.
I didn't count my calories but I did make sure I ate foods that were on my plan. No grains, milk products, sugars and starches. That was the easy part.
The wine is all carbs and calories, so of course I messed up there. But, hey it was fun and I won't be doing that for a long time. I do love wine.
So how did I do with the weight? I was thrilled to find that I came home weighing what I did when I left. 131. No loss, no gain. Way to go. A pat on my back from me.
So we can drink the wine, in this case several glasses, eat right and not gain weight.
Only 4 pounds to my 100 pound loss celebration, no wine will be involved.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Calorie Restriction with loss

I used Tony's calculator to check my body fat. It says my body fat is 23. Guess that isn't bad if it is right. I can still feel and see fat right under my skin in what used to be the fattest parts of me. Arms and tummy.
Thanks Tony for the link. I have been all over your web site. I sure agree with what I read there.
Wish others would read and learn.

This morning I was 132.4. But, it is the weekend and I am going to Hopland to a solar energy bash. Lots of food, wine, music and fun. Long after there will be no sol. If I can just maintain my 132 I will be thrilled.
My goal is still to lose this final 5 pounds before I go to Colorado in September. I am certain I can do it.
Thanks every one for the great comments, they mean a lot and keep me going.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Calorie Restriction weight loss

I one one pretty happy gal right now. I was 133 this morning. I finally am down one more pound, 6 left for my 100 pound loss goal. I say goal because I wanted to lose 100 pounds 2 years ago. Since then I have learned that for optimal health I should be 10% less. I am in no hurry to lose the final 10% but will sure give it a try.
My new goal for new is to lose body fat. I seem to be carrying around too much of it. I also need to get something that will measure it. I can feel the fat under my skin in my arms and stomach and I seem to have some back fat. The arms look disgusting, like cottage cheese. I would rather have saggy skin. Yuk to both of them.

I have been on some shopping spree. This has got to end. But trying on clothes has become sorta fun. I was at Nordstrom's Sat. and spent hours hunting for the perfect black slacks. Seems I have developed a weird shape or I was in the wrong department. I was in the Ms. section. I tried on several size 4 slacks and none of them fit. Way to big in the tummy, remember they don't go to the waist anymore. Slightly loose in the hips too. So I tried on a Hugo Boss size 2, the saleslady told me they run small and that was before I tried them on. They fit but a tad too snug in the ass. I finally got another designer pair that did fit better, not perfect, just better. They are now being altered.
Yesterday and today I hit the crappy stores in my area. I found a few things that fit and liked enough to buy. I had to get a Jr.s skinny jeans so they fit in the tummy and legs. I bought 2 size 2 skinny jeans. I am going to make a video and name it
From a 2X to a 2 in two years.
That should be fun to make.
Yea for Calorie Restriction.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Calorie Restriction to live longer

I have been reading several articles about CR and longevity. The recurring theme throughout these articles is that CR is best started young, in the 20's, and practiced throughout life. The theory is that it will increase your life. All is good, I don't disagree with this, the problem I have it that these same articles say that is will NOT increase your life if you start CR in your 60's or later.
Now stop and think about this, somebody that is overweight, unhealthy, bad eating habits, wrong food choices, eats far to many calories, decides to practice CR. Immediately that person is going to be healthier and live longer, plus that person will not need as much health care as somebody that continues eating and abusing their body with junk foods.
This is just plain common sense. There is no proof that CR will increase life for the 20 something but I can say for certain it will make you a much healthier person at any age, even 60 and above.
Calorie Restriction is easy to do, the food tastes wonderful, it is very satisfying and it will make you very healthy, even younger looking. Such a deal!!
CR with lo carb is a better way to go. CR with no processed foods is even better. CR is just plain wonderful. It is me, it is who I am.