Thursday, November 17, 2011

Onto part two of the plan

Part two of my "get this weight off and fast" kicked into part two today. I am back with the cleanse part. I don't call it the master cleanse because I am not cleansing for any other reason than weight loss. I don't drink that horrid salt water solution. I am using 2 tablespoon of whole flax in a bit of warm water and stevia. It tastes like cereal. On the master cleanse the idea is to clean up the bowels, I guess, with that impossible to down salt water drink. I did that one day and will never do it again. If you don't grind the flax seeds they pass through undigested, so that is what I do. I really like the taste and how they work for me.
Today was a good day with the lemon drink. I got hungry only at the time I usually eat dinner about 6pm. That was solved with some tea and a teeny tiny bite of the Greeks dinner. Well 3 teenny tiny bites. I had 4 glasses of the lemon drink and those bites.
The goal is to lose 8 pounds this time. I lost good the first time around, hopefully I will do the same. I forgot to weigh this morning darn. Better not forget tomorrow.
Only 8 to go to reach what the Dr. wants me to before surgery but of course I want to lose a few extra. In fact I want to get back where I was a few months ago. 130 or 135, I won't get there before Jan. 20 but will eventually. Good to have goals.
I will be cooking and eating Thanksgiving. Not a traditional dinner but close. I haven't had meat in over a month. Guess turkey will be what changes that.
I will be back to the lemon drink the next day if I don't hit the leftovers. I want to be in the new size 8 slacks I bought for my trip to San Diego Dec. 1.  I am in them just not as comfy as I like.
All I need for the trip is a pink purse. I think I found everything I need to meet family members again. I haven't seen them for over 50 years. Can't wait. I am the oldest of the bunch and of course I have to look great or as great as I can make me. Hope I don't break a fingernail before then and I need practice with the eyelashes. I am going to glam me up.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Losing it

All is going well as far as food choices. I am finished with the first round of the cleanse, more to come. I am now enjoying my green juice during the day with a cooked veggie meal for dinner. Still trying to stay away from fruit. Not doing so good at that, yesterday I really enjoyed 12 nice big strawberries. While they are great for us and low in GI they are still a fruit that gives me horrible hand and feet cramps. The last time I ate them I suffered for over an hour with tight muscles still the next day. Why this happens I have no clue. Grapes are the absolute worst for me, so far blueberries and apples don't do it. This was the first time strawberries did it. I think I may have a fructose intolerance. Hate it.
My food for dinner has been broccoli and or sweet potato drizzled with olive oil and lemon with a slice of sprouted wheat bread. That's it.
I am not hungry after eating but sure am just before. That may be because I don't eat breakfast nor lunch. I do drink the green juice and if I am home will eat an early dinner,  around 4pm. I am feeling great on this routine. I have lost 7 pounds so far. No loss this week, sorta expected after the cleanse, in fact I gained one pound after I completed it.

I will do the cleanse again starting this Thursday. I plan to stick with it for 7 to 10 days and then go back to the juice and one meal a day again. Doing that twice more before the surgery in Jan. The doc told me to lose 20 pounds, to do that in only 2 months is nearly impossible for me with just counting calories. I have been counting calories for years and know I lose one pound in 5 to 7 days. Not enough time to lose 20 so my new plan was put in action. So far so good. The side benefits are amazing. I love the feeling and the flat stomach again. I hope to live like this for an extended time. I know I can as long as my mind is set and that darn sugar bug leaves me alone.

We are going to a wedding out of town Dec. 1. I am in bad need of clothes that fit. I found a pink slim skirt at Nordstrom then a real cheap zebra blouse at Macy's. Picked up some spanks black nylons, ordered a chain drop waist belt online, now I need earrings and possibly a purse. I have black pumps and boots, don't know which I will wear. Would like some new booties but the cash is rapidly disappearing. Will post some pics when the outfit is complete.

Today I weigh 163 goal of 150 before surgery but really want to weigh 135 or less. When I hit my goal of 127 two years ago I felt on top of the world. I want that feeling again. I am getting there. Today I wear a size 10, at 127 I was a size 2. People told me I was to thin, didn't know I would ever be to thin. Personally I don't think I was.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A new me in the making

I had been missing going to the Dr's for some small tune ups on my aged face so I made an appointment. While there my favorite PA casually said that the Dr. is now doing lower face lifts in office with local pain killers. Wowzzzeee did that get my attention. I came home told the Greek about it and he immediately made arrangements for me to pay for it. I am getting it done Jan. 20, after I lose 20 pounds.

I have lost 8 since the visit, hope to lose more than the 20 he suggested.  Wish I could have the jowls removed before then because we are headed to San Diego Dec 3 for a wedding. I will be seeing relatives I haven't seen in 50 years or better. Yep, been that long. I am really looking forward to it.
But, since I screwed up and gained a few pounds I have to get rid of them so the neck lift works the way I want it to.  Excited for sure.

On the weight loss plan, I am currently doing a cleanse. I am losing about a pound a day, today is day 8, I hope to lose 10, wanted 12 so if I gained a few back after the cleanse I would still have 10 gone. I don't think I will make 12. 
After this cleanse is over in 2 days I am going to do a juice fast. I can't do fruit anymore so to sweeten the green juice I will use Stevia.  I really am looking forward to having the juice. I am pretty tired of the cleanse drink. In fact I have been cheating. I will have a few bites of food and not the cleanse drink, I tell myself I am not doing this to actually cleanse myself, I am doing it to lose weight. Well, I am so why not eat a few bites. I am doing fine. I love the new flat tummy.
I am also in the size 10 jeans. yea. Now I can get me a few size 8's. If I dig in the closet I might find some. I did wear that size a few years ago. I really, really want to be back in the 2's and 4's that are gathering dust. Goals.

I have also been studying more about Calorie Restriction. I am counting calories and tracking even on the stupid cleanse. It is really amazing how few calories I am consuming right now and NOT hungry. It is only a 10 day cleanse. After it is over I plan on doing the juice fast for another 10 days, only because of the darn Holiday. I don't know where that will be and I know I will over do it where ever it is.

I read that on a juice feast I can expect to lose one pound a day. I really doubt I will. Juice has more calories than the cleanse and I am losing one pound a day now. I will be happy with half a pound a day.
After the cleanse and fast I will be back to Calorie Restriction, doing the green juice for lunch, I never put anything in my stomach before noon and never eat after 6 pm. I like giving my body a needed break from digestion.

My 2 meals will be very balanced, making sure they are properly combined. If I do have fruit it has to be on an empty stomach. I have learned the hard way about fermented fruit in the stomach. It isn't beans that is the musical fruit, believe me. I don't mean to toot my own horn.
Just now had a sip of water, reminds me of how much I hate it. Just not my thing. Water makes me thirsty. I know, weird, the more I drink the more I want. I don't want.
Well that is the plan, sure hope I can do it. I see no reason to not make it.  I feel better now than I have in a darn long time. I am pretty sure the reason I felt so down on myself was the lousy job I have. That hasn't improved, except he is treating me better. His work load has gotten so small I work only one day a week and not a full day. Sad, so sad. And I really could use the hours right now. Guess I should look into a different job. Somebody must want a 70 year old worker. I am a good one and soon to be a skinny one.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Happy Me

I am doing great with sticking with a plan. My weight loss plan that is. I have lost almost 10 pounds already. Today my wonderful daughter took me shopping,  she bought me 2 Lee jeans and 3 tops. Of course the jeans don't exactly fit just yet. They are my goal for next week. I can zip them up just fine but can't seem to walk or sit very well and the muffin top, forget about it. They will be prefect in a few days.
I have been eating raw and drinking the green juice, I love that stuff. There is really no need to use the cronOmeter when I do this. I never seem to get many calories in. I am learning to live with a bit of hunger. I remember how I used to not be bothered by it, need to get myself there again. I think it is a good feeling, I get strength from it.
I have been making some pretty good raw salads from beets. Pretty darn good but so messy to make. All I do is use a mandolin to make little sticks, add a drizzle of olive oil and a bit of wine vinegar. I added some fennel too. Tasty. I think I will hunt for somebody else's recipe when I make it again. I think it could use something else in it. No fruit though, I am trying to not mix fruit and veg together. 
I eat fruit only before noon, then I have my green juice. I try to keep the fruit to one or two and not bananas. Right now I enjoy pears and apples.  I prefer berries guess I better buy some frozen ones tomorrow.
The green juice is simple enough, romaine, kale, apple and lemon. Tasty.
My dinner meal is a huge salad or if I want something cooked a huge amount of cooked veggies, usually peppers, onion or broccoli and mushrooms. Very simple fast, plain cooking. 
I expected to loose 10 pounds fast and I did, now to finish me off with the rest of it. I do have a goal in mind. I want to weigh about 140, that was a good weight for me for several years and it will be good again. I have 20 pounds to go.
I am so darn happy to be back in my groove and feeling that taking care of myself again. I have no clue what happened to me and why I let it slide for so long. I think it was a few years, seems like it anyway. It sure can't be the job, that is almost gone. I worked 15 hours last week. Yikes, not a good thing. Hopefully this rotten economy changes soon.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Calorie Restriction update

I am doing OK with CR right now and loving it. Could be better at times but overall I am tracking and eating good.  I am still refusing to weigh myself, the mirror tells me the bad news for now.  I have a family wedding to attend in Dec. and will NOT be wearing a size 10/12 by then. Promise!!
The job is no better, in fact a bit worse. I am still getting detailed instructions on how to do simple tasks, take it with one ear and a smile. His business has gone way down since he hired my replacement last year. It has been a steady decline. Of course that means we all work less. I worked just 7 hours last week. Gone is the ability to get out of debt which I had planned for this month. But, as long as I can take his abuse I will stick it out. I get plenty of support from my entire family on this. They know I am telling the truth about my treatment. Heck they all know he has replaced me twice already and expect it again any day.
I turned 70 in August, feel better than ever, looking pretty darn good too, of course I am the only on that thinks that. This picture was taken with the tiny webcam in this I mac. You can see the weight gain in my lower face. Since this picture was taken a week ago I have a new very short hair style. Not so sure I like it. A picture after I style it, right now it hasn't been combed for two days. Yep, I am lazy.

I have a small issue with arthritis in my hands and that only hurts bad for a short time early mornings. I have found a great supplement that has almost completely gotten rid of the inflammation in my hands. It is Serrapeptase an enzyme made from silk worms. If you are reading this and suffer inflammation look it up, amazing stuff.
I have another blog on wordpress, have had it longer than this one and tend to update it more often, or I plan to. There is a link to it on the sidebar. Check me out over there if you don't see updates here. I am really trying to get back in my update groove.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wow, summer food and ?

It is very weird how life evolves. The same person I had been working for, the one that replaced me, called and I am now back working there again. This time I am working more hours, bringing home more money and enjoying the work. Of course I am a skilled trained Dental Technician that had her own successful business for 30 years but the boss does not respect this, he has me doing menial work which I am happy to do.
I have to get up at 5:30 to get things done around here before I leave and I am even enjoying that. The only thing I don't have time for is the computer.
So all was happy, back on track with food, getting caught up with bills, losing weight, happy.
Boom, can't stay that way forever, I found an ad while searching the net yesterday, for a replacement for my job. What the f---.
Wish I could understand this type of treatment. 
I won't let it change my diet plans that is if I don't get super depressed over this. He of course doesn't know I found the ad, I will gradually let him know. It could be a month to several months before he finds the person he wants. I will stick it out to the end. I have given up on trying to prove myself to him.
My summer plans are family and fun, I can't let this ruin that. I am back having the green juice every morning, should do that in the afternoon too but since I am not here that can wait. I really like the taste of it. It is Kale, Romaine, Lemon, Ginger, and an apple run through the juicer. Tasty. A great breakfast.
It really keeps me going until I get home any time between 1 to 5. (I never know how long I will work).
I then start chopping, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, hot peppers, oil and vinegar. WOW, can I put that stuff away. My all time favorite summer meal. I am not eating meat right now either. I keep a bowl of fresh cooked dried beans in the fridge for cold salads too. I am feeling great.
Guess I better get back on the St. Johns Wart so I don't get all down about the stupid job again.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bout time

I have been wondering if I would ever make a new post here or not.  Decision made, here it is.
The past few months have not been the most exciting in my life, that is for darn sure.
I have NO job. I am a skilled Dental Technician. I had my own successful business for over 25 years and decided to close it 2 years ago thinking I would make it on my meager retirement. Not so.
I finally did get a part time job working for a guy with just a few years experience but willing to hire me for some of my skills. He never did let me show him what I can do and I never pushed it. I took his lessons on how to do what I know and didn't let his constant lessons bother me. He is the one learning after all. Anyway, I worked there for two years a few hours a week, mostly weekends because he is so messed up with scheduling.
So what happened a few months ago? He goes and hires a ceramist with hardly any experience, pays him twice as much as me and asks me to do outside sales. Of course he won't let me even do this on my own. I have to make the cold calls, make an appointment, then he goes with me. Yikes. Same oh, same oh.  Naturally I refused this offer.
He thinks I can't do anything. Did I mention I had a very successful business for over 25 years. Of course he thinks I have lousy skills, yea right, he never let me show my skills.
 Anyway, being out of work has taken its toll on me. I can no longer keep up with the household bills, could care less about me or anything really. I never realized just how much work is a part of me.

I have been trying to start a new business for the past several months. It is in its final stages of design. I hope to launch it in February. I will no longer be in Dentistry, I sure look forward to that. My new business will rely on me doing outside sales everyday. Something I better be getting used to. I am a creative type, preferring to well, create. Whether using a brush to build teeth or a mouse working in Photoshop I love the art in design. So that is going to be my new business.

Now for the real reason for this long overdue post. I am also launching a new me. Today is the first day back using the CronOmeter and trying to keep those hated carbs under control. I have gained a bit of weight, don't know how much since I refuse to weigh. I do know my size 2's are history, I am in a size 10 and hate it. I have a closet full of great clothes and nothing fits. I am back wearing huge t-shirts and baggy pants.
So here I am broke, the debtors calling all day long, love the answering machine, and me trying to make myself feel better with less food. It works and I know it so here goes.