Monday, July 27, 2009

Calorie Restriction and carbs

I am back from the camping trip. It was great having the entire family together again. The weather was a bit scary Friday, seeing the fog rolling across the hills and knowing how cold that is. We could see it for miles before we got into it. Friday was very cold. Sat. and Sun. was perfect.
That's California for you.
I didn't eat much on the trip but I was wanting to. I did eat crap Sat. Things I would never even consider at home. Sunflower seeds and baked tortillas. Yuk. Crap and I know it. I had 4 glasses of wine, and one beer. Carbs I didn't need. But for the most part I did OK. I feel pretty round so I am scared to step on the scale tomorrow but I will.
I know I can get it off pretty fast. The good thing is I sure don't miss all the crap that others eat. I brought blueberries, cheeries and raspberries. They went very fast. Seems I am not the only one that likes fruit. I did enjoy the tri-tip and a great hamburger pattie. Oh, forgot the two very small Hersey bars. I am so bad.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Calorie Restriction and camping

I am not a camper type. Never have been. But, all my kids are and they have planned a weekend together on the Russian River in Sonoma Co. I sure am not going to be left out so I am going. I should be getting ready right now. Not.
My concerns about this camping deal is food of course. I was 134 this morning and want to come back very close to that. I am going to have to take my favorite stuff and try to stay away from theirs. I know the only thing I will want is wine. I intend to take some merlot and enjoy myself.
The Russian River has such great weather and cool evenings. I am looking forward to that part. Not so much the sun and sitting on the beach. My skin can't handle it. So I am wearing long sleeve light weight tops and gloves. Ha, what a site.
I hope we can rent a canoe and go up River. I will sit in the middle and be paddled. I hope.
Lo Carb
I am trying to reduce my carbs. I found out that I should have about 84g of carb a day, I am well over that. So a plan is to have my flax with cottage cheese instead of orange juice. Since it is a protein it might keep me fuller longer too. I am going to have to stop eating an apple for a snack so I can still have my 2 cups of blueberries as a TV snack. 84g. of carbs is about 2 cups or 2 fruits. I will do this until I lose my last 6 pounds. Then I will go back to eating 3 or 4 fruits a day. They are so darn good and I am not going to restrict my favorite foods.
Now that I know how few carbs I should have been eating I am amazed at having lost the weight I did. I hope the final few pounds come off fast. It has been since Jan 09 without a loss and I am finally anxious to get them gone.
I wasn't able to exercise this week. The first time this has happened since I started in Jan. 09.
My work was very busy and disorganized. It really got in the way. I will start back Monday as if this week didn't happen. I hated doing that but I won't stop exercising, ever. I don't enjoy it all that much but I do like the way it is making my body look and feel so I will continue it. We all should, that is after we learn to eat right and lose weight so we are comfortable at the gym.

I will be back Monday, hopefully not sunburned and several pounds heavier.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Losing weight with Calorie Restriction

I am such a happy camper. I am 135 pounds. I did it. I am happier with 135 than I was at any other weight I have been in this long journey. Weird huh, it has to be because that is the weight I maintained for so many years.
I have just 7 more pounds to go to have lost 100 pounds. I am going to make it. My determination is very strong right now. More than it has ever been plus I am feeling better than I have for a darn long time. I know I was putting away to darn many calories all this year. Not enough to gain but not enough to be true Calorie Restriction. I am back using the cronOmeter too. Amazing how well that great piece of software keeps me on plan. Love it.
I have given myself one week to lose one pound. I figured out how many calories I need in 7 days subtracted 3500 from that figure then divided that by 7. Wala. My calories for each day is 1000, as if I didn't already know that. Yes, I did. I have known it for some time. I don't mention how low it is often because I am not prepared to hear anybody tell me it is to low. Remember the amount of calories we need decreases with age. I am not in my 20's anymore, not even 3o's, 40's, or 50's. I am almost 70 years old. It is very difficult to lose weight and even harder when we get older. I am glad I made a life altering decision to give Calorie Restriction a try. A 100 pound loss, I can't belive I am almost there. Wow.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Calorie Restriction is going great

I am doing so darn good with my new eating plan. I have black tea with stevia in the morning along with 2 tablespoons of flax seed that I grind and put in 1/2 cup Orange Juice. I take my supplements at this time too. Most of them anyway. I do take the Acai Berry Extract and Fucoxathin when I think I may need it. Really helps curb the appetite. I am getting so I don't take them everyday. Like today. It is 2:30 and I am not hungry one bit. I did have a banana at 10:30. I planned on an apple at 1:00 but forgot it. I might skip it today and have dinner around 4:00 instead. I can do with less carbs for today. They sure hinder my weight loss. Even the good carbs.
Cooking Out
I did a marathon BBQ yesterday. I grilled shish ka bob, brochettes, steaks, 24 hamburgers, a dozen yakatori, loads of chicken breasts, and about 20 pork chops. This is because I refuse to buy anything premade or packaged. I cook like this every few weeks then freeze it. I think we have enough protein for about a month. It was far more than I have done in the past. I usually do enough for 2 weeks.
What we do with the frozen meat is simple. Usually we eat it over a huge bed of raw spinach. Tonight I will cook some green beans and have the lamb shish ka bob. Can't wait.
It sure is a time saver and we get to eat what we like. What we don't like is all the additives in the processed food and not knowing where the meats came from and how they were treated makes my stomach queasy. I am pretty much the same way with eating out. That is one reason we seldom do. I am pretty picky about where we do eat out.
Weight Loss
I have lost 3 pounds this month. That is all I have lost this year. That is great news really. That means I have been able to maintain my new weight. I was 139 Jan. 1. I went up to 141 a few days, not many so that is good. Being 136 is great. I did want to be 135 today, that is what I weighed most of my life. 135 is what is still on my drivers license. I just couldn't bring myself to put 227.
I have just 9 pounds to go to make it 100 pound loss. I am hoping to do that by Sept. my 2 year anniversary with Calorie Restriction.
Reduced calories
I have reduced my calories to 1100 right now. It is easy and for my age it is in the OK range. I need only 1500 to maintain my weight, with CR we reduce the calories by 10 to 40% so I am still in the proper healthy range. I am losing about a pound every week or so. I am still exercising every other day. I have been doing that without missing one day for 7 months. It is easy to do and gets me out of the house. Only problem is, it gets me close to shopping.
I am loving shopping again. Bad, bad me.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Calorie Restriction is healthy

Calorie Restriction lifestyle does not eliminate any food or food groups from its eating style. To practice CR all that is needed is a way to track your food choices and nutrients. You find how many calories your body needs to maintain its healthy weight and eat 20 to 30% less. It couldn't be easier. You eat all the foods you love just less of it.
I love this way of eating it makes perfect sense to me. I was never successful following rigid diet plans. Ones that say eat this for a week or two then this and add this back in later. No good. To hard to do. I can't even remember what to do next. I hate having to check a book to see where I am.
Man Made Food
When I started Cr I also was very aware of how dangerous modern man made food is for us. Just look at people, are they healthy, lean and full of life? Hell no. Most of them are fat, and the ones that aren't and still eating unhealthy food may be sick and they don't know it.
Eating modern man made food is a killer. Period. It is not for me.
People taunt me with pizza, pies, cookies and crap everyday. They say I need the eat grains they are so good for us. If they are so good for us why are they all processed. Why do they take 6 hours or more to digest? Why do we have to drink copious amounts of water just to digest them? Why are they making us FAT?
I made the decision to not eat them and I am happy and healthy because of it. That does not mean I don't have an oatmeal raisin cookie once in a while. I do, half of one anyway. I share it. I don't eat a whole box, I won't eat a pizza unless I make it and I won't use cow's milk cheese either. I have my healthy pizza about 3 times a year.
So I guess I do eat crap in moderation.
Wanted for murder
What disturbs me is how people can eat cereal for breakfast, health bar(misnamed) for a snack, a sandwich for lunch, a cookie for a snack, then pasta for dinner. Even if they eat a small portion they are not eating processed food in moderation. Their stomach is always processing the processed food. It never gets a break. Never.
If this is you educate yourself. Don't be reading how healthy grains are for you, they are not, read what damage they are doing to you. Wise up consumers.
Moderation is such a cool buzz word it is used right along with getting healthy. You cannot get healthy and continue to eat crap. Period. You will eventually begin eating more and more of the crap because that is exactly what that food is made to do. You are not eating it because it is healthy, you are eating it because your mind is telling you it tastes good. Ha, no it does not. Fresh food does taste good and it is healthy.
Period. There is no argument. Nobody can defend crap food in anyway. It isn't even filling and satisfying. I just makes us fat, depressed, miserable and hopelessly addicted.
Toss it out!!
Practice a healthy lifestyle, one that will make your life long and healthy. A diet that will keep you out of the doctors office and off modern medicine.
Get you blood work done once a year to see how great you are doing.
Don't defend bad habits. That is exactly what a person that tries to eat crap in moderation is doing. It is a path to failure.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Calorie Restriction and vacation plans

I have decided to go to Colorado to visit family again. The last time I was there is the month I started Calorie Restriction. September 2007. Ninety pounds ago and several sizes. I think I was a 2X then. I bought a size 4 yesterday.
There is also a class picnic I want to go to. Funny how I am actually looking forward to doing this type of thing again. I sure didn't for the past 15 years.
I am not concerned one bit about going off plan during these two events. Eating out with Calorie Restriction is so simple. I have a steak, salad and veggies or a hamburger and don't eat the bun. I prefer home cooked fish and chicken but I can never get a steak with that great smokey taste at home. I actually look forward to eating out and eating healthy.
Yesterday I went to a Dermatologist to find out if I am a good subject for a injectable face lift. Seems I am. I go in next week for the procedure. Wow, what progress I am making for myself. Wish I had the cash for more than the fillers. I have to be happy with what I can afford and hope for a windfall so I can do more. Yea right.
I am doing alright with tracking my calories with the cronOmeter. Sorta off and on but always with nutrition and calories in mind. I do fair without the cronOmeter. I don't gain when I don't use it so that is a good thing. Of course I still don't eat the foods that would make me gain. That is not an option for me. I don't even think about them except to feel sorry for people that do eat them.
My summer is starting off great hope yours is too.