Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Calorie Restriction and vacation plans

I have decided to go to Colorado to visit family again. The last time I was there is the month I started Calorie Restriction. September 2007. Ninety pounds ago and several sizes. I think I was a 2X then. I bought a size 4 yesterday.
There is also a class picnic I want to go to. Funny how I am actually looking forward to doing this type of thing again. I sure didn't for the past 15 years.
I am not concerned one bit about going off plan during these two events. Eating out with Calorie Restriction is so simple. I have a steak, salad and veggies or a hamburger and don't eat the bun. I prefer home cooked fish and chicken but I can never get a steak with that great smokey taste at home. I actually look forward to eating out and eating healthy.
Yesterday I went to a Dermatologist to find out if I am a good subject for a injectable face lift. Seems I am. I go in next week for the procedure. Wow, what progress I am making for myself. Wish I had the cash for more than the fillers. I have to be happy with what I can afford and hope for a windfall so I can do more. Yea right.
I am doing alright with tracking my calories with the cronOmeter. Sorta off and on but always with nutrition and calories in mind. I do fair without the cronOmeter. I don't gain when I don't use it so that is a good thing. Of course I still don't eat the foods that would make me gain. That is not an option for me. I don't even think about them except to feel sorry for people that do eat them.
My summer is starting off great hope yours is too.


Kyana said...

so inspiring, today is the day i start journaling and doing my calorie counting. After all my lean cuisines are gone, i will be doing totally unprocessed except maybe yogurt like you do the cottage cheese. yogurt is the only dairy that doesn't hurt my stomach(lactose intolerant). so it will be raw fruits, veggies, yogurt and meat for me! i might do a few grains but, i know for a fact wheat and sugar swells my stomach up and makes me depressed!

Marjie said...

Yes, those grains take copious amounts of water just to get them to pass through the stomach. I feel like I swallowed a basketball after eating them.
The reasons I don't eat yogurt: they have more sugar than cottage cheese and they just don't fill me up. Other than that I sorta like them but like the cottage cheese better. It is so good with a sliced tomato and 4oz of bbq'd ground beef. Very refreshing.

Guy said...

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