Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bout time

I have been wondering if I would ever make a new post here or not.  Decision made, here it is.
The past few months have not been the most exciting in my life, that is for darn sure.
I have NO job. I am a skilled Dental Technician. I had my own successful business for over 25 years and decided to close it 2 years ago thinking I would make it on my meager retirement. Not so.
I finally did get a part time job working for a guy with just a few years experience but willing to hire me for some of my skills. He never did let me show him what I can do and I never pushed it. I took his lessons on how to do what I know and didn't let his constant lessons bother me. He is the one learning after all. Anyway, I worked there for two years a few hours a week, mostly weekends because he is so messed up with scheduling.
So what happened a few months ago? He goes and hires a ceramist with hardly any experience, pays him twice as much as me and asks me to do outside sales. Of course he won't let me even do this on my own. I have to make the cold calls, make an appointment, then he goes with me. Yikes. Same oh, same oh.  Naturally I refused this offer.
He thinks I can't do anything. Did I mention I had a very successful business for over 25 years. Of course he thinks I have lousy skills, yea right, he never let me show my skills.
 Anyway, being out of work has taken its toll on me. I can no longer keep up with the household bills, could care less about me or anything really. I never realized just how much work is a part of me.

I have been trying to start a new business for the past several months. It is in its final stages of design. I hope to launch it in February. I will no longer be in Dentistry, I sure look forward to that. My new business will rely on me doing outside sales everyday. Something I better be getting used to. I am a creative type, preferring to well, create. Whether using a brush to build teeth or a mouse working in Photoshop I love the art in design. So that is going to be my new business.

Now for the real reason for this long overdue post. I am also launching a new me. Today is the first day back using the CronOmeter and trying to keep those hated carbs under control. I have gained a bit of weight, don't know how much since I refuse to weigh. I do know my size 2's are history, I am in a size 10 and hate it. I have a closet full of great clothes and nothing fits. I am back wearing huge t-shirts and baggy pants.
So here I am broke, the debtors calling all day long, love the answering machine, and me trying to make myself feel better with less food. It works and I know it so here goes.