Monday, February 22, 2010

Finally weighed in

I did it, I remembered to weigh before tea.
To my surprise I weigh exactly the same as I did the last time I weighed, right down to the ounce. 135.2. I now know I am eating what my body needs to maintain its weight.
March 1 I will be back to Calorie Restriction. For me that will be reducing my daily calorie intake by 400 calories.
You say that is nothing do ya? My maintain calories, which go by AGE, height, weight, sex, and activity level are 1445. So by reducing them by 400 is 30%. I can do that most of the time. I do have a few days I go up to maybe 1300.
The important part is for me to use the cronOmeter.
Slack time is over.
Well it will be March 1 anyway.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fixing my Metabolism

I have another week of fixing my metabolism. All is going well, now.
I was sick for a few days this week. I bought some imported organic raspberries that gave me a bit of food poisoning. I wasn't as sick as others have reported, sick enough to feel pretty lousy though. I did work through it.
All is well again.
I have been forgetting to weigh myself in the mornings and refuse to get on the scale after even a cup of tea. It has been over a week of forgetting, seems to become a habit I need to break. There is no way I can tell how I am doing without the scale since most of my days are spent in men's huge pj's. I feel good so I doubt I have had a gain.
I still find it hard to eat more than 1200 calories a day and am not sure I am since the slacker in me hasn't been using the CronOmeter every day like I should be.
We went out to dinner last night, Japanese, I had Chicken Yakatori and some steak thing. Didn't care much for the steak. I did enjoy the plum wine, very sweet stuff but tasty.
The rice was left in the cute little bowl.
I am so ready to get back to my CR and less calories. I just plain feel so much better and with more energy. Weird since food is supposed to give us energy. I also seem to be thinking of food more often now that I am trying to eat more. I also have given up the rice. The beans didn't cut it for me now the rice. Darn, and I have lots of both of them to get rid of.
The rice protein powder is finally gone. I feel no different without it. I did add a tablespoon of sesame seed to my seed mixture, I now have 2 tablespoons of flax seed, 2 tablespoons of pumpkin seeds, 2 tablespoons of sunflower seeds and one tablespoon of sesame seeds. I grind them in the coffee mill and add them to an organic juice. Right now it is Acai juice. It actually tastes great, the protein powder blocked the flavor. Now I find it is sweet. The reason for all the seeds is to balance the Omegas. This way I get both 3 and 6, although I do still get much more Omega 3.
Kitty Update
The kitties are doing better, Willy is finally neutered and wearing a cone.
Bob is off antibiotics, I am trying to repair his immune system. He will be taking probiotics as soon as they get here. I am also giving them a B complex to help them through all the stress. Bob has been to the vet twice a week and he is not enjoying it. He was very upset yesterday. Normally he is a very laid back calm guy, not at the Vets. She wanted to put him on a different antibiotic but I just had to say no. I will get him healthy with food and antioxidants.
Willy was a very wild guy when he came to live with us 3 weeks ago. He now is very calm, lets us pick him up and he even sleeps on top of me. Bad habit, but from wild to this is amazing. He is a real looker. 
We take his cone off so he can bathe, if we don't he gets frustrated and grinds his teeth. So far he hasn't gone for his stitches on his tummy. Why stitches, the vet had to go into the stomach to find a lost testicle, poor Willy. I love this picture of my cone heads.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Metabolism and Calorie Restriction

I have been enjoying Calorie Restriction with the best Optimal nutrition I can figure out for myself, for over 2 years. I love it and have been successful with it but...
I gained a few pounds during a mild depression that started in Sept. 09 and didn't leave until Dec, 09. I did it with sugar of all things, nasty crap.
I didn't want to restrict my calories more to lose the pounds so I decided to boost my metabolism by eating more calories for one month. I am eating what my body needs to maintain 120 pounds. I haven't gained weight and didn't expect to.
My month will be up March 1, then I will go back to my usual 20 to 30% less each day. You might think I would enjoy eating more. Well, I don't. I have added rice to my diet to beef up the calories. I was eating legumes but just didn't enjoy them and they aren't good Paleo food. I was eating only 1/2 cup a few times a week. Rice is higher in calories and tastier, although I did tend to burn it because I always forget it is cooking. It takes so darn long to cook. March 1 I doubt I will be cooking it again so no need to perfect the method.
My goal is to lose 12 pounds then to maintain the loss. I will do this with CR and hopefully I won't gain again so I won't have to worry about my sluggish metabolism.
I did this last year and was successful so I have no doubt I can do it again. As long as it is only one month I can handle it.
My kitties are loving their raw diet. They do prefer poultry, both turkey and chicken over salmon. Good thing for me since the wild caught salmon is more expensive than the hormone free chicken and turkey. They seem to have gotten leaner without all the processed grains in their diet. I know their fur sure is beautiful.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Feeding pets naturally, raw food diet

I have been consumed with learning how to feed our two American Shorthair kitties. They have been with us for one week today. They have adjusted very good to their new environment, located the potty boxes, water and a great place to hide and sleep. Under the bed of course.
My concern is their health.
Our first American Shorthair passed away from heart disease Dec 10, 2009. I am still blaming myself for his health issues. These new kitties will not suffer as he did, I am taking control. My husband has always been the feeder, he can continue his routine with my input. He is not going to argue with me this time. I am determined.
I refuse to eat processed foods for my health so why would I feed processed food to my pets? I won't. They will not be eating grains, the number one reason for over weight and sick pets.
My kitties are eating raw chicken thighs right now. I will be adding the necessary nutrients in them so their diet is balanced for a cat.
I will buy the highest quality human grade cat food I can find for my husband to give them. I will do the raw part. They will be fed 3 times a day.
I was thrilled to see how the little guys took to the raw chicken. It was wonderful to see how they looked like a cat should look when eating. I did cut the thigh up in small hunks  but don't think I even needed to do that. Right now they are getting 5-6 1/2 pieces of raw.
We still have the dry Organic food out just in case they want a nibble. I don't know how much food to feed them yet. I am learning. I do know they don't gorge or barf up all good signs.
The chicken thighs are free range Organic, the same as we eat. When I get the supplements to add to them I will let everybody know what they are.
Please, please don't feed your pets grains. (wheat and corn)
You and they will be healthy and happy.