Friday, October 23, 2009

Calorie Restriction with Cron O Meter

I managed to use the Cron O Meter again today. I even did a bit better with the fruit. Maybe no so good with carbs.

I am a seasonal eater, I can't imagine going into winter without winter squash. I love it baked then topped with a bit of butter and salt. I can't stand it sweetened or made to taste like a dessert.
I buy the small ones and eat the whole thing. That is what I did today with an Acorn squash. I expect I will be doing this for a few more weeks until I get my fill of them.

I don't eat much through out the day. Normally just the flax and oj in the morning. I start getting hungry around 3 so I have an apple. I cook dinner around 5 when I don't work 7 when I do. I don't like eating anything after 7 so this is a bit hard on me. On work days I don't eat anything after 8 that is for sure. This is a good habit to get into. Once I got used to it I am not hungry or even want anything to eat after 7.

You sure can see by looking at the Cron O meter why I and everybody else should be taking vitamin D. Unless you live in a sunny place and can be outdoors to get it. I don't. So I take 5000 iu. a day. Good for depression and combating the flu.

I also take a B complex because I usually don't get 100% of that either. I guess I need to look into some Vitamin E or look for something I like that will give it to me. I haven't done that yet.
Calories today were around 1100. Not bad but not great either. To lose weight I need to be closer to 900. I need to do that just a few days a week.  Tomorrow, yea I can do it then.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Calorie Restriction

I have decided to get back to using the CronOmeter everyday. It is very easy to do but I quess I got lazy with using it. I sorta know why, I still am eating way to many carbs and don't need a reminder of just how bad I am.
I have had no weight loss since I got back from vacation. I did great while gone but really blew it as soon as I got home. I did gain a few pounds, they are gone now. Whew, now I can get my act together and lose the final 8.

Here is what I mean by blowing it with carbs, just look at how much fruit I had today. Not near enough protein either. I made a Greek dish with stew meat, green beans and tomato sauce. It was just OK. What I did love was the 6 Bell Peppers I roasted. I forgot them in the oven so they were like candy when I finally took them out. Almost like that dried fruit candy. I put them in a bag to let them cool then took off what peel I could, added some balsamic vinegar to them and ate all of them. Wow, what a treat.
Now I need more. I doubt I ate a total of 6 peppers, but I could have. I know I wasn't hungry for dinner but ate a bit of it anyway. Then charged into the blueberries. I gotta get a grip and eat better. I think I left off a few food items. Olive oil for one. So the calories are a bit low. Calorie wise I did OK, food wise crappy.
Oh well, good thing I took my vitamins today.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Calorie Restriction while on Vacation

I was in Colorado for 6 days. It was the best trip in a very long time. I visited with family and enjoyed every second of it.
We ate all our meals out and I did very good with staying on CR and my food plan. I didn't lose because I was eating more than I do at home. I often don't eat breakfast nor lunch at home, if I do it is a fruit. We ate 3 meals a day in Colorado. I did order protein and didn't touch the carbs. I did drink wine and beer. Something I don't do at home either.
It was on the darn airplane ride home that I messed up big time. I bought a big bag of pea-nut M&M's and gobbled them all down. I wanted more. The Greek got them for me. I gained 3 damn pounds.
Now I am craving sweets, what an idiot I am. The worst darn thing I could have done.
I also bought 2 melons, 2 huge bags of huge grapes, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and apples.
Of course I am pigging out on all those tasty treats.
Weird how I am sabatoging myself after losing 100 pounds and making such a deal about it. I will get myself back in line. I have to, I feel bloated, fat and miserable. Something I haven't felt in a long time. Amazing how eating bad can do that and fast.
I wanted some candy again tonight  but made sure the Greek didn't head out to buy it, he was on his way when I finally said NO.
I sure wish I lived in Colorado.  Oh well, I don't,  California will have to do. Darn.