Sunday, June 20, 2010

Then the week end came

So I didn't do so great this weekend but I enjoyed it. We went out to dinner and I had 4 glasses of wine. I loved that part but not so much the dinner. Two bad meals in as many visits. No more Mimi's for us.
I forgot to weigh myself this morning, just as well I am sure I was up. I can feel it.
Today was a bit better but I still feel puffy from all the wine yesterday. I am looking forward to tomorrow. I am working and away from the fridge for the day. Just what I need. 
I will just skip this weekend counting calories, call it my  fluctuation days and start with the Cron O Meter again tomorrow.  I just might figure my calories for the day tonight. I know what I will be having tomorrow already so why not.
We worked in the yard a bit this weekend too. It is looking pretty good. I love looking out the windows and seeing flowers instead of neighbors. No ripe tomatoes yet. Love my garden fresh tomatoes.
Tomorrow is going to be a good day, I am looking forward to it.
Maybe I will even be able to zip my jeans. Then again I might not, so I won't try. Don't want to ruin a good day.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Calorie Restriction Oh yeah

I made it through the third day just fine. I was very tired most of the day, that seems to have gone away. I knew that third day was going to be hard. It wasn't food wize, I did OK there. Stayed right in line.
I didn't even find it hard to not eat the whole melon even though it was the best ever.

I am down 3 pounds in as many days. That is also what I expected since I knew I was carrying some inflammation around. That is what it does to me, makes me round.  I should be inflammation free in a few days.

I weighed 4 pounds too heavy at night when I started, it is now around 3. I need to get that down to 2 and keep it there. A sure sign of too many carbs and inflammation.  It feels wonderful to get rid of inflammation. You might not even know you are, believe me, all overweight people are inflamed. That is how your body keeps itself fat. People call it water weight, well I guess it is but call it what it is, inflammation.

I need to lose 17 pounds, 16 now, so I figured out the calories in 17 pounds. Almost 60k. Yikes, sounds like a lot. For me, if I can manage to have 500 calories less a day it will take 131 days or so to lose all of it. Wow. Sounds like a long time. Remember, I don't and won't use exercise to lose weight. It was food that put it there and it will be less food to remove it. Besides that, with CR exercise isn't a must. I know that because I did lose 90 pounds without exercising. I started at Curves at 141 and didn't lose until I cut back on calories again. That was how I was able to lose the final 10, it was not exercise.
Here I am with my daughter and my Grand kids on Mother's day.  We all surprised her, she loved it.

I am almost 69 years old, :-( , calories for my age and height are 1445 each day. So to cut back by 500 is huge to me. I really don't think I can do it. I will give it a try next week. My plan is to restrict to 1000 3 days then one day of 1400 then back to 1000. I read that fluctuating calories is good for the metabolism. I just hope I can get back down. Remember,  I tried that metabolism diet and that is when all this crap started. I was supposed to eat my maintenance calories to improve it, well it sure didn't.
Food including Pizza
I need to get my day started, I want my flax seeds and apple juice. Yum, weird how much I look forward to this. Tasty way to get my Omega 3's.
Lunch will be grilled chicken, melon and strawberries. Dinner is yet to be decided except I do have pizza fixings that need made. Yep, my CR pizza. I buy a good raw dough, should make my own, I then top that with a pizza sauce, should make that too, then add a huge amount of raw spinach then crumble some Gorgonzola on it. I add fresh tomato slices just before it is done. Wow, yummy. I use a very strong cheese that way you use less.
Now I am looking forward to the pizza. I will let the Cron O meter tell me how much I can have. Love that thing.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Raw cat food recipe

I make my cats food. I am completely convinced cats can't digest carbs. Their bodies can't get nutrition from grains and grains make them obese and have other health issues,  just like in Humans.
After learning what they need to live a cat healthy life I found it very easy to make food for them. I have read about grinding a whole animal, which I can not, do so I buy a high quality dark ground turkey and free range chicken thighs, gizzards, liver, and hearts.
They eat twice a day, morning and evening about 1/3 cup of the ground meat mixture, they share a cut up thigh.
My Raw Cat Food Recipe
1 cup bottled water
1 egg yolk
1 tablespoon melted butter
1 package ground dark meat Turkey
1/2 carton of chicken livers cut up
1/4 package heart, gizzard package cut up
1 tablespoon bone meal
1 tablespoon ground psyllium husk
1/2 envelope Knox gelatin
1 teaspoon kelp powder
1 teaspoon dulse powder
1 Vitamin B complex ground
1 Salmon Oil capsule cut open
1 Vitamin D
1 Vitamin E
1 Grandular supplement
1 Taurine supplement

I mix all the dry stuff with the butter and water and add it to the meat mixture.  I always check the date on the meat making sure it will be fresh for at least 4 days. This recipe lasts 4 days for the two cats.
I freeze the thighs after they are cut and thaw one package in the fridge everyday.
The food should be served warm so I put it in a baggy then put that into a bowl of hot water for a few minutes.
I tried giving them turkey with bones without success. I was afraid they would choke on a bone. They also don't chew very well for some reason. I had to take a huge hunk of meat out of Bob's mouth. Not pleasant. They do need to chew so make sure the chunks of chicken is big enough but not to big they may choke.
I am a novice at this so if you plan on feeding your cats as natural as humans can, please study the subject. This has worked for us, the cats love it.
One day I didn't have time to make the recipe so they were feed a can of a good quality cat food. Nope, they refused it so they were given the meat without the supplements in it. I feel this was OK for a few times and I feel less pressure to have it ready all the time.

 Bob is a character. He does very cute cat things. Every night he drags his toy to Bill so he will play with him. He often is found in very strange places. He is a joy. Bob and Willy are not  show cats, their  relatives are. They are both winners to us.

Willy is very laid back. He is a more typical pure bred American Shorthair. He does play with Bob and a pencil but mostly he just bathes, sleeps, and looks good. He is still a bit skittish but improves every day. They are half brothers with the same father. Both of them born in July 09. Wow, almost one year old already.
Willy is related to our beloved Tally who passed away Dec. 09 at 15 years old. Willy's Momma is a decedent of Tally's Daddy. Amazing that we found him.
They are both very big cats, we are lucky to have them.

Calorie Restriction, moving forward

I had another fab day.
I am pleasantly full right now. Am I or is it a bloated tummy from the whole milk in the coffee again? I am enjoying this cold coffee drink to much. I wonder if I can find something healthy to replace the milk that has a good taste to it. I tried Almond milk tonight. Yuk, no go. Maybe good in something else but not coffee. I refuse to put anything artificial in my coffee so unless I can find something great I will have to give up the coffee. I love my French press and espresso beans.

My calories were good, high again in carbs but not so high I am going to worry about them. For sure they are lower than they have been for months. Calories were around 1250. I just knew my actual meals were not the problem, I continued eating healthy and not too much, it was the candy and other treats I allowed myself. Way to much of them. For now I am not missing them and my head is not filled with poor me I can't have candy, cake, and cookies. It is I am to smart too even want them. My skinny, healthy secret.
I weighed myself before bed last night and again this early am. I was 4 pounds different. Not good. I need to get that back to only 2 pounds different. This just proves to me that I am carrying around inflammation. I feel a bit less of it today. Hope the scale proves it tomorrow. I am still thinking it is the milk in the coffee.
I don't do good with milk.
I need a food high in folate. I checked what they are and found they are all the foods I love. Wonder why I am not getting enough according to the Cron O Meter. Need to work on that one.
Hope my third day is continued success and with some weight loss to prove it.

Second day with Calorie Restriction

The day is going great. I was a bit hungry after my flax seeds and apple juice so I quickly made up some low fat ground beef (all natural). I made 8 patties so I can grab one when I feel the need. I find it much better to have a good protein source ready for me, that way I don't grab for the carbs first. I weigh them to be sure I am not going over my calories.
At 12:30 I am doing just fine. No cravings of any kind but this time of day I seldom had them anyway. Those start about 5pm. I pretty much got rid of them in the past few weeks. It was that bottomless pit that was hard for me to deal with. It is a weird feeling to never be satisfied after a meal. I am hoping I get it back.

The darn TV's have been acting up. The tech guy has been here twice. I suggested a fix to the Greek, which brought a bunch of screaming and nasty words. He refused to even hear me. Grrrrr, he finely stomped around muttering under his breath crap I don't want to hear and did exactly what I suggested. Yep, it worked. He still refused to do it to the other TV because the Tech took off some parts and left with them. He is coming back this afternoon. So, if you have a satellite for TV and it goes black or pixalates don't have it plugged into a surge protector.
My feelings are still hurt and I will try my best to not suggest fixes anymore. Ha, that will be the day. Why, because I am usually right, well 50% anyway.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

First day, the new beginning

I am having such a good start with my Back to CR. I have weighed and counted everything so far. It is really amazing how much I can actually have. I usually am pretty hungry between 3 and 5pm. No different today. I am pretty darn hungry right now. I had 3 nice slices of Organic Canteloupe. Wow, was that good, high in carbs, which is bad and I don't like, but I will watch them for the rest of the day.

I am feeling pretty darn great right now, usually I am very sleepy around 3 and stay that way until 6pm. Another thing I want to improve. So far so good.
Dinner is going to be roasted chicken breast made into tacos with Organic Corn tortillas. I get 2 of them. They will be loaded with cabbage and some yummy hot sauce.
Veggies will be raw brocolli.
Here is my day one Cron O Meter results. I am even going to have that iced coffee treat.  I have always taken supplements to compliment what I don't get from food. In this case it is calcium, vitamin D, and potassium.
Just look at all those darn carbs. I could save 30 by not have the tortillas but won't.  I do need the calories. 1300 is only 100 low from my first week goal. I will stop there if I am not still hungry at 6pm. I have always stopped eating after 7pm. I have been doing that so long now I am never hungry around that time.
I am so looking forward to my iced coffee. I have iced tea a few minutes ago and it just doesn't have the same yum factor. Gotta be the added milk I use in the coffee. Next time I am at the store I will be not buying milk, I am going back to the Almond Milk.
It is 3:30, I am feeling great and very positive. I am on the mend.
If the books I have been reading are right I should drop 10 pounds fast. Inflammation weight. I sure need that, I can feel the inflammation right where I don't want it. Boobs and belly.
Skinny jeans here I come.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Remembering Calorie Restriction

I sure do remember CR and how fantastic I felt, oh how I miss that feeling. I loved the feeling of being in control of my entire life. Amazing how that works.
I want to feel like that again. This crappy stuff I am doing to myself is even messing with my skin.
I read a few posts I made in March, I was surprised to see I was 135 back then. Wish that were the case now. I am 147. Gone are the size 2 skinny jeans. I look at them and wonder how I ever got them on. And they were lose.
I have developed another horrible habit. Coffee, not black coffee that I have always loved and used to drink years ago. Nope, coffee with cream, yes cream. It is soooo tasty. I had forgotten just how sick I get when I have milk and milk products. I still don't have them, just a few tablespoons of cream. Right now I am so bloated my stomach hurts. This one is going to be easy for me to stop. I mix stevia, cream, coffee, and vanilla with ice. I was having 3 or 4 big glasses a day until I realized why my stomach as grumbling. What an idiot I am.
Our tiny Organic road side fruit stand had the best cherries and blackberries today. That means I had 3 baskets of Rainer Cherries and one of blackberries. Yum, all gone. I made them my dinner, lunch too. Sure be glad when cherry season is over. I should stick with the berries.

The kitties will be one year next month. We should have a birthday party. That is Willy over by the door and Bob lounging on the chair. They fight for that spot.

Tomorrow is going to be me back on track. Yep, bet I have never said that before. I want to lose 15 pounds bad.
The Greek has  decided to try to stop eating a loaf of bread a day. He is helping me eat all the fresh fruit from out local farmers. Finally. For some reason he thought fruit only came in pies.
Baking, oh yes, I have been doing that. I have a fantastic recipe for Whole Wheat Blueberry Scones. Wow, good.  I have been making them once a month or so. What is great about Scones is less sugar of course.  What is bad about Scones, we eat all of them in one day. 

Hey, good news, I just might get myself another little part time job doing what I love to do. Write code for web sites. Didn't know that about me did ya. I have been doing it for a few years, never gotten paid for it though.  That will be a nice change. I am still working a few days a week making teeth, love that job too. In fact I really love to work and plan on doing it for several more years, as long as these young people will hire me. So far none of them mind that I am old enough to be their Grandmother.  Well almost.
I wonder how many calories I had in cherries today. Scared to look. I now know it isn't just raisins, grapes and wine that give me horrible cramps in my feet. Cherries do it it. The watermelon didn't seem to bother me but I sure suffered for several hours tonight after I polished off those cherries. What the heck is in them that does this to me? I need to find out. Man those twisted toes hurt. Glad it finally stopped.
I work tomorrow, yea!!