Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Second day with Calorie Restriction

The day is going great. I was a bit hungry after my flax seeds and apple juice so I quickly made up some low fat ground beef (all natural). I made 8 patties so I can grab one when I feel the need. I find it much better to have a good protein source ready for me, that way I don't grab for the carbs first. I weigh them to be sure I am not going over my calories.
At 12:30 I am doing just fine. No cravings of any kind but this time of day I seldom had them anyway. Those start about 5pm. I pretty much got rid of them in the past few weeks. It was that bottomless pit that was hard for me to deal with. It is a weird feeling to never be satisfied after a meal. I am hoping I get it back.

The darn TV's have been acting up. The tech guy has been here twice. I suggested a fix to the Greek, which brought a bunch of screaming and nasty words. He refused to even hear me. Grrrrr, he finely stomped around muttering under his breath crap I don't want to hear and did exactly what I suggested. Yep, it worked. He still refused to do it to the other TV because the Tech took off some parts and left with them. He is coming back this afternoon. So, if you have a satellite for TV and it goes black or pixalates don't have it plugged into a surge protector.
My feelings are still hurt and I will try my best to not suggest fixes anymore. Ha, that will be the day. Why, because I am usually right, well 50% anyway.


Ag's Blog said...

BTW - how are you kitties doing on the natural diet? I moved my cat to a better cat food because of your previous posts about your little fur bugs. Thanks for the post & my little bug loves his new food - much better for him as well!

Marjie said...

My cat's are doing great on their all raw diet. One thing I see is that they drink very little water, unlike the grain feed cat that passed away last year.
They get plenty of water in their food plus the recipe has one cup. I will make a post with the recipe.