Tuesday, June 15, 2010

First day, the new beginning

I am having such a good start with my Back to CR. I have weighed and counted everything so far. It is really amazing how much I can actually have. I usually am pretty hungry between 3 and 5pm. No different today. I am pretty darn hungry right now. I had 3 nice slices of Organic Canteloupe. Wow, was that good, high in carbs, which is bad and I don't like, but I will watch them for the rest of the day.

I am feeling pretty darn great right now, usually I am very sleepy around 3 and stay that way until 6pm. Another thing I want to improve. So far so good.
Dinner is going to be roasted chicken breast made into tacos with Organic Corn tortillas. I get 2 of them. They will be loaded with cabbage and some yummy hot sauce.
Veggies will be raw brocolli.
Here is my day one Cron O Meter results. I am even going to have that iced coffee treat.  I have always taken supplements to compliment what I don't get from food. In this case it is calcium, vitamin D, and potassium.
Just look at all those darn carbs. I could save 30 by not have the tortillas but won't.  I do need the calories. 1300 is only 100 low from my first week goal. I will stop there if I am not still hungry at 6pm. I have always stopped eating after 7pm. I have been doing that so long now I am never hungry around that time.
I am so looking forward to my iced coffee. I have iced tea a few minutes ago and it just doesn't have the same yum factor. Gotta be the added milk I use in the coffee. Next time I am at the store I will be not buying milk, I am going back to the Almond Milk.
It is 3:30, I am feeling great and very positive. I am on the mend.
If the books I have been reading are right I should drop 10 pounds fast. Inflammation weight. I sure need that, I can feel the inflammation right where I don't want it. Boobs and belly.
Skinny jeans here I come.


*Sie* said...

Awesome! Doesn't it just feel good to have a good day like that!? I'm sure you'll fall back in line just fine because you are going to be feeling so good. :-)

DawnRose said...

YAY Marjie! You can do it! We are cheering you on.

Fat burning said...

Good luck with your dite! :)