Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Raw cat food recipe

I make my cats food. I am completely convinced cats can't digest carbs. Their bodies can't get nutrition from grains and grains make them obese and have other health issues,  just like in Humans.
After learning what they need to live a cat healthy life I found it very easy to make food for them. I have read about grinding a whole animal, which I can not, do so I buy a high quality dark ground turkey and free range chicken thighs, gizzards, liver, and hearts.
They eat twice a day, morning and evening about 1/3 cup of the ground meat mixture, they share a cut up thigh.
My Raw Cat Food Recipe
1 cup bottled water
1 egg yolk
1 tablespoon melted butter
1 package ground dark meat Turkey
1/2 carton of chicken livers cut up
1/4 package heart, gizzard package cut up
1 tablespoon bone meal
1 tablespoon ground psyllium husk
1/2 envelope Knox gelatin
1 teaspoon kelp powder
1 teaspoon dulse powder
1 Vitamin B complex ground
1 Salmon Oil capsule cut open
1 Vitamin D
1 Vitamin E
1 Grandular supplement
1 Taurine supplement

I mix all the dry stuff with the butter and water and add it to the meat mixture.  I always check the date on the meat making sure it will be fresh for at least 4 days. This recipe lasts 4 days for the two cats.
I freeze the thighs after they are cut and thaw one package in the fridge everyday.
The food should be served warm so I put it in a baggy then put that into a bowl of hot water for a few minutes.
I tried giving them turkey with bones without success. I was afraid they would choke on a bone. They also don't chew very well for some reason. I had to take a huge hunk of meat out of Bob's mouth. Not pleasant. They do need to chew so make sure the chunks of chicken is big enough but not to big they may choke.
I am a novice at this so if you plan on feeding your cats as natural as humans can, please study the subject. This has worked for us, the cats love it.
One day I didn't have time to make the recipe so they were feed a can of a good quality cat food. Nope, they refused it so they were given the meat without the supplements in it. I feel this was OK for a few times and I feel less pressure to have it ready all the time.

 Bob is a character. He does very cute cat things. Every night he drags his toy to Bill so he will play with him. He often is found in very strange places. He is a joy. Bob and Willy are not  show cats, their  relatives are. They are both winners to us.

Willy is very laid back. He is a more typical pure bred American Shorthair. He does play with Bob and a pencil but mostly he just bathes, sleeps, and looks good. He is still a bit skittish but improves every day. They are half brothers with the same father. Both of them born in July 09. Wow, almost one year old already.
Willy is related to our beloved Tally who passed away Dec. 09 at 15 years old. Willy's Momma is a decedent of Tally's Daddy. Amazing that we found him.
They are both very big cats, we are lucky to have them.


Ag's Blog said...

Bob & Bill are gorgeous cats. Thank you for sharing your hard work & research! It's so very helpful.

Karen said...

I think I'm in love with Bob.

SheZug said...

Bob really looks like a sweet kitty with a silly demeanor while I picture Willy a bit like a cranky old man. It's just what their facial markings say to me. They both look like healthy happy boys.