Sunday, June 13, 2010

Remembering Calorie Restriction

I sure do remember CR and how fantastic I felt, oh how I miss that feeling. I loved the feeling of being in control of my entire life. Amazing how that works.
I want to feel like that again. This crappy stuff I am doing to myself is even messing with my skin.
I read a few posts I made in March, I was surprised to see I was 135 back then. Wish that were the case now. I am 147. Gone are the size 2 skinny jeans. I look at them and wonder how I ever got them on. And they were lose.
I have developed another horrible habit. Coffee, not black coffee that I have always loved and used to drink years ago. Nope, coffee with cream, yes cream. It is soooo tasty. I had forgotten just how sick I get when I have milk and milk products. I still don't have them, just a few tablespoons of cream. Right now I am so bloated my stomach hurts. This one is going to be easy for me to stop. I mix stevia, cream, coffee, and vanilla with ice. I was having 3 or 4 big glasses a day until I realized why my stomach as grumbling. What an idiot I am.
Our tiny Organic road side fruit stand had the best cherries and blackberries today. That means I had 3 baskets of Rainer Cherries and one of blackberries. Yum, all gone. I made them my dinner, lunch too. Sure be glad when cherry season is over. I should stick with the berries.

The kitties will be one year next month. We should have a birthday party. That is Willy over by the door and Bob lounging on the chair. They fight for that spot.

Tomorrow is going to be me back on track. Yep, bet I have never said that before. I want to lose 15 pounds bad.
The Greek has  decided to try to stop eating a loaf of bread a day. He is helping me eat all the fresh fruit from out local farmers. Finally. For some reason he thought fruit only came in pies.
Baking, oh yes, I have been doing that. I have a fantastic recipe for Whole Wheat Blueberry Scones. Wow, good.  I have been making them once a month or so. What is great about Scones is less sugar of course.  What is bad about Scones, we eat all of them in one day. 

Hey, good news, I just might get myself another little part time job doing what I love to do. Write code for web sites. Didn't know that about me did ya. I have been doing it for a few years, never gotten paid for it though.  That will be a nice change. I am still working a few days a week making teeth, love that job too. In fact I really love to work and plan on doing it for several more years, as long as these young people will hire me. So far none of them mind that I am old enough to be their Grandmother.  Well almost.
I wonder how many calories I had in cherries today. Scared to look. I now know it isn't just raisins, grapes and wine that give me horrible cramps in my feet. Cherries do it it. The watermelon didn't seem to bother me but I sure suffered for several hours tonight after I polished off those cherries. What the heck is in them that does this to me? I need to find out. Man those twisted toes hurt. Glad it finally stopped.
I work tomorrow, yea!!


*Sie* said...

I too have problems putting down the cherry bag. I have been looking at them longingly this season. I know that as soon as I buy a bag, the whole thing will end up in my belly.

I am such a cherry girl. Fresh blueberries are a close runner up, though. Yum.

I'm sure you can regain your focus. I've had times in the past where I just can't get a grip on my diet. Something always reels me back in. You seem like you are really ready to dive back in - which means you've turned the hardest corner!

Keep on keep'n on! Oh, and your kittehs are cute. :-D

DawnRose said...

Marjie!!! *hugs* You're back! You can do this. I believe in you. I've seen the discipline you have and you will do it.
Cute kitties, btw....

SheZug said...

Your Greek, my Turk, what is it with those boys and their bread? Mine says, "without bread there is no life" or sometimes "without bread there is no meal" It depends on how hungry he is.

You'll get back on track

Ag's Blog said...

I read your blog, and old posts all the time. You can do it, and feel as great as you felt before, if not more. You've been so inspiring for so many!!!