Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Changing Taste Buds

What the heck is going on with me? For over 2 years I have enjoyed foods that I really don't want right now. The first one I realized I didn't want was Stevia, then tea. I have tried it with raw cane sugar and don't even like that. Soon I found myself not even wanting my favorite frozen Blueberries.
Unfortunately want I am doing it eating BREAD, it is sprouted Whole Wheat but it is still BREAD. I had some Irish Soda Bread, Scones, etc, etc, all supposed to be Whole Wheat.
My most recent no no, I am not enjoying my usual huge servings of veggies. In fact I haven't had any in weeks.
I do still manage to get my seed breakfast most days. I sometimes have eggs with, yep, BREAD.
I am having a hard time getting back into good Calorie Restriction. Every morning I have the same talk with myself. "Do it right today". I did manage a no chocolate day yesterday and feel quite good about it today. I am not back using the scale everyday.
What the heck is my reason now? I am not depressed, can't use that one.
My taste buds have changed.
This has happened to me many times before. When I was obese it happened more often. I am not wanting lots of the crap I used to eat, ice cream, wine, pasta to name a few. So today I am going to really try to get myself back weighing and measuring and recording my food.
I just have too.
Damn this coffee tastes good. Yikes, I haven't had coffee in over 2 years either.
I want a Skinny Latte so bad. Good thing I am stuck here all day designing a new Website. Keeps me from poison.