Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wow, summer food and ?

It is very weird how life evolves. The same person I had been working for, the one that replaced me, called and I am now back working there again. This time I am working more hours, bringing home more money and enjoying the work. Of course I am a skilled trained Dental Technician that had her own successful business for 30 years but the boss does not respect this, he has me doing menial work which I am happy to do.
I have to get up at 5:30 to get things done around here before I leave and I am even enjoying that. The only thing I don't have time for is the computer.
So all was happy, back on track with food, getting caught up with bills, losing weight, happy.
Boom, can't stay that way forever, I found an ad while searching the net yesterday, for a replacement for my job. What the f---.
Wish I could understand this type of treatment. 
I won't let it change my diet plans that is if I don't get super depressed over this. He of course doesn't know I found the ad, I will gradually let him know. It could be a month to several months before he finds the person he wants. I will stick it out to the end. I have given up on trying to prove myself to him.
My summer plans are family and fun, I can't let this ruin that. I am back having the green juice every morning, should do that in the afternoon too but since I am not here that can wait. I really like the taste of it. It is Kale, Romaine, Lemon, Ginger, and an apple run through the juicer. Tasty. A great breakfast.
It really keeps me going until I get home any time between 1 to 5. (I never know how long I will work).
I then start chopping, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, hot peppers, oil and vinegar. WOW, can I put that stuff away. My all time favorite summer meal. I am not eating meat right now either. I keep a bowl of fresh cooked dried beans in the fridge for cold salads too. I am feeling great.
Guess I better get back on the St. Johns Wart so I don't get all down about the stupid job again.