Thursday, May 20, 2010

Calorie Restriction, where did you go?

It has been over a week without candy then today somehow it ended up in my mouth again. I didn't even have that ugly sugar craving. Still don't.
I was able to stop after just a few chocolate covered nuts so I bought myself some raisins.
I reasoned this out by telling myself I had eaten plenty of raisins in the past and didn't gain, didn't lose either. So I bought a few pounds. I polished off more than I should before I remembered what the darn things do to me. Why I forget this stuff I have no clue.
Raisins, grapes, and wine all give me terrible cramps in my feet and hands. Very painful and gross looking. They are very twisted, the toes all spread out and the pain in the hands, ouch. This lasts a few hours. What the heck is it?
I am feeling better now that I am a bit more in control. I have started attempting to straighten out my hormones by trying to fix my Leptin levels. I bought a book about it.
The theory behind fixing your Leptin is:
Eat only 3 meals a day, no snacks
Eat 5 to 6 hours apart and never go to bed after eating
No processed foods
Eat a protein at every meal
Cut back on carbs
Don't overeat
This is great advice.
And easy to do, so lets get started.

I have decided to try and eat 1200 calories a day and make the meals all the same amount of calories. That should be easy to do.
I still haven't weighed myself and won't until I am happy with myself, completely.
I remember those times, they were not all that long ago. Now why can I remember that and not remember what raisins do to me?
Guess I only want to remember good stuff.
The good stuff was when I was eating, loving and living Calorie Restriction. So that is where I want to be.