Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Calorie Restriction, moving forward

I had another fab day.
I am pleasantly full right now. Am I or is it a bloated tummy from the whole milk in the coffee again? I am enjoying this cold coffee drink to much. I wonder if I can find something healthy to replace the milk that has a good taste to it. I tried Almond milk tonight. Yuk, no go. Maybe good in something else but not coffee. I refuse to put anything artificial in my coffee so unless I can find something great I will have to give up the coffee. I love my French press and espresso beans.

My calories were good, high again in carbs but not so high I am going to worry about them. For sure they are lower than they have been for months. Calories were around 1250. I just knew my actual meals were not the problem, I continued eating healthy and not too much, it was the candy and other treats I allowed myself. Way to much of them. For now I am not missing them and my head is not filled with poor me I can't have candy, cake, and cookies. It is I am to smart too even want them. My skinny, healthy secret.
I weighed myself before bed last night and again this early am. I was 4 pounds different. Not good. I need to get that back to only 2 pounds different. This just proves to me that I am carrying around inflammation. I feel a bit less of it today. Hope the scale proves it tomorrow. I am still thinking it is the milk in the coffee.
I don't do good with milk.
I need a food high in folate. I checked what they are and found they are all the foods I love. Wonder why I am not getting enough according to the Cron O Meter. Need to work on that one.
Hope my third day is continued success and with some weight loss to prove it.


SheZug said...

I feel the same way about milk in my coffee, I just can't find a good substitute. Almond milk no good, coconut milk not good, and forget about that powdered stuff. I did without for a long time, but now I am in the coffee kick again.

Sie said...

I love my almond milk, but you are right about the coffee. I do think almond milk can make a mean hot cocoa though. ;-)

Julie said...

I am curious, when did you download your version of CRON-o-meter? It's different than mine and I like your version better. :)

And welcome back to CRON!

Julie said...

Nevermind, I just realized after doing some searching that you are probably using the MAC version.