Friday, June 18, 2010

Calorie Restriction Oh yeah

I made it through the third day just fine. I was very tired most of the day, that seems to have gone away. I knew that third day was going to be hard. It wasn't food wize, I did OK there. Stayed right in line.
I didn't even find it hard to not eat the whole melon even though it was the best ever.

I am down 3 pounds in as many days. That is also what I expected since I knew I was carrying some inflammation around. That is what it does to me, makes me round.  I should be inflammation free in a few days.

I weighed 4 pounds too heavy at night when I started, it is now around 3. I need to get that down to 2 and keep it there. A sure sign of too many carbs and inflammation.  It feels wonderful to get rid of inflammation. You might not even know you are, believe me, all overweight people are inflamed. That is how your body keeps itself fat. People call it water weight, well I guess it is but call it what it is, inflammation.

I need to lose 17 pounds, 16 now, so I figured out the calories in 17 pounds. Almost 60k. Yikes, sounds like a lot. For me, if I can manage to have 500 calories less a day it will take 131 days or so to lose all of it. Wow. Sounds like a long time. Remember, I don't and won't use exercise to lose weight. It was food that put it there and it will be less food to remove it. Besides that, with CR exercise isn't a must. I know that because I did lose 90 pounds without exercising. I started at Curves at 141 and didn't lose until I cut back on calories again. That was how I was able to lose the final 10, it was not exercise.
Here I am with my daughter and my Grand kids on Mother's day.  We all surprised her, she loved it.

I am almost 69 years old, :-( , calories for my age and height are 1445 each day. So to cut back by 500 is huge to me. I really don't think I can do it. I will give it a try next week. My plan is to restrict to 1000 3 days then one day of 1400 then back to 1000. I read that fluctuating calories is good for the metabolism. I just hope I can get back down. Remember,  I tried that metabolism diet and that is when all this crap started. I was supposed to eat my maintenance calories to improve it, well it sure didn't.
Food including Pizza
I need to get my day started, I want my flax seeds and apple juice. Yum, weird how much I look forward to this. Tasty way to get my Omega 3's.
Lunch will be grilled chicken, melon and strawberries. Dinner is yet to be decided except I do have pizza fixings that need made. Yep, my CR pizza. I buy a good raw dough, should make my own, I then top that with a pizza sauce, should make that too, then add a huge amount of raw spinach then crumble some Gorgonzola on it. I add fresh tomato slices just before it is done. Wow, yummy. I use a very strong cheese that way you use less.
Now I am looking forward to the pizza. I will let the Cron O meter tell me how much I can have. Love that thing.


Sie said...

I find that fluctuating calories while losing weight will also help keep you sane. Work for me at least. :-p

Keep up the good work.

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