Thursday, October 22, 2009

Calorie Restriction

I have decided to get back to using the CronOmeter everyday. It is very easy to do but I quess I got lazy with using it. I sorta know why, I still am eating way to many carbs and don't need a reminder of just how bad I am.
I have had no weight loss since I got back from vacation. I did great while gone but really blew it as soon as I got home. I did gain a few pounds, they are gone now. Whew, now I can get my act together and lose the final 8.

Here is what I mean by blowing it with carbs, just look at how much fruit I had today. Not near enough protein either. I made a Greek dish with stew meat, green beans and tomato sauce. It was just OK. What I did love was the 6 Bell Peppers I roasted. I forgot them in the oven so they were like candy when I finally took them out. Almost like that dried fruit candy. I put them in a bag to let them cool then took off what peel I could, added some balsamic vinegar to them and ate all of them. Wow, what a treat.
Now I need more. I doubt I ate a total of 6 peppers, but I could have. I know I wasn't hungry for dinner but ate a bit of it anyway. Then charged into the blueberries. I gotta get a grip and eat better. I think I left off a few food items. Olive oil for one. So the calories are a bit low. Calorie wise I did OK, food wise crappy.
Oh well, good thing I took my vitamins today.


~Oct said...

It's fun to see the actual Cron reading. Grats on losing the pounds you gained and best of luck for the final eight. You are so close to your goal!

Anonymous said...

Can you give me a link to the cronometer you downloaded? I tried to download one before, but it didn't load correctly. Thanks!