Friday, October 23, 2009

Calorie Restriction with Cron O Meter

I managed to use the Cron O Meter again today. I even did a bit better with the fruit. Maybe no so good with carbs.

I am a seasonal eater, I can't imagine going into winter without winter squash. I love it baked then topped with a bit of butter and salt. I can't stand it sweetened or made to taste like a dessert.
I buy the small ones and eat the whole thing. That is what I did today with an Acorn squash. I expect I will be doing this for a few more weeks until I get my fill of them.

I don't eat much through out the day. Normally just the flax and oj in the morning. I start getting hungry around 3 so I have an apple. I cook dinner around 5 when I don't work 7 when I do. I don't like eating anything after 7 so this is a bit hard on me. On work days I don't eat anything after 8 that is for sure. This is a good habit to get into. Once I got used to it I am not hungry or even want anything to eat after 7.

You sure can see by looking at the Cron O meter why I and everybody else should be taking vitamin D. Unless you live in a sunny place and can be outdoors to get it. I don't. So I take 5000 iu. a day. Good for depression and combating the flu.

I also take a B complex because I usually don't get 100% of that either. I guess I need to look into some Vitamin E or look for something I like that will give it to me. I haven't done that yet.
Calories today were around 1100. Not bad but not great either. To lose weight I need to be closer to 900. I need to do that just a few days a week.  Tomorrow, yea I can do it then.


SheZug said...

I love winter squash too. I especially like the small speckled ones. I stock up on them when the store has them. I am trying to figure out what vitamins I need to take. I usually just take a prenatal vitamin, but I know I need to explore more. Do you have any tips to share about vitamins?

Sie said...

Hola, I just wanted to say I enjoyed reading though your blog. Your shift to a life-affirming way of living is awesome.

I have gone through periods of tracking and not tracking my intake, and I have realized that I do much better on all fronts when I track. Even if you are able to keep calories in check, a few nutrients can suffer and you won't realize (as you have found out).

I also agree that Vit D is a supplement almost everyone can benefit from; it's just too hard to get sufficient quantities on a daily basis - especially on a SAD diet.

As for my B-vitamins, I use brewer's yeast and marmite. However, I do supplement with pantothenic acid (Vit B5).

Low Carb Daily said...

Congratulations on your weightloss! I love your youtube videos and the way you eat is awesome.

You look totally HOT in Vera Wang and you are such a cool lady!