Saturday, December 5, 2009

Calorie Restriction with Winter foods

Wow, I am having trouble with winter foods. (again). Seems I don't do so well without all the local fresh produce and I just can't force myself to buy imported. I have put on a winter coat of about 5 pounds. (again).
I am back to munching on those yummy sweet dried fruits again. Damn, why are they so tempting. I am trying to stay off them and do great for several days then my boss pulls out those fabulous huge dates and raisens he keeps inches away. I give in every single time. He is Persian and knows where to get the best dried fruit I have ever tasted. I told him he is a bad influence on me. Didn't do any good.
Everything else is going great.
I have a shopping and dinner date all planed with the beautiful granddaughters. We are going to San Francisco for the day shopping at the huge Nordstrom mall on Market. We plan a ride on the Cable Car to Tadich Grill on California then up to Nob Hill for dessert at the Top of the Mark. They are all looking forward to it. It will be a long and fun day.
I can sit and relax coming home on Bart, they have a 3 hour drive back to Mendocino county.  Poor things.

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Sie said...

Dates and raisins are tempting for me too, but I bet yours were much tastier. :-)

About a month ago, I had too much fun with dates and almonds mixed together...sinful.