Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Metabolism and Calorie Restriction

I have been enjoying Calorie Restriction with the best Optimal nutrition I can figure out for myself, for over 2 years. I love it and have been successful with it but...
I gained a few pounds during a mild depression that started in Sept. 09 and didn't leave until Dec, 09. I did it with sugar of all things, nasty crap.
I didn't want to restrict my calories more to lose the pounds so I decided to boost my metabolism by eating more calories for one month. I am eating what my body needs to maintain 120 pounds. I haven't gained weight and didn't expect to.
My month will be up March 1, then I will go back to my usual 20 to 30% less each day. You might think I would enjoy eating more. Well, I don't. I have added rice to my diet to beef up the calories. I was eating legumes but just didn't enjoy them and they aren't good Paleo food. I was eating only 1/2 cup a few times a week. Rice is higher in calories and tastier, although I did tend to burn it because I always forget it is cooking. It takes so darn long to cook. March 1 I doubt I will be cooking it again so no need to perfect the method.
My goal is to lose 12 pounds then to maintain the loss. I will do this with CR and hopefully I won't gain again so I won't have to worry about my sluggish metabolism.
I did this last year and was successful so I have no doubt I can do it again. As long as it is only one month I can handle it.
My kitties are loving their raw diet. They do prefer poultry, both turkey and chicken over salmon. Good thing for me since the wild caught salmon is more expensive than the hormone free chicken and turkey. They seem to have gotten leaner without all the processed grains in their diet. I know their fur sure is beautiful.

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Doreen Hall said...

it is an interesting idea that has not been explored much, and people do seem to be finding that it is effective to improving sluggish metabolisms.