Saturday, February 6, 2010

Feeding pets naturally, raw food diet

I have been consumed with learning how to feed our two American Shorthair kitties. They have been with us for one week today. They have adjusted very good to their new environment, located the potty boxes, water and a great place to hide and sleep. Under the bed of course.
My concern is their health.
Our first American Shorthair passed away from heart disease Dec 10, 2009. I am still blaming myself for his health issues. These new kitties will not suffer as he did, I am taking control. My husband has always been the feeder, he can continue his routine with my input. He is not going to argue with me this time. I am determined.
I refuse to eat processed foods for my health so why would I feed processed food to my pets? I won't. They will not be eating grains, the number one reason for over weight and sick pets.
My kitties are eating raw chicken thighs right now. I will be adding the necessary nutrients in them so their diet is balanced for a cat.
I will buy the highest quality human grade cat food I can find for my husband to give them. I will do the raw part. They will be fed 3 times a day.
I was thrilled to see how the little guys took to the raw chicken. It was wonderful to see how they looked like a cat should look when eating. I did cut the thigh up in small hunks  but don't think I even needed to do that. Right now they are getting 5-6 1/2 pieces of raw.
We still have the dry Organic food out just in case they want a nibble. I don't know how much food to feed them yet. I am learning. I do know they don't gorge or barf up all good signs.
The chicken thighs are free range Organic, the same as we eat. When I get the supplements to add to them I will let everybody know what they are.
Please, please don't feed your pets grains. (wheat and corn)
You and they will be healthy and happy.

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Paula said...

You're such a great and cute kitty mommy!!! You go girl...stand your ground.