Friday, January 29, 2010

Calorie Restriction Paleo and metabolism

What is a "want to be skinny lady" to do.
I am stuck at 134 and can't get off.  I have decided to try and raise my metabolism again. I did it last year and was able to lose 10 pounds pretty fast so I am up for it again.
Last year I didn't eat brown rice or dried beans which I will be this time. I need to up the calories by about 400 a day, now that doesn't sound like much, but for me it is. I am not hungry at 1000 to1100 calories. Well maybe if I stay up past 1A.M.
I am used to eating just 2 meals with a snack usually an apple around noon so adding 1/2 cup of brown rice and 1/4 cup navy beans instead of the apple. I want them for the protein. I won't be having any fruit during the day.  Fixing my metabolism will require me to eat more often so I plan on eating half the rice and beans and saving half for the second feeding,. (sounds like a rancher).
Dinner will be my usual great stuff, grass fed beef, organic chicken and wild caught salmon with my favorite veggies. I will up the veggie portion to 3 or 4 cups.  I also like to have raw veggies but I am a seasonal eater and just can't eat raw during the winter, I know weird.
To fill out the rest of the day with calories I will have one  or two omega 3 eggs, fried in a very small bit of butter and later, 2 cups of blueberries with 1/4 cup raspberries for dessert. I really look forward to this treat.

I read that Stevia can spike sugar cravings. I am convinced that is exactly what happened to me last fall. Eating candy which lead to the mild depression which lead to a weight gain. I even stopped working out which changed my body shape.
I am going to work out again starting Feb 1. I am sorta looking forward to it. I refuse to eat more to compensate for the calories used to work out. That is one of the reasons I want my weight and eating under control before I go.
My new plan will be not exactly CR because I can't keep my calories 20% less. In fact I want them to be 20% higher than my BMR. To check your BMR multiply your weight by 10. I want to be 120 so my BMR is 1200. I need 1200 calories a day just so my body can function. I want to consume 1400 to 1500. Wow, that sounds like a lot. I hope I can do it. I will know when my metabolism has improved. I should lose weight again.
I refuse to over eat anything. I will still use the cronOmeter and weigh my food to be sure I am not overeating.  
As far as Paleo is concerned eating brown rice and beans makes perfect sense to me. Hunter gathers must have eaten them. They really are a very nutritious food. I didn't realize I missed them for the past 2 years.
I have switched to the Omega 3 eggs. They are great I can't tell the difference so I have to rely on what I have read about them.
I have found a new source for my free range beef. I hope to buy enough for 6 months soon.  Everybody that eats beef should look for a local rancher or butcher for their own source for grass fed beef.  We enjoy beef about 2 times a week.

Tomorrow is the big day, we are getting the 2 kitties. Everything is ready for them.
They will be eating Organic cat food made with brown rice. No grains for my kitties. This way they shouldn't have the weight and health problems most cats have from eating processed grains in their food.
I am wanting to get them some probiotics too. Anything to keep them healthy. I am pretty sure Tally's health problems was from his cat food. It is hard on me now that I have educated myself about cat foods. Just knowing we might have fed him better makes a huge lump in my chest and many tears.
Such guilt.


Denise said...

Oh Marjie, I feel for you with the feelings on wishing you had fed your kitty differently...I too have that same guilt. I am convinced that my cat Cali died of liver failure due to her diet. For years I fed her crappy food without realizing it, I guess I never really thought about it...I didn't even think about for myself back then! I switched her diet in the last year, once she started showing signs of throwing up more regularly, trying to remedy it...turns out it was too late by then. I miss her so much and wonder if I had been educated about her food sooner if I would have had her a few more years.

In any case, we learn our lessons and move on...sounds like your new kitties are going to be in very very good hands! *hugs*

Paula said...

Is the scale moving? You have a great plan dear friend.