Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Calorie Restriction, Paleo continued

I am in the middle of doing The UltraSimpleDiet. It is a diet from Dr. Mark Hyman. I am eating brown rice and navy beans twice a day about 1 cup each, salmon and chicken once a week, a rice protein shake with seeds and cherry juice for breakfast and a great veggie broth.
I had decided that getting rid of allergens and inflammation right now was a good thing. It has been. I lost 2 pounds, this tells me that I wasn't inflamed much if any. I don't know about allergies to food but I do know a runny nose is gone. I didn't have it all day, mostly a few hours in the morning.  It has been completely gone for a few days. Now I can go back to my regular Paleo and CR diet to see if it comes back. Then I should know what food is causing it.
I read that brown rice and beans are not on the Paleo list of foods. Well guess what, they are going to be on my Paleo list. There are plenty of foods that are on that list that I will never eat. I can't see what is wrong with brown rice and dried beans. What it does for me is allow me meatless meals. I really want a few meatless meals each week. I also find it easy to take 1/2 cup of rice and beans to work. Now I don't have to take cottage cheese which I never like doing in the first place. I really wanted to get completely away from all milk products and now I will.
This past week I stuck with CR while doing this simple diet. It was very easy to do, much easier than with the foods I had been eating. My calories for each day have been around 1000. I hadn't been able to keep them below 1200 for a very long time. Since I am such an old lady I am not supposed to be eating more than 1400 a day to maintain my weight at 130. So at 1000 I am OK and on CR.  I want to weigh 120, it is a better CR weight for me and I do have a small frame, I am 5ft. 6.
I sure cut back on the blueberries. From about 2 1/2 cup a day to 1 cup a week.
I need to figure out a new meal plan once I am finished with the UltraSimpleDiet. The plan is to go right into the UltraMaintenceDiet. Dr. Hyman doesn't suggest counting calories but just how can I not. I gotta, it is me. So I will eat some of the foods he suggests and still keep my calories low.
I bet he wouldn't agree with me..
My weight today, 134.8 and I am back in one pair of size 2 jeans. They must be a big 2, I sure don't fit in my skinny jeans size 2 yet. I will get there again, I am just a few pounds away.

Kitty Update
We finally found an American Shorthair in fact we have decided to buy 2 of the little beauties, both boys. One is a white, silver, the other is a Classic Silver Tabby exactly like Tally.
In fact he is a decedent of Tally's daddy, Maverick.  We were thrilled when the breeder told us that. We pick them up at the San Jose cat show this Sat. They are coming to the show from Oregon.
The Greek is getting all ready. He has two of everything.
So far we think their names will be Jake and Gus. We will see when we first see them.
We are so ready for these two little kitties.


Paula said...

Congrats on getting back in your size 2's, yay! You're doing great! Yay for keeping brown rice in you diet. I need to try the navy beans. Congrats on the new boys. Can't wait to see pictures of the brothers. WE are close in weight but I am 4 inches shorter. I'd have to be 20 lbs less to be in size 2's. You rock!!

Sie said...

I love this statement:

"I read that brown rice and beans are not on the Paleo list of foods. Well guess what, they are going to be on my Paleo list."

I'm not one to follow diets 100% for sanity reasons, so I like seeing people buck the system! LOL. While I definitely have strong raw/paleo influences in my diet, I'm by no means a food fundie. Been there, done that, burned the t-shirt to hide all evidence. :-p

Sounds like you are doing great! Rock on.