Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Calorie Restriction with Low Carb

I had another good day with my CR low carb plan. I always took an apple for my lunch at work, today it was a bit of cottage cheese and a ground beef patty. Perfect lunch for me.

I walked into the house later than usual and was pretty darn sleepy and hungry, the darn Greek had some yukky white bread on the counter, he had eaten almost the entire loaf, so I cut myself a small piece. It tasted just awful. I loved it because it did taste awful, so bad that I didn't want anymore of it. I added it to my daily food intake, it didn't cause any damage.
We had Grilled Halibut with raw spinach for dinner. Yum.
I seem to be always hungry after a fish dinner, so I had blueberries, just one cup. I am so much better with measuring again. It did pump up the carbs and sugar but I am still pretty low at 30g in sugar for today.
I was 137.2 this A.M. Yea
I thought the gain might come off pretty fast because of the type of crap I was eating.

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