Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Calorie Restriction is healthy

Calorie Restriction lifestyle does not eliminate any food or food groups from its eating style. To practice CR all that is needed is a way to track your food choices and nutrients. You find how many calories your body needs to maintain its healthy weight and eat 20 to 30% less. It couldn't be easier. You eat all the foods you love just less of it.
I love this way of eating it makes perfect sense to me. I was never successful following rigid diet plans. Ones that say eat this for a week or two then this and add this back in later. No good. To hard to do. I can't even remember what to do next. I hate having to check a book to see where I am.
Man Made Food
When I started Cr I also was very aware of how dangerous modern man made food is for us. Just look at people, are they healthy, lean and full of life? Hell no. Most of them are fat, and the ones that aren't and still eating unhealthy food may be sick and they don't know it.
Eating modern man made food is a killer. Period. It is not for me.
People taunt me with pizza, pies, cookies and crap everyday. They say I need the eat grains they are so good for us. If they are so good for us why are they all processed. Why do they take 6 hours or more to digest? Why do we have to drink copious amounts of water just to digest them? Why are they making us FAT?
I made the decision to not eat them and I am happy and healthy because of it. That does not mean I don't have an oatmeal raisin cookie once in a while. I do, half of one anyway. I share it. I don't eat a whole box, I won't eat a pizza unless I make it and I won't use cow's milk cheese either. I have my healthy pizza about 3 times a year.
So I guess I do eat crap in moderation.
Wanted for murder
What disturbs me is how people can eat cereal for breakfast, health bar(misnamed) for a snack, a sandwich for lunch, a cookie for a snack, then pasta for dinner. Even if they eat a small portion they are not eating processed food in moderation. Their stomach is always processing the processed food. It never gets a break. Never.
If this is you educate yourself. Don't be reading how healthy grains are for you, they are not, read what damage they are doing to you. Wise up consumers.
Moderation is such a cool buzz word it is used right along with getting healthy. You cannot get healthy and continue to eat crap. Period. You will eventually begin eating more and more of the crap because that is exactly what that food is made to do. You are not eating it because it is healthy, you are eating it because your mind is telling you it tastes good. Ha, no it does not. Fresh food does taste good and it is healthy.
Period. There is no argument. Nobody can defend crap food in anyway. It isn't even filling and satisfying. I just makes us fat, depressed, miserable and hopelessly addicted.
Toss it out!!
Practice a healthy lifestyle, one that will make your life long and healthy. A diet that will keep you out of the doctors office and off modern medicine.
Get you blood work done once a year to see how great you are doing.
Don't defend bad habits. That is exactly what a person that tries to eat crap in moderation is doing. It is a path to failure.


Kyana said...

yeah, maybe we should try crack in moderation too! if process food is okay why cannot you have alot of it? I see raw foodist who eat 11 bananas a day are still slim! yeah, that process food is crap.

Marjie said...

It is so nice to hear from you. Love the crack analogy.
I know people that eat huge amounts of food too, none of it processed. They are all very thin and very healthy.
Our modern processed food is very scary stuff that is for sure.

Guy said...

Thank you for some very good advices. It sounds easy to do when it comes from you but I know reality is different. Avoiding Pizza when hungry isn't so simple as it sounds, not to mention the ice cream that comes after. However, Your post helps keep the mind in focus and trivial the difficulties and make them more approachable. That's itself is a great help.

Marjie said...

Guy, for me avoiding Pizza when I am hungry if very easy. I think of the bigger picture. I don't want that type of food in by body. If I am out and hungry I can go to a grocery store and buy a banana or other fruit. I usually take fruit with me.
I am very committed to being as healthy as I can get myself.

Michael Crosby said...


Could you direct me to how I can find out what my total calories should be.

And also:

I'm having a hard time with the CRON meter. How does one calculate food when one eats out often? And could you please give me hints?

My email is: mikefixac@google.com

Michael Crosby said...


I found the site telling me what my total calories should be.

But I do need help still with the CRON meter. I know if I was to get that down, it would be a great tool to help me in my CR.

Right now, I kind of feel like, garbage in garbage out. I don't trust what I put in and I'm not quite sure how to add new items.

Sie said...

Well said!