Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Losing weight with Calorie Restriction

I am such a happy camper. I am 135 pounds. I did it. I am happier with 135 than I was at any other weight I have been in this long journey. Weird huh, it has to be because that is the weight I maintained for so many years.
I have just 7 more pounds to go to have lost 100 pounds. I am going to make it. My determination is very strong right now. More than it has ever been plus I am feeling better than I have for a darn long time. I know I was putting away to darn many calories all this year. Not enough to gain but not enough to be true Calorie Restriction. I am back using the cronOmeter too. Amazing how well that great piece of software keeps me on plan. Love it.
I have given myself one week to lose one pound. I figured out how many calories I need in 7 days subtracted 3500 from that figure then divided that by 7. Wala. My calories for each day is 1000, as if I didn't already know that. Yes, I did. I have known it for some time. I don't mention how low it is often because I am not prepared to hear anybody tell me it is to low. Remember the amount of calories we need decreases with age. I am not in my 20's anymore, not even 3o's, 40's, or 50's. I am almost 70 years old. It is very difficult to lose weight and even harder when we get older. I am glad I made a life altering decision to give Calorie Restriction a try. A 100 pound loss, I can't belive I am almost there. Wow.


~Oct said...

gogogo Marjie. Congrats on reaching 135 and I know you can conquer the rest! You are a great inspiration to me and one of the biggest reasons why I decided to start watching calories along with my low carb lifestyle. I'm curious what you used to determine the amount of calories that you need for a week. I know that subtracting 3500 from that is what is required to lose 1 pound, but how did you figure the beginning total? I'm always guessing but I have lost over the last couple of weeks by keeping it closer to 1000 (rather than above 1200 like recommended to me). Share your secrets. I might use them too!

Congrats and good luck on the home stretch of your journey!


angie said...

congrats on reaching your goal of 135lbs. I am 2lbs heavier then you are. And 12 pounds away from my goal weight. Are you going to be making any videos soon really miss watching them glade your doing well Angie from you tube

tmalford said...

You are doing so wonderfully and looking so wonderful as well! I have also decided to start counting calores to aid with getting healthy.

Marjie said...

I use an online calorie calculator. By using your age, sex, height, goal weight and activity level it determines how many calories you need to eat to maintain that weight. There are several on line I use a few of them. I have no favorites.
My goal is 127 so I am not there yet. Hope to be in a month or so.
I have videos ready to edit so yes I will be adding more soon.

Congratulations, way to go.
Counting calories has becomes second nature to me. So easy to do too. Hope you find it is for you too.

Kefir said...

Marjie, congrats on your amazing progress. I have been reading your blog on occasion for a good year and know that calorie restriction is for me. I really like the fact that you are of my generation and have made your own path to follow and shared it with us. As others have said, you really are an insparation. I am at the start of my own journey, very much inspired by yours.

I wish you well.

Kyana said...

wow, wow, wow! you are doing a great! i already know the older i get the less calories i can eat so 1000 doesn't surprise me one bit for you! keep up the good work!

April said...

Mary R has the same experience of eating a lot fewer calories than those of us who are younger. I'm interested to see though... how many calories you need has so much to do with how much muscle mass you're maintaining, and most people are less active as they age. I wonder if, as you exercise and build muscle mass, your calorie needs may increase slightly? Keep us posted!

I know my calorie needs are way different now that I have a serious exercise practice than they were when I was inactive. We'll see...