Sunday, July 19, 2009

Calorie Restriction is going great

I am doing so darn good with my new eating plan. I have black tea with stevia in the morning along with 2 tablespoons of flax seed that I grind and put in 1/2 cup Orange Juice. I take my supplements at this time too. Most of them anyway. I do take the Acai Berry Extract and Fucoxathin when I think I may need it. Really helps curb the appetite. I am getting so I don't take them everyday. Like today. It is 2:30 and I am not hungry one bit. I did have a banana at 10:30. I planned on an apple at 1:00 but forgot it. I might skip it today and have dinner around 4:00 instead. I can do with less carbs for today. They sure hinder my weight loss. Even the good carbs.
Cooking Out
I did a marathon BBQ yesterday. I grilled shish ka bob, brochettes, steaks, 24 hamburgers, a dozen yakatori, loads of chicken breasts, and about 20 pork chops. This is because I refuse to buy anything premade or packaged. I cook like this every few weeks then freeze it. I think we have enough protein for about a month. It was far more than I have done in the past. I usually do enough for 2 weeks.
What we do with the frozen meat is simple. Usually we eat it over a huge bed of raw spinach. Tonight I will cook some green beans and have the lamb shish ka bob. Can't wait.
It sure is a time saver and we get to eat what we like. What we don't like is all the additives in the processed food and not knowing where the meats came from and how they were treated makes my stomach queasy. I am pretty much the same way with eating out. That is one reason we seldom do. I am pretty picky about where we do eat out.
Weight Loss
I have lost 3 pounds this month. That is all I have lost this year. That is great news really. That means I have been able to maintain my new weight. I was 139 Jan. 1. I went up to 141 a few days, not many so that is good. Being 136 is great. I did want to be 135 today, that is what I weighed most of my life. 135 is what is still on my drivers license. I just couldn't bring myself to put 227.
I have just 9 pounds to go to make it 100 pound loss. I am hoping to do that by Sept. my 2 year anniversary with Calorie Restriction.
Reduced calories
I have reduced my calories to 1100 right now. It is easy and for my age it is in the OK range. I need only 1500 to maintain my weight, with CR we reduce the calories by 10 to 40% so I am still in the proper healthy range. I am losing about a pound every week or so. I am still exercising every other day. I have been doing that without missing one day for 7 months. It is easy to do and gets me out of the house. Only problem is, it gets me close to shopping.
I am loving shopping again. Bad, bad me.


T-Rez said...

I love your blog. I can't wait to show it to my mom who needs to lose weight for her health. She really does eat healthy when she is on the bandwagon. Its now time to get her on the bandwagon again.

I'm going to mention your blog on (my blog). I want to give you a super blog badge but I don't know how to post it on your site. You can copy the badge from blog and post it to yours. I can't remember how I did it when Madame: The Journey of a Weight loss *ista gave it to me.
Again, congrates I think your blog is super

Marjie said...

Thanks so much. I sure hope you can get Mom to eat healthy forever. I sure will extend her life and keep her out of the Dr's. office.
Thanks again.