Friday, July 24, 2009

Calorie Restriction and camping

I am not a camper type. Never have been. But, all my kids are and they have planned a weekend together on the Russian River in Sonoma Co. I sure am not going to be left out so I am going. I should be getting ready right now. Not.
My concerns about this camping deal is food of course. I was 134 this morning and want to come back very close to that. I am going to have to take my favorite stuff and try to stay away from theirs. I know the only thing I will want is wine. I intend to take some merlot and enjoy myself.
The Russian River has such great weather and cool evenings. I am looking forward to that part. Not so much the sun and sitting on the beach. My skin can't handle it. So I am wearing long sleeve light weight tops and gloves. Ha, what a site.
I hope we can rent a canoe and go up River. I will sit in the middle and be paddled. I hope.
Lo Carb
I am trying to reduce my carbs. I found out that I should have about 84g of carb a day, I am well over that. So a plan is to have my flax with cottage cheese instead of orange juice. Since it is a protein it might keep me fuller longer too. I am going to have to stop eating an apple for a snack so I can still have my 2 cups of blueberries as a TV snack. 84g. of carbs is about 2 cups or 2 fruits. I will do this until I lose my last 6 pounds. Then I will go back to eating 3 or 4 fruits a day. They are so darn good and I am not going to restrict my favorite foods.
Now that I know how few carbs I should have been eating I am amazed at having lost the weight I did. I hope the final few pounds come off fast. It has been since Jan 09 without a loss and I am finally anxious to get them gone.
I wasn't able to exercise this week. The first time this has happened since I started in Jan. 09.
My work was very busy and disorganized. It really got in the way. I will start back Monday as if this week didn't happen. I hated doing that but I won't stop exercising, ever. I don't enjoy it all that much but I do like the way it is making my body look and feel so I will continue it. We all should, that is after we learn to eat right and lose weight so we are comfortable at the gym.

I will be back Monday, hopefully not sunburned and several pounds heavier.


~Oct said...

Have a fun camping trip! I'm not a camp person either but I do love the outdoors and the sun. I hope you come back refreshed and with lots of fun stories to tell. Good luck with lowering your carbs too. You have been a great influence upon me with your calorie restriction diet so it's fun to see you going lower carb too for awhile. No matter what, it seems that you do what works for you so keep that up and I know you'll reach your goal.

jenn said...

How did you determine the amount of carbs you should eat in a day? I've been trying to restrict mine, also have cut out all the "white stuff" but, I'm curious to know exactly how many I should eat. I love fruit too... so I'm hoping I don't over do it. ; ) Have a great camping trip, and remember the sunscreen. Its a pale girls best friend! Oh and keep up the great work! You've been really inspirational to me.