Friday, June 26, 2009

Calorie Restriction my healthy life

Self Acceptance
I have been hearing lots of talk about self acceptance. This is coming from fat people, they prefer fat instead of overweight.
If staying fat were healthy I would still be fat. I was fine with my body, of course society wasn't and my health wasn't, I was. I loved my old life, I drank myself silly all the time, ate quarts of ice cream at a sitting, a big bag of P-Nut M&M's almost everyday. I ate what I wanted and when I wanted to never thinking about what I was putting in my mouth. I ate things I hated just because it was there. Cakes, pies, donuts nothing was off limits. I did this for several years, maybe 20.
Weight Gain
I didn't gain weight fast. I started at 130 and stopped at 227, it took me 20 years to get there. I was still gaining weight when I decided to stop killing myself.
All the time I ate very healthy meals, very similar to the meals I am still eating.
I loved my life, I did do things different then. I seldom went out, didn't shop for clothes, didn't even do the grocery shopping, the Greek did it all. I made him buy all the crappy food.
He went shopping everyday and sometimes late at night for more wine or ice cream or a run to the fast food joint.
Health Issues
I started having some pretty obvious health problems. Panic attacks and heart palpation's, shortness of breath and always tired. I decided to get healthy. That was September 2007 and I have not stopped. I am so fortunate that I was not sicker than I was. I had blood work done to check out how I am doing. The Dr. said some of the results are better than his and he is at least 25 years younger. Calorie Restriction has saved my life and I am in complete self acceptance for my new body, health, and lifestyle.
CR saved my life
One day I just decided to stop all the bad eating. I remembered seeing a program about CR on TV and knew it would be perfect for me. I did some research and also knew I had to give up the foods that were making me crave unhealthy foods. I am a complete carb addict, still am.
I no longer eat anything processed, no grains even whole grains, which are processed by the way. I gave up rice and potatoes, all sugars, starchy foods and my best friend Wine.
I have not have any cravings for any of them. I have had about 2 bottles of wine in the past 2 years. If I want a cookie we go to Barnes and Noble for a cookie and we share it. I no longer eat pasta and never will. Potatoes, maybe someday I will have them again. I am in no hurry but peas, corn and beans, I can do without them for a very long time. Maybe forever. I bought a bottle of Merlot today. I am in no hurry for it either and it will be only one glass instead of 2 bottles.
What I have learned is that I am so addicted to carbs they can be in any form. I can over do it with dried fruit mostly raisins and dates. I can overeat even fresh fruit, a whole watermelon or cantaloupe is normal for me but I haven't gained any weight. I don't like doing this because I am eating around 1500 calories a day instead of the 1000 to 1200 that I should be but I am still healthy because the food is.
New Me
Being healthy is also so much darn fun. I have learned I like to shop and actually try on clothes in the stores now. I am now doing all the grocery shopping and loving it. I am even thinking of other things I want to do again.
I completely accepted myself fat but I absolutely love myself thin.


Anonymous said...

It's good to see you posting again, I've missed your videos & blog. Self acceptance is a big topic on that darn youtube these days isn't it? Depending on my mood I either agree or disagree. Right now I disagree, I don't accept my fat. I also agree with your last sentence, because I accept the fact that I am overweight, but I can't wait to love my thinner self. I am still a work in progress.

HL123 said...

Hi Marjie,

CR saved my life too. A few years ago, my BMI reached 31.58. After practicing CR, my current BMI is around 20+. I am much healthier than before!

Best regards,


Lindy said...

Hi, I have been reading your blog and watching your videos for some time now and look forward to hearing from you. I, too, ate unhealthily in the past, but feel marvelous, as well as being a lot thinner, after 1½ years of healthy eating and CR. I'm wondering why you avoid beans (and legumes?)though, as they have such a high nutrient density and are very satisfying when added to cooked or raw veggie dishes.

Marjie said...

Sadekat, so good to hear from you. I will be happy with the fat acceptance videos are over with. Such destructive talk.
Yea, I am so happy for you. Nothing works as good as healthy CR. Nothing. I love how it has changed my life.
Lindy, I sure can't remember why I stopped eating legumes. I have always loved them. I tried to find the reason by reading my blogs but can't find it. So guess what, I will start eating them again. Not right now though, they are my winter comfort foods. Love split pea and lentil soups.
Thanks for asking me that question.

Kyana said...

you really inspire me, would you say the key to cr is simplicity? like when i try to eat raw or cr and i;m finding myself trying to find too much variety? maybe simple can be good too! what do you think? what has been key for you?