Saturday, June 6, 2009

Calorie Restriction back to basics is working

It has taken me longer than I expected but, I am losing weight again. All fingers and toes crossed that it continues for at least 10 pounds. Making it an even 100 pounds lost since starting Calorie Restriction September 2007. This morning I was 138.6. I know it is no big loss but I got past 139 for the first time in over 20 years. I had not lost weight since January 2009.
I have been taking a new supplement to try to curb my appetite and it seems to be working. One is Acai Berry extract. I don't know if it is just me wanting to eat less so bad I will it to work but I am actually not as hungry as I had been. From my past experience I will need to take something to curb my hunger for a few weeks then I will be OK.
The other two new supplements are Tonalin XC-CLA. I don't know if it is working yet. I will keep taking it for a few months to see. I have taken it for only 3 days.
I also bought Fucoxathin. I am very happy with all the new supplements I have added.
I will continue to take them and update on any changes in my mind and body.
Calorie Restriction meals
My Calorie Restriction is working great. I want to keep them around 1050 for as long as I can. For my age and height I can't eat too many calories in a day anyway. 1500 is all I need to maintain. I know it is higher now because I work out but I don't know exactly how many calories I burn there. The machines say 400 each time but I really doubt that. I expect it is closer to 100 so I won't rely on working out to keep my calories low.
My protein intake has gone up since I added cottage cheese and eggs back in. No more green juice for a while. It has far to many calories in it for now. Once I get myself stabilized at 127 I will add them back occasionally. I know I do better with flesh protein over vegetable, who knows what I will do.
My foods are my favorites and what I would eat even if I weren't counting calories, I would eat more of them though.
  • Breakfast 2 eggs cooked in olive oil spray
  • Lunch 1/2 cup cottage cheese
  • Snack apple or banana
  • Dinner ground beef patty or ground turkey, or other lean protein.
  • A huge raw spinach salad, about 5 cups or more, with olive oil,lemon and honey dressing.
  • Snack 2 cups frozen blueberries.
This comes to around 1050 calories each day. Of course there are days I change the snacks. There is far to much fruit that I love to eat a boring apple and banana all the time.


Anonymous said...

Hi Margie,
Checking to see how you did this week with your weigh in..Let me know for the challenge okay?

Hope you are doing great.

Anonymous said...

How many calories is in a green juice? How much were you drinking? I'm drinking green juice every day, and it's so nutrient dense that I feel like it's doing me good.

Love your blog!

nocalorie said...

A low calories diet didn't work for me. However, practicing sport regularly is the perfect solution.

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A low calorie diet, combined with multivitamine taking, may do wonders for both your health, and body.

AllDietBooks said...

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