Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Back to Calorie Restriction basics

Well, my basics that is.
I started my diet plan September 2007 knowing I wanted to do Calorie Restriction and also eliminate foods that I felt I overate and what led me to eat even more. At the time I didn't know just how bad these foods are for us. I educated myself as I went along. Glad I did.

I read all I could about Calorie Restriction and nutrition so I tracked my food with the cronOmeter and started taking supplements if I didn't get 100% every day. I lost weight pretty fast for about 9 months. Then it stopped. I didn't change anything with the plan stuck to it. Five months later I lost another 20 pounds. This leads me to January 2009. I reached 139 pounds, a 90 pound total loss. I still need to lose about 20 more pounds but the scale has not moved since January.

Since I had been reading blogs, vlogs and books on eating healthy foods I decided to try and change mine. I did lots of different things, even fooled myself into believing that if I ate raw I could eat things that I didn't eat normally but liked. This would be dried fruit. I started buying it, lots of it. This led me to really blow Calorie Restriction. I was still eating the healthy dinners.
I stopped eating eggs thinking of the Paleo diet, no cottage cheese, that Paleo deal again. Still the weight did not budge.
My weight fluctuated between 144 to 139. I never had a 139 day back to back. I joined a gym, I work out 3 days a week and have gained inches, did not lose weight. I bought a juicer and started drinking green juice. That didn't last long. I do like the juice and may drink it again but it just isn't something that I can stick with. Calorie Restriction is. I really do love it. It is so easy to do but, it is also easy to have the calories creep up without realizing it. I do believe that is exactly what happened to me. Hell, I know it is. Now the hard part, I have to go back to basics, my basics, where I was September 07. That is where I am right now. I have added eggs back in my diet. I now have 2 eggs for breakfast and that 1/2 cup cottage cheese for lunch. I have 2 fruits for snacks during the day. Then I have that healthy meal for dinner with a huge raw veggie either a salad or spinach. I am NOT hungry but I am struggling to not eat to much fruit after dinner, another bad habit I got into.
The weight is also changing and I am feeling leaner again. I was 139 for 2 days in a row. I may be speaking up to soon with this but I don't think I am. I feel confident the scale will be 138 tomorrow.
I will not be buying and new books on other plans. My lifestyle suits me as it is. While it may be named Calorie Restriction is sure doesn't restrict in food choices. The food is plentiful and wonderful. I am the one that refuses to ever eat grains and I am healthier for it.

I am a big time tea drinker and have discovered how to take my tea to work. I ice it and take two big jugs of it with me. Aaah peace.


DawnRose said...

good for you! I'm struggling with the whole raw foods thing too. I do love the juices though, and I count them in the cronometer. I am eating mostly raw just because it is the healthy food I go for during the day, but I wouldn't say it's a goal of mine, to be 'raw'. It just fills me up more. Good luck with the weight loss. Wish my scale would move!

Oct said...

yay for what works for you. You are one of my inspirations for beginning to watch calories along with my low carb lifestyle. I don't think I'll ever go back to not considering the calories as I choose what to eat. Thank you and I hope you find yourself getting to where you want to be!

Drew Patterson said...

Don't forget the Optimum Nutrition part of Caloric Restriction. It's the most important part. When you are trying to ensure you get all of the RDA's of vitamins and minerals the Caloric Restriction portion seems to come much more naturally and with less effort.

Christina said...

How to do make your tea?