Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My day with Calorie Restriction

Food today has to be at or under 1200 calories. I know it is going to be hard to get myself to get past hunger pangs but I have to get myself used to less calories all over again. I have been putting this off far to long.

I will not eat almonds today. I will eat a cooked protein for breakfast.

Failed, I had a banana instead. They are just to easy and filling. Plus they are fast exit food and I like that.

I did have one boiled egg for lunch then 4 kiwis a bit later. They needed to be eaten, poor things were going bad. :-) Right.

I lost 90 pounds eating 2 eggs for breakfast and 1/2 cup cottage cheese for lunch, fruit for snacks and the usual cooked meal for dinner. I kept the calories at 1000 to 1200 for over a year then the calories started slowly creeping back up and I haven't gotten them under control since.
I now feel like I am ready, almost the same feeling I had when I decided to lose weight in the first place.
I read a great article about using the scale. It said to weigh yourself first thing in the morning then through out the day as we drink and eat. Well, I did that today, funny, I was also doing that when I first started CR. When I first started CR there was a difference of about 5 pounds from morning to night. Then it dropped to 2 pounds. Today I did like the article said and weighed before and after dinner. My dinner added only .6 pounds. Wow, fantastic. I had a huge raw spinach salad with a big serving of salmon. I never drink with food, bad for digestion, so that was a very accurate weight for my dinner. Interesting.
This morning I weighed 141.2 after dinner 142. Cool.
I always lose over 2 pounds from the night weigh in to the morning weigh in.
I won't be able to weigh myself through out the day tomorrow, gotta work. So the test will continue next week.
Food for today:
1 banana
4 kiwis
1 boiled egg
4 or more cups raw spinach
olive oil
6 oz Salmon
2 cups blueberries

Tomorrow I work so I bet I eat more fruit. I work at my bosses house, nothing there for food so I take some water and an apple.
I sure hope the scale moves off this 139 plateau soon. It has been since January.


Sparky said...

What amazing control you have! I find it amazing that the body loses so much water overnight. Weird!

Re your comment on my blog:

After I posted that I knew I would come off as age-ist.

My intention was not to refer to Helen as 'old'. Certainly not.

I was more trying to talk about the at home contestants specifically that super dynamo Jerry. Thinking of how amazing it was that he kicked so much butt and trying to think of any advantage he might have had.

The only one I could come up with was that he might have had more spare time than his younger competitors. He obviously had more determination and strength.

He definitely shocked everyone! I think he figured out what worked for him and ran with it. I bet he was more successful at home than he might have been on the ranch. I bet with the crazy workouts that the trainers put people through on the ranch that he might have become injured in the process.

Anyways, hope I did not offend.

Hats off to all the 60+ people who are kicking butt in the health arena!

Annalisa201 said...

Do you worry about not getting enough veggies? Or enough calories?

As for 60+ health - I find it disturbing that my 61 yr old father-in-law is visiting this week - toast for brekky followed by sitting on the couch watching TV, until he gets his "Courier Mail" newspaper, then has a tea or coffee, sitting on the couch until lunch - 2 more peices of bread with margerine and 1 slice meat. Then sits on the couch some more, maybe takes a shower, then heads to the bar to watch the horse races and for "dinner" of anywhere from 5 to 15 beers. And he's a hopeless pessimistic. He's dying. He COULD have 40 more years of life left, but instead he's already suffered two strokes and a heart attack in the last couple years! It's sad.

So great job and congrats on the weight loss!!!

Marjie said...

Sorry to hear about your father in law. It sounds like he is hopelessly addicted to carbs. His day starts with them in the bread then he continues with the beers. Carbs are a hard habit to kick.
Curious why you would wonder if I am getting enough veggies.
I eat raw veggies everyday. Lots of them. I don't eat any grains and haven't for almost 2 years.
My health is excellent.
My diet is excellent and very high in nutrients.
It would be nice to get the father in law on a better diet to improve his health.
It would be nice to even get my husband on a better diet, he is also a carb addict.
Take care