Thursday, May 7, 2009

Eating less, is it working for me?

I have been having great difficulty with Calorie Restriction lately. My calorie count has steadily climbed up to around 1500 plus for sometime now. I became aware of it after I started using the cronOmeter again. That and the dead give away of not losing any weight for months and feeling bloated after dinner. What more clues are there?

At first I blamed a small gain on exercising. I have since lost it, so I felt I was justified in thinking it was muscle gain. I do know my thighs have grown a full inch. They are now 19". Not a good thing in my opinion. Now I have to work to get that darn inch back off.

I then blamed my new way of eating on the more calories and justified it with what I had read about eating raw. That it is so healthy you don't have to be concerned about counting calories. This is sooo dumb of me. I am supposed to be doing Calorie Restriction, of course raw calories count, crap.

The raw diet also says to eat dried fruit, no wonder I love that way of eating. They are my binge foods and I know it. But I can have them so I started buying dates, raisins, plums, figs all dried and packed with calories. I still crave them like crazy. I want to find a food that will satisfy me so I don't crave the darn shrivled up things.

I really, really want to get back to CR like I was for over a year. I had never felt better in so many ways. My body felt lean, my energy and moods were high and I loved every single day. I am feeling very tired and non social again. Very moody. I hate it. Worst part I am always hungry even after I have eaten my CR dinner. Yes, I still make sure I weigh my main meals. Then I grab fruit or nuts until I am full. My calories were done for the day with the last meal. I am not supposed to be eating fruit for a snack after dinner. Bad food combination and boy can I feel it.

I am very unhappy with myself and have been for sometime. I want to get back that CR feeling again. This is going to be just as hard as it was almost 2 years ago. It will be just like starting over on a diet again.

I haven't gained any weight but haven't lost either. I am pretty darn happy about that. I know I haven't messed up my metabolism at least. I can lose weight on 1200 calories a day. Maybe I fixed my metabolism by eating more and exercising. If so that is a very good thing. Lets hope so.

I don't want to be posting anymore bad news about me and overeating. I have to get a plan in place. Am I going to stick with eating raw. I do love the green juice. It is loaded with goodness. I could go back to eating eggs and cottage cheese. I had such good luck losing weight when I was eating them. I really do like eating raw and I get plenty of protein from it. It just isn't that full feeling like from cottage cheese.

I need to make my own plan and stop reading books that say I can eat stuff I know I shouldn't .
That is exactly what I did to lose 90 pounds. I want to lose 20 more and stay with CR forever. I have to get back in control. Wow, do I love that feeling. I hate what I am doing to myself right now. I know it isn't all that bad. I still eat very healthy and keep the calories in check, just not CR.
Soon, very soon I will be there.


DawnRose said...

Hang in there! This is just a bump in the road. I know what you mean about being tempted to not count calories while eating raw, but I still keep track. So how tall are you and what's your weight goals and calorie levels? I'm searching for a good calorie level for me. I'm at 1600 now and not losing. I'm 5 foot 8 and weigh....191....ugh:) I love reading your blog, so keep up the good work!

Mary Robinson said...

Exactly - that dried fruit gets me too. I love it way too much. Even the fresh fruit is something I overeat. It seems so healthy, but human cultivated fruits are really full of sugar - along with all those excellent nutrients. If you can just keep it out of your house and your workplace, you won't be tempted.

Anonymous said...

Good luck finding something that works for you. I can't imagine not wanting to over eat on sweet and or dried fruits. But if you can figure out the secret, good for you!

Doll :-)