Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Calorie Restriction , clean out the pantry.

Calorie Restriction diets are as simple as a weight loss diet can get. It is based on reducing your daily caloric intake and helps in reducing stress on the immune and digestive systems and gain optimal health.
CR is counting the calories you take in and eating less.
You will be eating fruits, vegetables, and low calorie proteins.
There are no restrictions on the type of food you can eat as long as you pay attention to the amount of calories and nutrients.

Before starting CR, ask yourself a few questions.
Do you eat while on the go or do you eat at home?
What do you eat most of the time?
Will the new foods in your weight loss diet plan be suitable for this type of lifestyle?
Start a journal and write the questions and answers in it. If you don't eat at home think of how to take or buy CR foods.
If you're eating fast food most of the time that will have to change. This food is poison to your body, you need to think of it as just that poison.

Will you be able to eat a different type of food from others around you?
When eating in groups, how do they eat?
Will it be compatible with CR?
You can always take your own food to gatherings or look for foods that are CR. It is easy to spot.

Are you willing to change your home environment to suit CR?
This might be hardest to do. If there are children at home. They do need a different diet than an adult, once you realize you can't eat the same as they do you will be better off. You cannot reduce calories for a healthy child.
A wife or husband is another story, those calories most likely need to be reduced and food choices improved.

Do your current leisure activities fit into CR?
Do you eat a lot of junk food in your spare time?
Can you give up junk food?
Yes, give it up. It is poison remember.

Do you eat out a lot?
If you do, do the restaurants you go to serve food that fits CR?
Really go over that menu. Look for fish, no rice, no potatoes, fish with veggies, soup and salad.
A steak usually comes way to big. Get an 8 oz steak, eat half of it. No baked potato with toppings, veggies only. Get the bread off the table. Have a huge salad with olive oil and vinegar dressing.

Is your kitchen ready to make a lifestyle change?
Do you have enough time to prepare your food?
Cooking CR is simple, fast and clean. No big clean up afterward.
Lets start right now.
We are going to get our cupboard, cabinet, pantry what ever you call it. It is going on CR right now.
Get ready to lose weight and get healthy.
What you will need to do this task;
A garbage bag, a big one. Get a yard clean up bag if you have to.
Step one:
Open that cupboard, take a deep breath.
Look for cereals, boxes or bags of cereal. Yes, cereal, it is processed and full of sugar, unless your corn grows in flakes and your oats in little o's with sugar sprinkles, it is processed. Think of what you're putting in yours kids tummies if they are eating this processed gunk. Yes, toss them.
Canned soups;
If you can't pronounce the ingredients you shouldn't be eating it. The smell alone should stop you from opening a can of soup.
Look for organic soups if you have to have canned soup. But, never buy creamed soups of any kind for any reason.
Add these poison soups to the garbage bag.

Tomato sauce,
Yes, that's right tomato sauce. Read the label. It has HFCS in it betcha. It also says it is made from tomato paste. That's right and now you know how to make tomato sauce that is good for you. One can of tomato paste with 2 cups liquid of your choice, water, stock or broth, you have tomato sauce with no corn syrup in it.

Catsup, if it has HFCS in it. There are a few. Get one.
Toss the nasty one out.

Yes, pasta it doesn't matter if it says it is whole grain or not. I don't know any wheat that grows into a penne or a bow-tie. Yes, it is all processed.
This food is calorie dense and full of carbs. Do you want to get healthy and stay that way? Toss this poison in the garbage bag.
If you are grinding your own grains, then keep doing it. That is healthy, make your own whole grain pasta.
If you see polenta in there toss it too along with white enriched rice.
Brown rice is OK but it is high in carbs and low in protein. Keep it if the family has to have a starch. But eventually you will most likely not be eating brown rice.
Get rid of all sugars, brown sugar is white sugar with molasses added. There are some sweeteners that are healthy. Look for pure cane sugar and stevia. Turbinado is less refined but it is refined and in the bad list.
The best brown sugar is pure cane with molasses, full of nutrition and a wonderful flavor. Eat this in moderation.

Read all the labels in any cans that are left. If they have HFCS toss them.
It is time to fill the fridge with healthy greens, lean meats, and fruit.


DawnRose said...

Alright I'm with you on this post! Seems like you have a renewed sense of purpose on CR. Good for you:) I of course have to have some different foods since I have two small children, but I don't have any desire to eat their food most of the time. Your post makes me feel more committed to CR. Speaking of sweeteners, how do you feel about raw agave syrup? I'm loving it.

Marjie said...

I am determined to get back with the way I lost my 90 pounds. I will still eat raw, just not as much of it.
Don't we all eat raw anyway? Salads and fruit. I do anyway.
I tried the Agave syrup. It tastes ok but I still think it is too processed and to many calories.
I might use it for cooking if I needed it. I like Stevia for tea and honey for salad dressing.
I haven't figured out just what I would do with Agave.
I have to have different foods too, the husband. He doesn't get pasta or boxed foods though. I buy him breads and some cookies which I don't eat. He has the big gut to prove it.

Marjie said...
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Anonymous said...

I cleaned my fridge out this afternoon before I even read this post. The Turk is going to his Mom's for a month soon and I plan on really tossing some stuff out then. I have almost convinced him to give up sugar for honey. A little more work should do it.