Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Calorie Restriction weight loss

I one one pretty happy gal right now. I was 133 this morning. I finally am down one more pound, 6 left for my 100 pound loss goal. I say goal because I wanted to lose 100 pounds 2 years ago. Since then I have learned that for optimal health I should be 10% less. I am in no hurry to lose the final 10% but will sure give it a try.
My new goal for new is to lose body fat. I seem to be carrying around too much of it. I also need to get something that will measure it. I can feel the fat under my skin in my arms and stomach and I seem to have some back fat. The arms look disgusting, like cottage cheese. I would rather have saggy skin. Yuk to both of them.

I have been on some shopping spree. This has got to end. But trying on clothes has become sorta fun. I was at Nordstrom's Sat. and spent hours hunting for the perfect black slacks. Seems I have developed a weird shape or I was in the wrong department. I was in the Ms. section. I tried on several size 4 slacks and none of them fit. Way to big in the tummy, remember they don't go to the waist anymore. Slightly loose in the hips too. So I tried on a Hugo Boss size 2, the saleslady told me they run small and that was before I tried them on. They fit but a tad too snug in the ass. I finally got another designer pair that did fit better, not perfect, just better. They are now being altered.
Yesterday and today I hit the crappy stores in my area. I found a few things that fit and liked enough to buy. I had to get a Jr.s skinny jeans so they fit in the tummy and legs. I bought 2 size 2 skinny jeans. I am going to make a video and name it
From a 2X to a 2 in two years.
That should be fun to make.
Yea for Calorie Restriction.


Dawn said...

I left a comment for you over on my blog. Thanks for everything!

Dawn said...

A size 2? You are my hero! ;)

Anonymous said...

Size 2? that's awesome. You are proof that calorie restriction works.

~Oct said...

congrats on the weight loss and the skinny jeans! :) you are an inspiration

Tony said...

You can calculate your %Body Fat using the Navy circumference method:
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