Saturday, August 15, 2009

Calorie Restriction with loss

I used Tony's calculator to check my body fat. It says my body fat is 23. Guess that isn't bad if it is right. I can still feel and see fat right under my skin in what used to be the fattest parts of me. Arms and tummy.
Thanks Tony for the link. I have been all over your web site. I sure agree with what I read there.
Wish others would read and learn.

This morning I was 132.4. But, it is the weekend and I am going to Hopland to a solar energy bash. Lots of food, wine, music and fun. Long after there will be no sol. If I can just maintain my 132 I will be thrilled.
My goal is still to lose this final 5 pounds before I go to Colorado in September. I am certain I can do it.
Thanks every one for the great comments, they mean a lot and keep me going.

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