Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Calorie Restriction to live longer

I have been reading several articles about CR and longevity. The recurring theme throughout these articles is that CR is best started young, in the 20's, and practiced throughout life. The theory is that it will increase your life. All is good, I don't disagree with this, the problem I have it that these same articles say that is will NOT increase your life if you start CR in your 60's or later.
Now stop and think about this, somebody that is overweight, unhealthy, bad eating habits, wrong food choices, eats far to many calories, decides to practice CR. Immediately that person is going to be healthier and live longer, plus that person will not need as much health care as somebody that continues eating and abusing their body with junk foods.
This is just plain common sense. There is no proof that CR will increase life for the 20 something but I can say for certain it will make you a much healthier person at any age, even 60 and above.
Calorie Restriction is easy to do, the food tastes wonderful, it is very satisfying and it will make you very healthy, even younger looking. Such a deal!!
CR with lo carb is a better way to go. CR with no processed foods is even better. CR is just plain wonderful. It is me, it is who I am.


Kefir said...

Marjie, you are certainly proof that CR can greatly improve the quality of life for a person starting in their sixties. Life is what you make it and your CR is a great example of making the most of it.
Besides you may be among the first ever to start CR in your sixties. You are a pioneer, you will decide how well it works, so keep going.

nocalorie said...

Some people, especially teenage girls, think that a good diet means no calories, when actually a good diet is based on low level of calories.

April said...

Hey there!

I think to some extent, you're confusing the benefits of obesity avoidance with the benefits of calorie restriction, as in restricting beyond what gets you to a healthy weight. There's no question that obesity avoidance reduces your risk of dying young of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc. The question is, will CR, as in taking it lower than normal weight, actually extend the curve.

That being said, my partner wrote an article on how CR initiated late in life really does, in the animal studies, extend lifespan. Good news! I'll dig it up and send you a link. He strongly believes that it's never too late to get significant benefits. Be our living proof!

Also, Steven Spindler studies mice on late life initiated CR, and it worked!


buymultivitamins said...

On the contrary, a low-calorie diet and multivitamins suplements are the perfect solution for a healthy life, not necessarily a perfect body.

AllDietBooks said...

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