Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Calorie Restriction, wine and more wine

Yep, I drank to darn much wine at the Moondance. Had a nice case of the vintners flu the next day. I had a great visit with my daughter over the week end. She is such fun to be with.
I didn't count my calories but I did make sure I ate foods that were on my plan. No grains, milk products, sugars and starches. That was the easy part.
The wine is all carbs and calories, so of course I messed up there. But, hey it was fun and I won't be doing that for a long time. I do love wine.
So how did I do with the weight? I was thrilled to find that I came home weighing what I did when I left. 131. No loss, no gain. Way to go. A pat on my back from me.
So we can drink the wine, in this case several glasses, eat right and not gain weight.
Only 4 pounds to my 100 pound loss celebration, no wine will be involved.


Kefir said...

Wow 131 and heading into the 120's. Marjie you are a serious success. You dreamed it and you are now living it.

Now let's have some new videos!!!

angie said...

wow your doing awesome I 131lbs. that's great. I am at 136lbs. we are so close to each other. I miss your videos wish you would make one soon please. keep up the awesome work Angie

Marjie said...

I am trying to find the time to make more videos. Hope to get to it this week.
Thanks for asking.

April said...

wow, congratulations! what a remarkable achievement!