Friday, January 23, 2009

Green smootie calorie restriction style

I made my first Green Smoothie today. I was inspired by all the youTubers and their great looking smoothies. I never had one before.
I used Red Chard, Spinach, Cottage Cheese, small Banana, frozen Pineapple, frozen Blueberries, Stevia, and a bit of water.
It filled me up so much I am not snacking on fruit tonight. I made it after I got back from grocery shopping around 2:30. I say this because I am still not hungry, I did have my Halibut and Broccoli for dinner. By now I would have had about 4 cups of frozen berries.
I am hoping this is exactly what I need to get me through the nights without hunger.
The cottage cheese was perfect in it. Made it like Ice Cream. It also made me think of Cheesecake. I am now wondering if I can make my green smoothie taste like cheesecake. Bet I could. I would leave out the banana and add vanilla, it would need raspberries too. I have plenty of them.
I am now dreaming of my Calorie Restriction Green Cheesecake smoothie. Can't wait for tomorrow to experiment.
We are going to be in San Francisco most of the day tomorrow. Guess I better be taking my cameras. Hope it is a nice day. It has been foggy and rainy here. Winters in the city can be really nice. Better than summers.


Loves said...

That smoothie sounds amazing!

A Diva On a Diet said...

oh wow im going to try your recipe and make a video about it that sounds YUMMY!!! I never eat cottage cheese, i think i should start. I tried your brocoli recipe and it was wonderful! It taste like a whole new vegetable, a tasty one!