Sunday, January 4, 2009

Calorie counting, calorie burning

We are supposed to be on a very strict budget around here. I have no job and don't see me getting one any time soon. I owned by own business for several years, I would have a hard time working for somebody. Anyway, we are trying to live off less.
One of the things I did was turn the heater down to 71 and leave it on that setting all the time. It does get sorta cold in here but we have blankets to cuddle in and this computer room is always warm.
What I have noticed is that we actually got used to the cool house and we are feeling better. I hate to be hot anyway.
Did you know you actually burn calories keeping yourself warm? I love to sleep in a cold room and feel the cool sheets when I stretch out. I love laying in the warm bed in the AM instead of getting up. So, while we aren't doing so good with the budget we are spending less on the propane to keep us warm.
I am finally down another pound, I am now 143. I have adjusted my final weight, I didn't start this weight loss with one in mind, I just knew I had to lose 100 pounds, so that is why it was 127.
Now, I want to be what the CR folk recommend. Here it is:
100 pounds for 5 ft.
add 5 pounds for each inch after the 5 ft.
Subtract 10% from this figure.
My math:
5 ft. 6 in. = 130 pounds
minus 13 for the 10%
So there it is 117. My new and improved goal for this year is 117 to 125. Anywhere in that range is good for me.
I have never been that thin. Even when I graduated from Hi school I was a chunky 122. I was 3 inches shorter and flabby. My diet was horrible then too and continued to be. I did gain some inches in height around 19 years old. 3 in fact. I am almost 5ft 7 now and weighed 135 for several years. Then wham, bang, did I ever get fat and stayed that way for years.
For me, being 143 is a dream and I am living it.
I love feeling my new body, it is amazing that I can actually feel bones now. I can still feel the fat in my arms and in strange places that is accumulates. That is certainly not my ass. It is a bony as can be. Hurts cause it so dang fat free.
The bottoms of my feet have less fat too. Both of them have a small sore if I walk to much. I need to get some gels. I am getting some thick skin growing on the two tiny spots. Weird. But, so much better than fat for a cushion.
My skin is super soft, and of course ugly. That was one of my concerns about losing 100 pounds. What an idiot I was. My skin will always be covered up, I could never cover up 100 pounds. No hiding that mass.
I am so freaking happy.


Oct said...

oh girl, you have done so marvelously well! I'm happy to read how good you are feeling about where you are, and how inspired you sound about where you are going. I want to get there. 143! very nice.

Anonymous said...

just visited your blog - I feel inspired!