Monday, December 29, 2008

Calorie restriction and exercise or not

A great video that expresses my feelings on exercise.
I knew I had to be right about this.
My original plan to lose weight was to get control of my food and binge eating.
Now that I am in control of my food and food choices, although I still over eat it is now healthier choices and always fruit, I can start to think about what type of exercise I want to do.
I would like something that will not injure me in any way. Nothing that could hurt knees, hips etc.
This is going to have to be a decision I make, just like Calorie Restriction was to lose the weight.
I already have ruled out joining a Gym and walking. No treadmill either. Maybe I am just not meant to exercise and I am putting to much stress on myself thinking about it.
I would like to burn off about 300 extra calories 3 days a week. That is about the limit I am going to put on myself. If I feel I can handle more I will do it. Burning off 900 calories every 3 days sounds pretty good to me.
I refuse to add calories to my daily food right now. I don't want my body to ever get used to more calories. I know all to well what that leads to.
For me it leads to eating more and more, gradually building back up to where I was.
Adding a few hundred calories a day is very easy to do if you don't count calories and keep a vigilant eye on what your putting in your body.
It is like going back on a diet again, trying to get used to eating less over and over. Going through that hungry all the time stage. I can't handle it. I don't do hungry well. Best to not eat more in the first place. If I do over eat in a day I will eat less the next. Never more. Counting calories and knowing the nutrients in my food is my exercise.
I absolutely have to count calories and keep them where I have them for freaking ever and I know it.
Good thing I also love it.
A little update, I am now in a size 7 (seven) wow, wow, wow.
I bought them in a junior dept. at Macy's. I was shocked. The Greek saw them and wanted me to get them because of the brand name. Yaso, it is a Greek word with several translations, mostly hello, sorta like aloha to Hawaiian's. So for him I took them to the dressing room, I expected to get them to my knees because the legs are so narrow. The darn things went on, up, buttoned, and zipped. Of course I had to buy them. They are so comfortable.
Then a new top to go with the jeans. Size medium in the junior dept. Loving it.
Then to the women's undergarment dept. A size 36 B. Wow, where did the girls go?
I don't care where they went, just never want to see them again.
I would love it if all I had was the sack they came in. Useless appendages anyway. All they ever did was get in my way.
So, I am all decked out in my new clothes.
Not really, I am sitting here in my mens size XL, I just can't seem to give them up. I had been wearing mens clothes for so long, they were all I dare buy without trying on when I was obese.
Now I am a shopper from hell. Juniors, not bad. I haven't worn a jr. size EVER.

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