Sunday, December 7, 2008

Nice Surprise

I have not lost any weight for what seems to me, weeks. Maybe it is only one, sure seems longer.
But, today the scales finally went back to 147. I was 147 on Thanksgiving day. That lasted one day, I was 2 pounds heavier and it wouldn't go away. So that is my nice surprise. Sure hope it stays away this time.
I thought just maybe I had hit another plateau. When I stared counting my calories in Sept 07 I was 227 and quickly, so I thought, lost 70 pounds. That all stopped in May 08. I didn't do anything different, still counted my calories and ate good protein and lo carb. Then finally in Oct. Nov. 08 I lost 12 pounds. That is where I was until today. I have 20 more pounds to lose.
Yes, I was 100 pounds over weight.
I started this adventure with a 44 inch waist. This AM I was shocked to see it is now 29 1/2. Wow, is all I can think to say. It is wonderful to be smaller than my husband and he is no small guy.

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