Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Calorie counting and HD video camera

Hey, I lost the 3 pound gain.
Next goal is 143. I expect that to take another 2 weeks. That is about how long it is now taking to lose one pound. I actually see no big deal with that. I would if I hadn't lost 83 already. It sure sounds, and is a darn long time.
Control hunger
I am still hungry at 11pm. I was last night anyway. But, it is getting better. This time I didn't raid the fridge. Hunger is not something I deal with very well. It gives me a nasty personality, but so does a carb high. I prefer my mellow self. Good thing I am that way most of the time.
I do like the energy rush I get from the alpha lipoic acid. Yea, give me that. In fact I am going to take a few capsules right now.
HD camera
I finally got the replacement for my HD Camera. I bought the Canon Vixia HV30. It is a great little camera. So much easier to use than my Sony TRV900. I see they are selling my old camera on EBay for $900. Wow, half what I paid for it but more than the new Canon. Wonder what I should do with it. It is a great camera just too good for me, I guess.
Anyway, this new Canon came with a pretty serious problem, it froze. Wouldn't shut down, wouldn't turn on. Amazon sent me a new one, so far it seems to be working better than the old one and doesn't have dead pixels either.
This camera is very good with light, something I couldn't figure out with the Sony. I know it is supposed to be a pro model. Guess it needs a pro to work it too.
Now I can concentrate on content in the videos instead of how to work the camera. I have a few scripts in the works.

Watch the HD video

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