Monday, December 22, 2008

Counting calories, is it working?

I am having a set back. A bad one.
I have gained 3 pounds in as many days. One pound a day sucks.
Today I am looking back in the cronOmeter to see what I did different. I did go over my usual calories by a few hundred, that is no way near enough to put 3 pounds on me.
I have never done this before. I need to find out what I am doing to cause it.
We did have date night yesterday. That means a cookie and tea at the book store. The tea sucked but the darn cookie was good, in fact it became two cookies. We always share so that means we both had a cookie. They are not tiny cookies.
So that could explain the problem with the gain for today but how about the day before. I can't figure it out.
Oh, maybe this is it. Hunger!
I have been sorta hungry around 11pm. I have never been, ever, not even at 227 was I hungry that time of night.
Well, I hate being hungry, so I would have some fruit that late at night. This did spike my calories but I felt ok because there are safe food, right? I am thinking not.
So now I will have to stop eating fruit late at night and not eat anything. Hoping this hunger deal stops in a week or less.
All I know is I am now 4 pounds away from my mini goal.
I keep a piece of paper where I write down each pound I want to lose and how long I predict it to take. I was supposed to be 143 today. I am 147. Rats.
I have an appointment at the gym today. I have a 24 day free pass. I should be able to tell in 24 days if I like the place and how it works for me.
I want to burn about 300 calories there, and go only 3 days a week. I plan on reducing my calories 3 days with no exercise,then exercise and eat 300 more.
I don't need exercise to make me feel good, I already do. I want it to keep me healthy, not to lose weight. I will do that with food as I have been doing. I still believe you need to know how many calories and nutrients your getting from food and that is the only way to get and stay healthy.
There is no way I could get healthy eating cheese and ice cream then go to the gym to work it off. It still sticks in the heart, better to not even eat them in the first place.
Body Bug
I want one of those body bugs to see how many calories I actually burn in a day. That is the only way I will be able to tell what I need to maintain and lose.
The gym sells them, so does Amazon. I see they are not in stock at Amazon. These are the things they use on Biggest loser. (I think)
HD video
I have finally successfully loaded a new video to youTube in HD. It still has some problems with sound so I am not making it public yet. Also the subject sucks, it is me cleaning out the dang fridge.
It is hard to do videos with great subject matter while in pjs and with a new camera.
BTW the camera has a serious problem and has to go back. That sucks.
I hope to make a better video soon and get the right codec so it looks and sounds as good as it does in Quick Time.
Right now they do not.
I am thinking I might need better editing software too.
All I have right now is Imovie08 and Imovie HD. I am not so crazy about either of them.
I want more control, so I might need Final Cut Express.
More dang $$. Hate it.
I will have a Gym update later today.

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