Thursday, December 4, 2008

Eat Protein burn the fat

A good article about eating protein to burn the fat in overweight and obese people.

Reuters article

"They found that overweight men and women burned more post-meal fat when they ate a high-protein breakfast and lunch than when they had lower-protein meals. That is, the added protein seemed to modify the fat-burning deficit seen in heavy individuals."

I know, for me, it has worked. I have been watching my protein intake for 14 months. Making sure I get at least 60 grams a day.
I had been trying for years to lose weight without success.
For me, I know I will never be able to eat carbs from processed foods. I will always get plenty of them from veggies and fruit.
The last paragraph in the article says it all for me. Even though I eat foods for protein I still count the calories and portion size. I do eat fish at least twice a week.

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