Monday, December 22, 2008

Calories count

Here is the link to the Bodybugg.
You will need the Display too. Wonder why they are sold separate?
I might get this thing in a few months.
Gym visit
The interview did not go well. The gym closest to me is closing in 2 weeks and they said I would have to buy the gym program that lets me work out in any gym. I didn't want that and don't want to drive even further to get there than the 1/2 hour I planned.
So no gym for me.
I do have other options, so I will try them, maybe.
I have lost 83 pounds without exercising and plan on losing the remaining 17 the same way. I do want to tone. I still plan on exercising so I can eat more for 3 days then back to more restriction on the no exercise days. That is why I want the Bodybugg.
Dang thing is so expensive. Crap!
The day went a bit better for me.
I am not as hungry anyway. It is still early though. I am not going to eat if I do get hungry.
Oh please don't get hungry.
I think I remembered something I did that may have put those 3 pounds on me. I ate a whole pineapple.


Loves said...

Something that might help you is the youtube site. here is there link they have lots of work outs on there and there are multiple other work out channels as well on youtube.

Another thing is on and itunes they have work outs that you can buy and they are actually not that expensive. So instead of going to gym these are good alternatives.

I didn't know if you knew this or not about the body bug along with buying it you have to pay a monthly subscription fee so it can get kinda of expensive.

Marjie said...

I did more research on the bodyBugg and found it just isn't for me.
I still would like a gadget to tell me how many calories I burn in a day. I don't need anything for calorie counting. I have that.
I will check out some of the exercise videos. I know myself pretty well. I know I can't stick with any exercise program. I dislike it that much.
Thanks for the advice, I will check it out.