Friday, December 19, 2008

Calorie counting

I started back writing my weight in a notepad. I did this for about 10 months, when I first started Calorie Restriction Sept. 07. It really helped me because I could see how long it took to lose one pound. Back then it took 4 to 5 days, now it is 6 to 7.
What is frustrating, since I have chosen to not exercise, I regain very easily and on less calories. A good example of this was yesterday, I had about 300 calories more than normal and the scale went up one entire pound. I know from my past experience with this that it will take me the 6 to 7 days to get rid of that darn pound.
On Calorie Restriction I should reduce the calories by that 300 plus the 20%. I plan on doing that just for today. I want to see if it works for me. My calories are 1100 a day but not over 1200. So for just today I will keep them at 900. I already did the day on the CronOmeter so I know what I will be eating.
Calories In
I found this great webpage. It has more information than I usually find about food.
I don't agree with the amount of carbs it recommends and the protein seems high. I keep my protein around 60g. and carbs at 140. I know that is high for you no-carbers but it works for me. Mostly because I don't want all the fat from the proteins. I am getting all the nurtients I need from what I do eat. I know my food is balanced properly because I am using the cronOmeter to check that.
Let cramps
I was getting some leg cramps and I noticed my potassium level each day was on the low side. By adding the potassium capsules I no longer have leg cramps. That took only 3 days.
Today I am going to start using a combo omgea 3,6,9 capsule. I have to buy it first. Add these to the few I am already taking and I will not be needing any more.
I plan on getting more of the b vitamins from food. I will keep an eye on the Vitamin E to see how I do. Right now it seems low but I hate taking these darn supplements unless I can actually see and feel results. I have never felt that from Vitamin E.
I have a 24 day free gym pass from 24 hr. Fitness. I might have to sign up. My plan was always to start some sort of exercise close to goal. What I want to do is exercise 3 days and eat an additional 300 calories then on the no exercise days eat 300 calories less. This should make my body burn calories better and not put it in starvation mode. I would, of course, like to work off 500 calories but that might be unrealistic. I better shoot for just the 300.
Since I have this problem of going places alone and other odd phobias I hope I can force myself to do this. I know once I get started I will be good. It is the first step that bothers me.
Another reason to join a gym, I have been told by a few people that I don't need to lose anymore weight that I just need to tone. Well, there ya go. I do need to lose more weight, I am still 18 pounds from my ideal weight but yes, I do need to tone. I must look skinny because I have none to little muscle tone. This also was my choice. I wanted this. I have never liked exercising and didn't want to make my weight loss be determined by how much I exercised. It had to be food. I had to reduce the amount of food and get rid of the bad foods I was eating. I absolutely had to get control of my weight my way. Now I can think of exercising, not to lose weight but to build muscle.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Marje, I'm not sure how to respond to comments you leave on my blogs, so I'll just put something here...? lol

I use to belong to 24 Hour Fitness and I liked it alot. They are the most inexpensive (as long as you don't get suckered into their personal training plans...those get expensive)and they are generally open longer hours than other places (not all of them are 24 hours).

I paid $99 for a full year, paid in advance. But, if you could get a gym membership for $30 a month that's very reasonable, at least in my area. My health club here charges $61 a month (and that's a discounted rate) but it's a health club and not just a gym. Generally speaking "health clubs" offer alot of extra programs, some spa options, some massage and chiropractic care on site and usually have indoor pools, raquet ball and other specialty "sports" related options whereas a gym usually just has weights, cardio and maybe some aerobic classes.

I think I'm going to do the home gym thing again. I'm going to blog about this now over on my page. Hope this is helpful Marje ~ :)