Monday, December 1, 2008

Why I picked Calorie Restriction to help me lose and maintain weight.

Calorie Restriction, quite simply makes common sense. More calories in than out equals fat gained.
I found it hard to track my calories everyday and still do, although not as bad as at first. I know a bit more about foods I like and what nutrients they have that my body needs.

I have discovered what foods satisfy my hunger and taste buds and I stick with them. I find it easy to eat out and eat with friends. Having a glass or two, or more of wine is no problem, even a bite of dessert is OK. But, cheese, for me is not an option, I find it easy to pass up. Same for other foods that people that don't count calories shouldn't eat, such as, chips, cookies, and flour based desserts.
I don't even have flour or sugar in the pantry. I never buy desserts. If I want some chocolate I have the husband stop at See's and bring home 3 pieces. I have done this only twice in 14 months. I will sometimes share a cookie with him when we are at Barnes and Noble on our date night.

I didn't find it hard to give up processed and man made foods. The first thing I tossed out were cereals and breads.
Next was pasta, I even thought I might be able to have whole wheat pasta but found that it didn't work for me. There are far to many calories in it to make it worth it.

Eat less to live
Our body is constantly changing, a 25 year old will always need more calories to sustain their body than an older person. The problem is we don't stop eating the extra calories and it shows in weight gain, starting in our 30's. Calorie counting is the only way to know if your over eating and knowing what nutrients are in the food your eating is the only way to know if your providing your body with what it needs.

I see no reason to take supplements to get the proper nutrients if you get plenty of them from your food.
I personally find it hard to get calcium and vitamin D so I supplement them. I do take some supplements, they are important to me and I plan on making a post about them.

Life changing
I have only been counting calories for 14 months. My life has improved tremendously, I am no longer hungry most of the day, I have no food cravings, I am looking better in my clothes, my clothes sure are a lot smaller.

I had blood work done and was shocked to find how healthy I really am. Everything is in the normal range. I was very concerned about the cholesterol as it was high when I was 170 and I grew to 227 before I woke up and started counting my calories and eating foods that nourish my body.

Start a new life
I am just one person, not a diet professional, that knew that the only way to lose weight and keep it off is to know what is in the food that I choose to put in my body. I now eat to live not live to eat. A whole new way to look at life.
Food has become my friend, I actually love to cook and eat dinner now. I used to eat all day, stopping only when I could hardly move, then send the husband out for a large bag of chips or box of ice cream.
I would then finish up my day with a cup of dieters tea. It got rid of the food alright, but not before it turned to fat.

Eat less
Counting calories and eating a bit less than my body needs, making dam sure it is unprocessed and as close to nature as possible, and most important, knowing what nutrients I am getting from it is the only thing that makes sense in my struggle to stay slim for the rest of my life.

My current weight
I am now in the normal weight range for my height and age. The chart says I am normal if I am between 118 and 154. I am 147. I am in no hurry to lose more, but hope to go down to 127 and stay there. If that takes a year I wouldn't care, I would care if I gained in that year.

The only thing I would change in my life right now is exercise. I have a hate relationship with it. I have unopened exercise tapes, a 2 year membership at a gym that I never used once, a trampoline gathering dust, and other wasted exercise equipment. I wouldn't exercise to lose weight but to give me strength and for muscle tone.
I see no time in the near future I will be running off to exercise.
Oh well.
Maybe I will make a News Years resolution. I will make it my 30 day challenge, do it for 30 days starting in Jan. I will be there with the rest of the ladies that made the same resolution.
A thought, I give myself 30 days to talk myself into it.

Chicken Piccata
My calories were low today, maybe to low, but I did get in all my protein a bit high on the carbs again.
I made Chicken Piccata with green beans. I took pictures while I cooked it for a video. I am horrible with a video camera, any camera really. I need to learn how to operate the darn thing.
It is sitting beside me right now, looking innocent but I know better.

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